FLIR E6-XT 240X180 Infrared Camera Review

The FLIR E6-XT is a lightweight and compact thermal imaging camera, which provides excellent performance, and it comes with Wi-Fi and MSX.

The standard camera has high contrast lines in IR images, but E6-XT overlays this problem, and it shows the clear and detailed IR images. 

This infrared camera is the right tool for troubleshooting building, electrical, and mechanical issues. FLIR E6-XT has a lot of real-world uses.

FLIR E6-XT Infrared Camera with MSX and Wi-Fi Review

FLIR is one of the leading brands in the thermal imaging camera; the E6-XT has all the essential features, so the technicians use this infrared camera in IR inspection. 

This is one of the affordable and high-quality thermal cameras for everyday use. This review will aware of this FLIR E6-XT infrared camera.



⦁    -4 to 1022° F Temperature

⦁    240 x 180 IR Resolution

⦁    9 Hz image frequency

⦁    0.11°F Thermal Sensitivity

⦁    45° x 34° field o view

⦁    1.21lbs weight


⦁    Discovers HVAC Problems

⦁    Home weatherization

⦁    Mechanical

⦁    Electrical

⦁    Building

The FLIR camera has shock-resistant construction; it is perfect for industries and electrical companies. It has quickly accessible on-screen controls and user-friendly buttons, which make it easier for one-hand operation. The single trigger helps to store the MSX enhanced, thermal, and visual images on an infrared camera.  

The images are saved in Radiometric JPEG format, and it has all the temperature report on inspections. This thermal camera has multiple image modes such as thumbnail gallery, MSX, picture-in-picture, IR image, and optical image. 

The picture-in-picture feature provides the overlaying of the chosen part of the thermal images on the visible light digital images.  This feature clarifies the location of the problem and offers more information and detailed report at the inspection.

This infrared camera does not reduce thermal transparency. The FLIR E6-XT’s built-in Wi-Fi makes it clear and comfortable to share the reports and thermal images (before and after inspection) to mobile phones by the Flir Tools Mobile app. This will help you to submit the final client report.

Features of FLIR tools mobile app

⦁    Auto and manual focus

⦁    Stored the images wirelessly

⦁    Adjust the temperature of contrast level

⦁    Change the color palettes

IR Resolution

The FLIR E6-XT comes with 240 x 180 pixels resolution; hence it gives the high thermal sensitivity and clear images with a 9Hz frequency rate. This infrared camera manages to create satisfactory visuals. 

Temperature Range

The FLIR works in multiple environments. This camera can detect temperature ranges from -4 to 1022° F. This infrared camera has a broad temperature range and high sensitivity. FLIR E6-XT comes with high accuracy levels, and it is excellent for home uses, even firefighting, and commercial uses.

Construction and Design

The FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera has an ergonomic and compact design. It comes with lightweight and rugged housing so it can be used in harsh environments also.

Built-in Camera

The E6-XT comes with an integrated visual camera, which enables you to use the IR pictures and visual pictures together with the perspective and angle ever being identical.

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging(MSX) Technology

FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) is an individual feature of infrared cameras that improve the accuracy of the thermal images by enhancing the optical details. 

It provides the thermal images with signage, numbers, and labels, and it captures the structural features for precision and depth. You can turn on or off the MSX while using the thermal imager. The MSX can support identifying potential problems that are more manageable.

Wi-Fi Capability

Wi-Fi Capability is one of the great features in FLIR E6-XT. You can send and share the images and reports from the imager to your smartphones and tablets. This is performed by the FLIR Tools mobile app.

Battery Life

The FLIR E6-XT is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, which provides continuous operation for 4 hours. There is a comfortable and convenient way that is possible to monitor the battery status. Its wireless remote control and the battery performance make this infrared camera as the best.

Simple To Use 

The FLIR camera interface analyzes measurements in MSX and thermal mode. This camera correctly measures your target by using the max/ min or center point area box. You can quickly operate the image modes and measurement tools and on-screen settings by using the one-button control.


  • Automatic & focus-free
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Accurate


  • No external battery


Final Words

The FLIR E6-XT infrared camera has all the highlights what high-end thermal imaging cameras should have, and it one of the best models from FLIR’s E series. Technicians, electricians, firefighters and even house owners can quickly identify the construction, mechanical, or electrical problems with inspection detail it provides. This camera has many imaging and various measuring options. 

E6-XT comes with the highest resolution, multiple imaging modes, and detectable frame rate. This camera can be directly connected to laptops, tablets, and smartphones through Wi-Fi. FLIR’s design is compact and lightweight. We suggest you pick the FLIR E6-XT for all the basic commercial and industrial inspections because of its high-quality thermal imaging technology and completely packed premium features.

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