FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review (Compact Camera with 140 x 140 IR Resolution)

FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Often people ask me why they need a high-resolution thermal imaging camera, after seeing thermal related blogs.

Here is my simple reply; the Residential Energy Services Network ideally called RESNET suggests that residential inspection is the most prominent way to avoid the unforeseen dangers.

The RESNET I mentioned above is a governing body that plays a huge role in providing energy performance standards and, most importantly, research standards for residential thermographers.

The Best Thermal Imaging Cameras will do perfect inspection in your residence and will lead your life more pleasant without any residence safety issues.

The FLIR i7 is one of the qualified thermal imaging cameras available on the Flir’s i-Series line, which provide all the perspicuous information like leakages and more.

The truth is many people are not aware that the FLIR i7 is still being manufactured and marketed.

Most US citizens are engaged in reaching some criteria in order to be eligible to meet EPA requirements, tax credits, and U.S. energy demands.

Flir i7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

If you’re a beginner in the field of thermography, just quit your fear. Because here is the FLIR i7 compact thermal imaging camera that performs outstandingly in thermal troubleshooting. 


  • 2.8" LCD display
  • QuickReport PC software
  • Best resolution in its class


  • Focus free can be an issue for some users

This professional thermal imaging camera comes with a loaded feature and marketed at a reasonable price.


The designing of the FLIR i7 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is completely outstanding. The pocket-sized and automatic design of this camera makes it effortless to utilize and suitable for entry-level users.

It meets IP43 (dust-proof standards) with its grip handle built and double molded designing. This is the very big advantage of this slim/handy model thermal camera.

There is one trigger button located in the front of the camera which helps to trigger the camera to save the images directly into the memory card.


FLIR made the revolution in its i7 version that this budget thermal imaging camera modernizes its imager with the new 140X140 resolution sensor.

This furnishes you superimposed features such as 29X29 field of view (FOV), 19,600 pixels image resolution, a wide temperature scale that runs from -4F up to 482F.

This i7 is the least expensive camera on the market, which means it’s the cheap thermal imaging camera designed with great features.

This quantity is remarkably higher than the FLIR i3 and FLIR i5 with 3,600 pixels and 6,400 pixels.

The 140X140’s infrared image resolution can instantly display the full thermal image.

It captures and stores thousands of temperature measurements in each image, rather than a single temperature measurement in one place.

QuickReport PC Software

The FLIR i7 model completes its making with the uncomparable QuickReport Computer Software. Even if it’s basic reporting & analysis software, it possesses all features that beginners require. 

Adjustments are very simple with this tool because it has the most requisite features such as palette selection, flying spot meter, span adjustment, area analysis and so on. 

The layout of the camera is spontaneous and very user-friendly. Reporting all data is a simple drag and drop move to generate a multi-page document. 

It is composed of a small number of customization possibilities like changing logo images.

Thermal Sensitivity

It is manufactured to be 0.1°C thermal sensitive so that it is extremely recognized for all kinds of purposes, which makes this unit square in the building thermography area.

It comes with the 0.1°C thermal sensitivity range which is the most proper unit for generating thermography and besides this is one of the impressive characteristics of this IR thermal imaging camera. 

This is a 25°angle lens that is slightly more spacious than the standard.

This is slightly ahead of the much smaller 12.5° and 17° lens featured on the Flir i5 and i3 respectively.

The FLIR i7 comes with 100mK heat-sensing power which meets the resolution requirement. It is also worth noting that it has a temperature range of up to 482 ° and a corresponding statement.

This camera creates official reports that meet the RESNET standard that offers you with a swift and effortless way to assure that all necessities for residential thermal inspections are met.

The optimal temperature range of -4 to 482° F is considered an important aspect of the position monitoring of heat sensitivity targets.

Therefore, the thermal sensitivity of <0.10 ° C is a great help in diagnosing problems quickly and easily.

Focus Free Lens

The FLIR i7 is easy to operate and is equipped with Focus Free Lens to provide you with a final glimpse of the problem.

To provide convenient viewing, this lens offers high-resolution options that help detect leakage problems quickly and clearly.

Having a soft rubber-like structure around the screen and lens does not allow the camera or lens to be affected.

It is therefore designed to safely protect your camera even in the worst-case scenario. It can also be handy.

It’s designed with an integrated lens shutter so it can be securely closed when it’s not in work, and like most lens protectors, it can be hung or folded.

Weight & Capacity

This thermal imaging camera for a building inspection is fitted with lightweight materials. Because of this structure, it weighs just 13 ounces (340 grams).

This means the imaging camera is ergonomically compact, and those with larger hands will feel that it is a handy camera for operation.

For user convenience, the camera saves a maximum of 5000 radiometric images in JPEG and JPG format.

The JPG format is exceptionally comfortable in this camera, as most users use it for formal report generating and sharing images and information.

The camera also comes with a 2GB MicroSD card when it comes to storage. With this, you can save all the data without worry and take them to your computer easily.

And it’s formulated with a thumbnail image gallery that permits you to a swift search of saved images.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, that is equipped with Lithium-Ion battery for getting better results while in electrical inspection, which can be replaceable and works continuously up to 4 hours.

The working time of the battery is just amazing and the recharge time is even better than FLIR’s other series.


This high-resolution thermal imaging camera is designed to detect internal torque issues in motors, detecting hot spots on power boxes, spotting mechanical wear on engines, detecting moisture damage, and more.

Thermal imaging cameras mostly utilized for predictive maintenance, forensics, quality assurance, and condition assessment.

Using the FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera, you can quickly diagnose critical residential issues such as malfunctioning electrical components, improperly sealed doors and heat loss through windows, and insulation.

What is the difference between the FLIR E6 and FLIR i7?





Detector Size

140 x 140 pixels

160 x 120 pixels

Thermal Accuracy

±2°C or ±2%

±2°C or ±2%




Laser Spot



Thermal Sensitivity



Frame Rate

9 Hz

9 Hz

Field of View

45º x 34º

29º x 29º

Screen Size



Drop Test

Yes - 2 meters

Yes - 2 meters

MSX Technology



Max/Min Temperature

482 F / -4 F

482 F / -4 F

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion

Rechargeable Li-ion

Battery Life



Reporting Software

FLIR Tools

FLIR Tools


Overall it is the best thermal imaging camera of the renowned brand FLIR, suitable for a home inspection, building inspection, electrical inspection, water leak detection and so on.

This can be very helpful for plumbers and our security system.

Whether you are a beginner or well-trained in the field of thermography, there is no doubt that this FLIR i7 is a great tool and a support partner for you in all situations.

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