FLIR i3 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

FLIR i3 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Thermal imagers are completely different compared to other thermal equipment. Always we call these as thermal imaging cameras, but they are actually sensors.

FLIR products generate images using heat energy (infrared or thermal) instead of visible light. So all images taken by FLIR products will provide accurate data without any damage.

The FLIR i3 thermal imaging camera that comes under the i-series of FLIR thermal cameras. The version, published by FLIR, is well known and popular among thermographers.

FLIR i3 Thermal Imaging Camera is light in weight, portable and manufactured with revolutionary technology and is for sale in the market.

FLIR i3 Thermal Imaging Camera

It is obvious to miss a crucial construction difficulty if you’re just utilizing an IR thermometer. So use a better thermal imaging camera for detecting all issues around you.

This i3 can be easily used by someone with no prior experience in the thermography industry and get better thermal images.


  • Temperature Range: -4 to 482F
  • Picture Resolution: 60X60 pixels
  • Thermal Sensitivity: -.15C
  • Image Frequency: 9Hz
  • Emission Level: 0.1 to1
  • Storage: 2GB micro SD card
  • Capacity: 5000 radiometric images 


  • Automatic focus
  • Great for general purpose
  • Has spot measurement mode
  • Integrated software for report generation


  • Small display screen

A FLIR Thermal Camera gives you a sufficient view of the camera as it has prompt diagnostic penetrations.

Also, the thermal imaging camera is useful for building inspection and highlights the full range of problems in the building.

Design & Operation

The FLIR i3 is suitable for investigating failures in an industrial environment and for assessing electronics design.

Unlike other thermal imager versions, the FLIR i3 works with simple operation and provides clear output.

Coming up with an uncomplicated operation requires less than two minutes to train another person.

Utilizing the simple point-shooting-detection option, you can get premium-quality thermal pictures, which will immediately present the thermal data you require.

Fully Automatic

As it is a fully automated camera, it takes less time to perform all the functions and is therefore called the master.

Thermal images taken by the FLIR i3 contain all the temperature data.

The FLIR i3 instantly generates point and shoot thermal images, all of which have sufficient temperature information.

All images taken by this camera are stored by JPEG format, all of which can be stored and analyzed externally or locally.

Class Imager

It comes with an excellent imager of 60X60 sensor resolution and accuracy of ± 2%. With this, the Thermal Imaging Camera produces high-quality pictures with simple applications.

Made with 9 Hz image frequency, the camera has a 2.8-inch color LCD screen. Images taken by the camera through the screen can be reported and detailed.

For better output, you can set the emission level of the camera from 0.1 to 1.

Optimized Temperature Range

The FLIR i3 is suitable for many experiments and multiple analyses, as this camera has a temperature range of -4 to 482F.

Besides, it is equipped with 12.5°x12.5° optics, which means you get a more accurate view when analyzing major problems.

The rubberized and rough protection around the camera shields the FLIR i3 from firm work circumstances and enables you to function fully as it is capable of withstanding a fall of up to 6 ‘.

Including an infrared temperature of 3,600 points, this FLIR i3 thermal camera makes sense in consolidating data with the visual field.


This device makes it easy to handle captured data images but has little trouble defining areas and assigning points to the final output.

It is very easy to understand and operate as it is designed for beginners, not just professionals.

The complete manual guide with the camera is provided for effortless guidance and clear operation.

For your convenience, the camera weighs just 13 ounces (ie 365 grams), so you can run it with just one hand.

Software & Storage

FLIR has been developed with analytics and reporting software to create automatics reports with a custom logo, which is highly compatible with the powerful camera.

FLIR i3 is included with an integrated 2GB microSD card that can save up to 5000 images.

It instantly takes thermal images that can be stored in JPEG format on the SD card. 

Other Features 

The FLIR i3 has a drop-proof up to 2 meters and comes with a splash-proof camera to get an accurate thematic image.

This i3 version is also available to the average price range so that you can get a high-resolution thermal sensor at a reasonable price.

There is also an automatic focusing option on the camera to prevent blurred images.

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and a 100-240 V AC adapter comes along with the package.

Furthermore, it has an in-camera charging system thus you can run this camera for more than 5 hours.


This camera may be sufficient for prompt analysis or significant considerations.

It is quite adapted for automotive mechanics, HVAC technologies and testing electricians, who require a quality thermal imaging camera.

Thermographic image of a person’s face taken during the experiment is so detailed and clear that it identifies the person.


According to the description of the product, the resolution is low but if utilized rightly it will provide more useful and valuable data.

While the FLIR i3 is an expert quality thermal camera with some exceptional features, some users consider the lack of low resolution and zoom functionality a drawback.

Unluckily, users felt that there is no digital camera combined into the visible spectrum.


Experts recommend the usage of a quality thermal imaging camera for better results and ease of work when operating in limited spaces.

For users who want a portable and lightweight thermal product, this version of FLIR offers the best possible outcome.

This i-series thermal camera enables visualization of diagnoses that have previously been detected or released by spot temperature measurement.

This i3 Thermal Imaging Camera has been enhanced to match the amount of detail your application needs, more powerful than the previous vulnerabilities of the i-Series.

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