FLIR E5 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR E5 compact thermal imaging camera comes under the FLIR brand. This camera is mostly used for commercial purposes and does a variety of thermal inspections in mechanical, building, and electrical applications. The FLIR E5 camera is the entry-level inspection tool and it is the best value for money on the market. FLIR E5 semi-commercial grade thermal camera detects the problem easily, which can’t be detected by the normal human eye.

It has 3″ 320×240 LCD screen and a wide range of selectable functions which is easier for focusing and shooting the target. It is developed by advanced MSX technology. The FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera produces good image clarity that adds effectiveness and providing a competitive edge. It detects the problems of overheated circuits, hot and cold zone, energy loss, structural problems, and water leak.


Some of the outstanding features of the FLIR E5 Thermal camera are mentioned below.

MSX Technology

The MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology is a real-time use application that delivers high-quality thermal images. This technology performance overlay visual images from digital images onto thermal images in real-time.

The MSX technology identifies the correct problems by highlighting the details through letters, showing numbers textures and eliminating unwanted information by comparing thermal images and digital images to pinpoint a problem. MSX advanced technology adds key details to the onboard visible light camera in real-time use applications.

WI-FI enabled

The FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera Wi-Fi modules allow you to send images and reports instantly in your Smartphone. If you need a FLIR app, you can download and install the FLIR app on your phone. The FLIR E5 camera you can connect to Wi-Fi via your device so you can easily share your images and reports.

Rechargeable battery

FLIR E5 camera battery comes with a lithium-ion battery. The thermal imaging battery lifetime is up to 4 hours and charges quickly via a micro USB cable.

Simple to use

FLIR E5 thermal camera is straightforward and uncomplicated for operation. This camera features single button navigation, it is easily navigated on-screen settings, the saved image format is JPEG, image modes, and measurement tools.


The thermal imaging camera is mostly suitable for electrical, troubleshooting, and building. This device helps you to detect the high-temperature issues on connections, fusers, and breakers.

The thermal camera quickly identifies the structural problem, energy waste, and moisture instruction. FLIR cameras can be performed in cooling and heating systems and real-time use applications.

You can use the FLIR E5 thermal camera in the following areas

  • Find the problem in mechanical installations
  • Identify air infiltration problem
  • Floor heating for leaks
  • Avoid overheated fuses
  • Identify anomalies in the HVAC system
  • Identify insulation problems
  • Find leaks in the roof


  • Lightweight device
  • Delivers regular digital imaging
  • ​Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Resolution may lacks in high range models
  • Lacks battery life

FLIR Ex series

FLIR is one of the best ultimate inspections tools, the FLIR Ex series provided FLIR E4, E5, E6, and E8 infrared thermal imaging camera. It is powerful and extremely cost-effective.

This device is easy to use troubleshooting tools. FLIR is mostly used for electrical, building and mechanical applications, the available resolution fit the target size, details your require, and working distance with resolution range from 80 x 60 pixels to 320 x 240.

The FLIR including advanced MSX technology and deliver thermal images, and helps you to find the hidden problem and measure temperature. The FLIR Ex series is a replacement for an old IR thermometer.

Customer reviews

FLIR E5 is one of the best products on the market and high-performance appliances. It provides the best value for money in your needs at affordable prices; FLIR includes a high range thermal imaging camera for great resolutions. The overall view of the product is highly positive and focusing primarily. The FLIR E5 theme is repeated over the whole review pages fairly significantly starting to end. It offers clear thermal images and digital images. FLIR E5 helps you to use the inspection tool for your needs.

Final words

The FLIR E5 compact thermal imaging camera developed with advanced MSX technology. This camera delivers high-quality clear pictures. It is used for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. The FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera is effective in numerous applications and high-quality semi-commercial camera. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity to tablets, smartphones, laptops or similar devices.

You can use this camera for your needs so you can easily identify the problems that are pinpoints source of leakage, condensation, clogs in pipes, and energy loss, high temperature, and HVAC issues. If you use FLIR E5 you will save time and it is a user-friendly camera for the money for your needs. Choosing the best product is always a risk in the purchase, but our reviews help you to choose the best product is FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera for your needs.

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