FLIR E95 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Are you looking for the advanced thermal imaging camera for a home inspection, an electrical and mechanical inspection the FLIR E95 is the perfect choice for you? The FLIR system manufactures more thermal imaging cameras with advanced features. This thermal imaging camera also inspects the mechanical, electrical, and any types of building inspection.

The FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera has a compact handle and it provides high-quality performance. This advanced thermal imaging camera comes with 464 x 348 resolution and it gives the accurate temperature details. FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera is one of the parts of the Exx series of FLIR.

This advanced thermal imaging camera identifies the exact temperature differences and it finds the critical faults in the building. The laser-assisted autofocus comes with a dual trigger that provides more instinctive focus to appear before taking the images.



  • 4-inch Touch-screen PCAP Display
  • 464 x 348 IR Resolution
  • 30HZ Frequency
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • 24° x 14° Field of View

Notable Features of FLIR E95 Thermal Camera

Autofocus mode

This FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera has a laser distance meter, so you can easily measure your target distance. This thermal imaging camera has more advanced features compared to the previous version. It has three autofocus systems such as continuous autofocus mode, one-shot contrast autofocus mode, and traditional manual focus mode, so you can quickly set the autofocus modes depending on your needs.

Interchangeable lenses

The FLIR E95 thermal camera has interchangeable lens capacity which allows 24°, 42°, and 14° lenses for use. This lens provides quality thermal images, this three-lens has the same profile and is capable of auto-calibrating. Thermal imaging cameras quickly swap from one field to another field.

Thermal sensitivity

The FLIR E95 has 30mK thermal sensitivity which detects the hidden temperature data. It identifies the home hidden temperature, and also detect the plants and other environments thermal sensitivity. This thermal imaging camera gives a high-level IR resolution thermal images.

IR Resolution

FLIR E95 advanced thermal imaging camera has 464 x 348 IR resolution. It provides clear and more accurate thermal images with a 30Hz frequency rate; it gives the good optical quality to identify the features of the images.

Temperature Range

The FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera is used in many applications. It detects the temperature range up to 1500°C. This thermal camera has high sensitivity and a wide temperature range. This camera is suitable for a home inspection, electrical and mechanical inspection, plant inspection, and building inspections.


The FLIR E95 comes with an 8GB removable SD card. This storage is sufficient for all applications; hence you need more storage, you can use a 32GB SD card. This thermal imaging camera has USB, so you can quickly transfer the images of the SD card.

Image blending

One of the main advantages of this camera is thermal fusion technology which easily blends infrared images and visible images for precise temperature data. It comes with 5 megapixels fuses and a camera that takes visible images.

Simple to use

FLIR E95 is lighter and simple to use than the previous version and it has a 640 x 480 multi-touch display. This display is made with dragon trail TM glass covers and it comes with durability and scratch resistance in all touch environments. This camera has a brighter screen compared to the Exx series and it is reliable for various applications.

Applications of FLIR E95

This thermal imaging camera used various applications. Mechanical, electrical and building applications mostly used this camera.

Building inspection

You can use this camera to find the moisture penetration and deficiencies using clear data which is helpful for damage control. So, you can easily detect the issues in building construction. This thermal imaging camera is also used for insurance claim inspections. It has on-screen area measurement and precise laser-assisted autofocus features.

Mechanical and Electrical Inspections

This camera helps to analyze and report sensitive electrical issues before the accident is realized. It also detects heat leaks and water leaks.

The FLIR E95 is an essential tool for commercial, technical, and home inspections. This camera has laser-assisted autofocus and streamlines reporting features. 

Fluke TI480 vs FLIR E95

Fluke Ti480 provides 640 x 480 IR resolution and you can increase the resolution to 1280 x 960 using the SuperResolution mode to the camera or software. The IR-Fusion technology blend the visual images and thermal images on the picture-in-picture. The fluke thermal imager focus distance is 6in and it has a laser-sharp autofocus mode that is used to calculate the object distance. It also provides a multi sharp focus mode and this imager has various lenses for broad range applications.

Specs comparison

Fluke TI480


Product preview

FLIR E9 Thermal Camera

IR resolution

640 x 480

464 x 348

Screen Size

3.5 inches

4 inches

Thermal sensitivity



Battery life

4 hours

2.5 hours

Field of View



Focus Mode

Auto Focus

Auto Focus

The FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera comes with 464 x 348 IR resolution and it has 6in minimum focus range. This thermal camera contains two types of thermal lens such as telephoto and a wide-angle lens. The telephoto lens used to view the smaller distance objects and the wide-angle lens used to view the wide range of objects.

This lens has the autocalibrating feature and this lens gives high-quality thermal images. The E95 has manual and autofocus mode and you can quickly transfer the images in smartphones using USB. This thermal camera has a time-lapse mode that ranges from 10 sec to 24 hours.

Final words

The FLIR E95 advanced thermal imaging has all the features, and it is one of the best thermal cameras for the Exx series. This thermal camera is used for many applications. This camera comes with an interchangeable lens so you can change the lens for your needs.

Professionals, firefighters, electricians, and even homeowners can easily recognize the building, mechanical, and electrical issues with the inspection. You can directly connect the camera to smartphones, laptops, etc, through Wi-Fi.

This camera comes with an excellent IR resolution and multiple autofocus mode. allowing the more instinctive focus to happen before capturing the image. You can easily hold up the camera in one hand. We suggest you choose the FLIR E95 for all industrial and commercial inspections because it provides high-quality thermal images with advanced features.

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