FLIR Scout III Handheld Thermal Imager Review

FLIR is one of the leading manufacturers in thermal production and is most reputable for its thermal image cameras; it always introduces innovative products with thermal technology. 

The FLIR Scout III thermal imager is an exceptional product for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to detect the heat signatures. The FLIR enhances the Scout III features than its previous version to get a better heat image with advanced image processing. 

FLIR Scout III Thermal Imager Review

Scout III model comes with three different versions such as 240, 320, and 640 respectively.

The 240 is the basic model, there is no magnification limit, and the heat detection range (in yards) is not provided for this model. 

The 320 model has the 2X magnification aspect with the Digital zooming feature, besides, it can provide better imaging to the hunter who can easily target up to 600 yards. 

The 640 is the best choice in this Scout III model, and it has the 4X magnification range; hence you can get the sharpest imaging; also, you can view up to 1,240 yards.



There are some important features you have to consider in the Scout. The FLIR Scout III 320 and 640 almost have the same features.

Compact and Rugged Design

The weight of this Scout III is only 12 ounces, and the length is 6.7 inches: hence this compactable design will help to easily pack the Scout III for hunting. 

The width and height of the product are 2.31 inches and 2.44 inches, the size of the Scout III is the biggest reason for becoming a user-friendly product. 

The rugged IP-67 housing and weather-tight black or brown shell of the Scout III help the monocular withstand with hard drops and shallow water. 

Smooth Thermal Imaging

The frame rate of the Scout III  has 30 to 60Hz, which provides a clear thermal image of the moving target; also, the clear view of this monocular will lead to reaching the exact target while the user is on the moving vehicle. 

The field of view is 17 degrees for Scout III 320 model and 18 Degrees for Scout III 640 model: hence it provides a wide view of the target. 

Using this Scout III monocular, the user can get a quick view of the animals, humans, and objects in the day and night.   

High-Resolution Screen

In this monocular, the 640 x 480 LCD Screen is in-built for the better view of the target, and the image resolution is 320 x 240 pixels; hence the user can get a clear view of the target. The 19 mm objective lens of the Scout III monocular will help to focus on the target in a minimum of 6 ft distance. 

Reliable Vision

This monocular helps to reveal the humans and animals in the glaring light or complete darkness. Also, it offers a reliable vision at any time of day and night. 

The image generation of this monocular is based on the heat so, you can adjust the brightness of the monocular to get a better awareness of the surroundings in the complete darkness and haze. 

Temperature Range

You can use this monocular in the rainforest, hot and cold desert because this monocular can provide the perfect imaging in between the -4 and 122 Fahrenheit temperatures. With this range, you can get the perfect view of your surroundings both day and night. 


The power source of the Scout III monocular is an in-built Li-Ion cell. The lifetime of the battery is 5 hours. It is a rechargeable battery so you can plug-in to recharge the battery. The plug-in and the charging cord are included in the Scout III monocular. 


The buttons are given in this monocular provides smooth operation of the power, brightness, color, and zooming. 

Using the intuitive button, you can adjust the screen brightness and the power of the monocular. Also, the button is provided to choose the color palettes between WH, BH, Graded Fire, and InstAlert.

You can adjust the zooming range between 2X to 4X with the help of a button. These adjustments can be operated with one hand. 


Some additional things are delivered with this monocular like a wrist strap, USB Cable, Custom video out cable, etc. 

Using the USB cable and the custom video out cable, the user can store the image in any external storage device. The wrist strap will help to get a secure grip on the monocular in the hard situation. 

The Quick Start Guide is also provided with this Scout III; it will guide you in the first time of using also, you can easily learn to use this monocular. You can use the Molle bag for easy packing.


Unlike the other pricey FLIR monocular, this Scout III does not have any photo or video capacity, so the user has to use an external storage device to store the photo or video. A Custom video out cable is provided for this external storage. 

Final Words

The FLIR Scout III gives an excellent hunting experience. The features in this monocular are best for its price. 

If you would like to purchase the best product at an affordable price, this Scout III is the best choice for you. In this review, we gave a clear idea about Scout III. We hope this review will help you to make a purchase.

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