FLIR E53-24° Optic – Advanced Thermal Camera Review


FLIR is the forefront of innovative solutions. FLIR produced low cost and high-performance thermal imaging devices for airborne applications. They are famous in developing, designing, marketing, manufacturing, and sharing technologies that will improve perception.

FLIR Ex-series and Exx series

FLIR produces the top-class thermal imaging cameras and redesigned the Exx series to offer the higher resolution, sensitivity, and performance of any pistol-grip handheld thermal camera. The recent E75, E85, and E95 cameras are packed with abundant features that you need for a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and building applications.

FLIR manufactures these kinds of cameras to quickly spot the potential points of failure in any field including an electrical or manufacturing environment. The new addition of FLIR Exx-series advanced thermal imaging cameras offers superior resolution, precise auto-focusing, and interchangeable lenses so it’s possible to target any component and avoid costly shutdowns.

The FLIR Exx-series offers superior sensitivity and a 42-degree field of view, which detects temperature differences so it will be easy to locate the problems and fix them quicker. This rugged, ergonomic camera is designed for safe and easy one-handed operation.

Introducing FLIR E53 Thermal Camera

The FLIR E53 is the Exx series entry-level thermal imaging camera at a reasonable price. This E53 is the advanced technology of thermal imaging, and this new thermal camera comes with 240×180 high IR resolutions.

FLIR E53 thermal camera

Specifications of FLIR E53

IR Resolution: 240 x 180 (43,200 pixels)Digital Zoom: 1 to 4x continuous
Temperature Range: -20 to 120ºCPicture-in-Picture: Centered infrared area on the visual image
Focus: ManualArea: 1 in live mode
Spotmeter: 3 in live modeThermal Sensitivity/NETD: <0.04ºC @ 30ºC (86ºF), 24º lens
Detector Type and Pitch: Uncooled microbolometer, 17μmSpectral Range: 7.5 to 14.0μm
Image Frequency: 30HzLens Identification: Automatic
Field of View (FOV): 24º x 18º (18mm lens)F-Number: f/1.3
Measurement Presets: No Measurement, Center Spot, Hot Spot, Cold Spot, 3 Spots, Hot Spot-Spot

This high resolution gives 43,200 pixels of temperature measurement. This sleek model thermal camera comes with the latest technology. It can quickly identify the hot spots and also find potential points of failure in mechanical as well as electrical distribution. 

It is used in various fields of application and helps you to find moisture intrusion, inadequate insulation, and critical building deficiencies. It is worked in multiple fields of application and helps you to find moisture intrusion, inadequate insulation, and essential defects of the building. It detects the temperature changes that affect building efficiency. So you can easily find out the problem and solved it.


  • Water-resistant technology
  • Safe to use
  • Ergonomic camera
  • Rugged design

Ideal feature

In building applications, it is used to detect moisture, inspecting insulation issues, and also identifying leaks with high-level resolution and high sensitivity.

Building Inspection

Construction and Features 

Digital camera

It is built with a 5-megapixel digital camera, and that contains the continuous digital zooming option at 1-4x. 

Field of view

It has a wide field of view of 24° × 18° with multiple imaging modes such as visual mode, infrared mode, and picture-in-picture mode. It also has MSX image enhancement mode so you can get a clear image.

Three spot meters

It provides three spot meters, and it can measure up to 650°C (1200°F) temperature. It also displays the maximum/minimum temperature of the area on the screen.


It is designed with a 640×480 resolution LCD touch screen to presents a clear image. The automatic rotation allows you to monitor the thermal image.


For storage, it comes with an 8GB memory card, and all images are saved in the standard JPEG format with image details.

Battery life

It builds with a Li-ion battery, and you can get 2.5 hours of continuous use. This battery can be charged in-camera via a separate charger that includes with your package.

GPS tagging

It includes GPS automatic image tagging for your comfortable use.

Streamlined reporting

It builds with a mic for voice notes so you can send your reports through this.


Flir E53 is integrated with an advanced level of communication features such as wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.


FLIR E53 gives the 2-year protection for total parts and gives the labor warranty for ten years coverage on the detector.

Electrical and Mechanical Application Benefits 

Improve plant reliability

It is essential to identify the hidden problems early because equipment failures are expensive.

  • It has a high-resolution IR detector up to 464 x 348, and you can get detailed and crisp images. 
  • It has an optional temperature range of 1500°C (2732°F).
  • For accurate temperature measurement, it uses superior spot-size performance. So you can easily measure temperature on distant and smaller objects.
  • Even in the cluttered scenes, it can focus the hot spot identification automatically.

Increase plant safety

Plant safety

These types of cameras will help you to identify the issues and report the mechanical and electrical problems before any fire accidents happen.

  • It can detect the temperature difference as <0.04°C (24° lens) for quick identification of failing parts.
  • The construction of interchangeable lenses provides total coverage of far and near targets.
  • For most accurate temperature readings, lenses auto-calibrate with the camera.
  • It has an MSX image mode that gives the full details of a thermal image.

Make your work easier

  • It is a user interface tool, and it has a quick response touch screen.
  • It is designed with convenient menu buttons for one-hand operation.
  • You have the option to save the images with a separate folder and a different name structure, so you can easily find the pictures. 
  • You can connect wifi to your mobile phones through METERLiNK®.

What’s included with this FLIR E53-24° Optic?

Infrared Camera with LensTorx Screwdriver
Lens Cleaning Cloth8GB SD Card
Power SupplyBattery Charger
Hard transport caseFront Protection
LanyardsStraps (Hand and Wrist)
Lens capsCables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI)

FLIR EXX-Series thermal imagers are compact, rugged, and extremely lightweight; also it is completely radiometric. One of the specific features of this thermal imager is, it is capable of storing temperatures at every point in the image. There is a built-in laser pointer that helps to identify the physical target with the hot spot on the thermal image. Fusion technology is the advanced feature that enhances the problem detection and analysis capabilities with the blend of visual and infrared images.

The 4” screen has the best dark precision touch screen interface at your fingertips so you’ll be able to tap into different image modes, temperature measurement tools, JPEGs, and more. The auto screen orientation allows you to switch between both the landscape and portrait view; by doing this it’s possible to optimize your field of view. This is capable of withstanding up to 2.5 hours and designed for continuous operation, it has a rechargeable Li-ion battery with AC adapter/charger.

FLIR’s Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging System(MSX) is also included on all advanced E-series cameras so this technology adds visible spectrum to thermal images in real-time for delivering even minute details. With this exclusive detail, you can easily highlight the problematic locations and eliminate the need to refer back to a visual image. MSX is never available in earlier generations but not it’s a boon for the users as they can see from definable edges of an object to text on a label.

All FLIR E-series have Wi-Fi connections so just download the FLIR viewer app to your Android or Apple mobile device and then link to your thermal imager. Just transfer whatever images you need to the mobile which is also great for readjusting span, level, palettes, etc.

Final Words

If you want to identify the electrical defects with a push of a button, then FLIR E53 is a perfect choice.  It is constructed with water-resistant technology and rugged design, so it can withstand harsh weather. FLIR E53 contains incredible features and specifications. This user interface tool combines advanced thermal imaging technology and improved connectivity capabilities.

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