FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter Review

FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter Review

FLIR is one of the leading thermal imaging manufacturers that produces a wide variety of thermal imaging products, like traditional thermal imaging cameras, thermal monoculars, thermal scope, thermal binoculars, and scientific research drones.

Thermal Moisture Meter is a device like contractors, tradesmen, and homeowners to come up with a thermal product line.

The MR160 is a thermal moisture meter manufactured by FLIR, with an 80X60 thermal imager to detect the exact source of the leak.

The FLIR MR160 has improved in technology and has made it more affordable for the general public as prices are falling.

Flir MR160 Moisture Meter Review

The new FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter allows you to easily and efficiently diagnose and resolve humidity issues in your residential area or anywhere else.

Flir MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisutre Meter

Display Resolution

(320 x 240)

Pin Moisture Groups

9 Material Groups

Display Type

QVGA Display

Thermal Sensitivity


Refresh Rate


Field Of View


Thermal Palettes

Ice, Iron, Rainbow, Greyscale

Thermal Image Resolution

4800 Pixels

Thermal Imager

80/60 Lepton

Battery Life

Up to 18 Hours


Can save 9999 Images

Pin System

Non-intrusive Pinless Sensor


  • Troubleshoot quickly
  • Portable, tough and durable
  • Easy targeting with laser pointer


  • No replacement for the humidity sensor in local

This meter is equipped with a built-in thermal camera to detect where moisture problems occur in residential areas.

It can detect and solve problems easily and quickly.


One half of the MR160 is built as a moisture meter and the other half as a thermal camera. The meter is operated by FLIR Lepton Core and comes with excellent and clear resolution.

This MR160 helps contractors and builders to identify potential areas of moisture through infrared image following a measurement.

This leads to quicker visualization of areas with high humidity concentrations. It provides higher output for high-end humidity meters than thermal cameras.

Infrared Guided Measurement Technology

The FLIR MR160 imaging marine moisture meter has been fitted with infrared guided measurement technology (IGM).

This allows the moisture space to be easily identified as it delivers the color into areas that indicate moisture is even on the hot surface.

With this new infrared guided measurement technology, the MR160 helps you quickly scan moisture issues within seconds.

It also allows you to modify moisture measurements and guide the vision.

Internal & External Pin Probe

The MR160 is composed of a laser pointer for precise viewing and internal & external probes for perfect measurements.

You can get the accurate reading without the hassle of utilizing the pinless system or by using an external pin probe attached to the tool.

The MR160 thermal moisture meter allows you to fix insulation and moisture issues. The reason is that it allows you to fix the problem by looking directly at it.

The moisture meter features an external pin probe for contact humidity measurements and a pinless technology for contactless measurements.

Intrinsic probes fitted with this meter can be utilized for the most direct and systematic approach required for moisture measurements.

Thermal Palettes

The MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is fitted with new thermal palettes that make the moisture areas stand out even more on the screen.

The palette consists of four different types: Iron, Rainbow, Ice, and Greyscale respectively. All of this makes it easy to reveal where you have a possible issue.

Rainbow and Iron are the most common of the palette, but the Ice palette is a unique and ideal one for a thermal image.

The image, delivered in collaboration with the Grayscale & Blue palette, shows the warmer parts, while also highlighting the cooler objects.

Most users realize that this Grayscale palette is a little more complicated at first, but it gives the best result with the added advantage of highlighting areas that are moisture.

In some cases, the moisture may be warmer than its circumference, at which point the other palette may lose its ability to detect moisture, as it tends to show more white than highlighted blue.

But this Ice palette is capable of clearly detecting moisture even in difficult conditions and hot weather, so you can get through the problem with the help of a moisture meter.

Thermal Sensitivity

This marine moisture meter comes with a 0.15°C thermal sensitivity, which is considered by users to be the best sensitivity range compared to other products.

While looking for moisture at ambient temperatures, everyone expects better sensitivity, so using the MR160, users can easily detect moisture even in complex areas.

The focus-free thermal camera included in this meter provides a wide image of the study area using a 51° angle lens.

It is designed to be a combination of multiple features, such as an alternative laser button, a central navigation pad, a snapshot button, and simple point function, etc.


MR160 is designed with a bunch of specifications like 9Hz frame rate, 9 material group of the moisture probes, 4800-pixel image resolution, and automatic image calibration.

It comes with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery that can be charged with a USB micro cable. This battery is capable of 3000 mAh with a rechargeable option and can last up to 18 hours.

It is capable of storing up to 9999 images, which means that images can be stored as BMP files for future reference.

It provides the opportunity to import and organize downloaded images through the free FLIR tool software.

The unit is capable of capturing thermal images in internal storage. So you can even create custom reports with your logo.


  • Moisture meters are commonly used for various applications such as home inspection, home builders, wood installations, pest control, and mold inspection.
  • As the floorboards are moisture, they can be easily damaged, and in these cases, the MR160 can be used to check the moisture content of the wooden boards.
  • This moisture meter is used to detect moisture from drywall, paneling, and other surfaces, as well as through the foundation.
  • The pin probe mounted with the meter supports more accurate readings, allowing you to quickly identify problems.
  • Homeowners, particularly those with more aged homes, can prevent major damage by ensuring that their homes have no moisture leaks with this moisture meter.
  • The MR160 will help you with some insurance claims to show evidence of faulty repairs or moisture issues in your home.

Comparison Table of Flir Moisture Meters











Measure Temperature

















Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Pin, Pinless

Materials Tested

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood

Brick, Cardboard (Building Material), Concrete, Plaster, Sheet Rock, Wall Board, Wood










Have you ever had trouble figuring out where the moisture leak is coming from? Here is the ideal Moisture Meter FLIR MR160 for you to detect moisture with the help of thermal imaging capabilities.

This FLIR MR160 is a novel device for anyone looking for inherent moisture leak or temperature-related problems.

If you are not sure if there is a moisture problem, this MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter will assure you.

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