Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera Review

Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera Review

Thermal imaging is the advanced technology and a method of improving the visibility of the object in a night time. The main functionality of this thermal imaging is to detect the radiation of the object and create an image based on its details.

Thermal imaging camera is a powerful device that is used for home maintenance, leak detection, and hunting with the use of thermal imaging technology.

It is widely used for military and commercial purposes and used to detect the temperature differences between the objects. Thermal cameras are commonly used to detect the leaks behind the walls or other objects and also used to check the operating temperature of electrical objects. It will pinpoint the location of the electrical issues.

These are uniquely designed for homeowners, electricians, contractors, and inspectors. If you are looking for a professional thermal camera for a home inspection or electrical connections or any other issues, then Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera is the best solution. Read out our review for more information.

Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera

Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera
Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera


Infrared heat map blending modes  0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Field of view 33degrees X 33degrees
Focus system Autofocus
Color palettes Iron, rainbow, and grayscale
IR temperature range 14 – 932 degrees F
Distance to spot ratio 20:1
Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00
Display resolution 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit
Display 1.77 in color TFT with 128 x 160 pixels
Image resolution 16,384 pixels (128 x 128 pixels)

Amprobe manufactured this IRC-120 Thermal Camera, and all Amprobe tools are tested, sketched, and approved by Fluke engineers. They support intensive and accurate testing and ensure quality and safety. They have a secure connection with the latest regulations in Fluke’s CSA recognized lab; they assure quality.

Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera is a professional thermal camera built with a rugged design. It is built with point-and-shoot functionality that gives a visible heat map image combined with a clear photographic picture. This point-and-shoot function is used for accurate and quick identification of the temperature-related problems.

You can use this IRC-120 in many applications such as detecting the difference in surface temperatures, motors; troubleshoot electrical connections, HVAC, and insulation leaks around the buildings to identify the potential energy savings. The construction of hot and cold markers is used to determine the coldest and hottest places. It has some upgraded features such as flashlight, laser pointer, data storage, and UV light.

Highlights of Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera

  • Handy and compact design
  • Builds with pistol-grip structure
  • Capture and download the infrared images with SD card
  • The laser pointer is used to locate the pinpoint location of the temperature measurements
  • The built-in flashlight used to illuminate the dark areas
  • The UV light is used to identify the insulation leaks


Wide range of applications

This IRC-120 is used in various fields of application and if you want to detect the differences in surface temperature then you try this thermal camera. It is the perfect device to detect electrical connections, motor, and insulation leaks. It performs uniquely for contractors and able to detect the insulation leaks around the constructions to help energy savings.

Data storage capability

This IRC-120 includes a free 2GB memory card with an adaptor, with the use of SD card you can save and download 9999+ images. It also consists of a laser pointer to indicate the center of a UV field.

Accurate temperature identification

IRC-120 is designed with pinpoint functionality that can give a visual heat map with a clear image for accurate and quick temperature identification.

Packed with features

You can get the five-in-one combo such as infrared temperature, laser pointer, flashlight, UV light, and thermal image.

Benefits of IRC-120

  • Heat map image blending at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, and Fluke technology is used to adjust the interpretation between visual and infrared images.
  • It has three color palettes (rainbow, iron, grey) that can be changed based on the application of the measurement. This option will allow you to see the different viewings of the thermal image by changing the false-color display. The color of iron and rainbow show high contrast and grayscale shows a linear color display.
  • Center point temperature measurement denotes a center of the thermometer measurement spot and quickly discovers the surface temperature target.
  • It is designed with a focus-free lens that gives automatic adjustments based on the depth of field, and that provides a clear and sharp image without any manual modification.
  • It builds with the feature of a 20:1 distance to spot ratio that is used to determine the surface temperature from a distance.
  • This 20:1 distance to spot ratio provides accurate reading, and this ratio is used for distant targets.
  • The construction of adjustable emissivity provides accurate temperature readings, and the range of this adjustable emissivity is from 0.10 to 1.00. The surface material also determines the effectiveness of emitting energy. Different types of surfaces need an emissivity adjustment.
  • The auto turns off function is used to save battery life.
  • You can select the temperature units like Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • For smooth operation, it came with joystick navigation that used to operate the on-screen main menu settings.
  • Cold and hot marker is used to find the locations of a cold and spots within a target area.
  • Package includes Infrared temperature, laser pointer, flashlight, UV light, and thermal image.
    Data storage: Free 2 SD card and 9999+ downloadable images.
Pros  Cons

» Pistol-grip structure

» Rugged design

» Easy to operate

» Unable to store the infrared images on this camera

Final words

If you want to buy a professional thermal camera for work, then you can try this Amprobe IRC-120 Thermal Camera. This thermal camera is compact, rugged, and easily operated. This thermal camera has a pistol structure with more functionality. It is also used for various purposes like preventive maintenance, automotive, and mechanical applications.

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