Infrared Thermal Imager Kit Review


If you are dealing with the inspections in various fields, having the thermal imager kit can help you to detect the issues quickly. Are you looking for the thermal imager kit at an affordable price? the Kanza thermal imaging camera kit is suitable for you.

Infrared Thermal Imager Kit Review

The thermal imaging kit is a compact tool to inspect buildings, electrical circuits, electrical devices, and machines. This thermal camera kit includes the software to inspect issues, create and transfer the reports to repair the faults quickly. The thermal imaging kit is a compact, rugged, lightweight and affordable product. It comes with a wide temperature range and high-sensitivity for fast data transfer. We’ve provided a complete review of the thermal imaging camera kit.



  • Display Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

  • Image Resolution: 1024 pixels

  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.4 x 8.3 inches

  • Weight: 7.7 Ounces

  • Field of View: 33°

  • Frame Rate: 6 HZ

  • Temperature range: -10 to 40°C

This kit contains everything that allows you to detect the problems easily without any dangerous accidents and it is specially designed for thermal testing applications. Thermal imaging systems provide more advantages to detect the problems in thermal images while inspecting buildings and electrical circuits.


The thermal imaging camera comes with lots of features that you need to capture the high-quality thermal images to detect the problems and repair them quickly. It includes things such as

  • Handheld infrared thermal camera with HD display
  • Wrist strap
  • AAA battery
  • AAA battery module
  • 18650 battery
  • USB data cable
  • User manual

HD Display

The thermal imager has an HD display that contains 240×320 pixels thermal resolution to capture the images with excellent quality. It has a 33-degree field of view that allows you to cover the large area of objects and their surroundings. The frame rate is 6 HZ that displays the images with high accuracy and it captures images using the 300000-pixel lens.

Image performance

The thermal imager kit contains 1024 pixels infrared image resolution that allows you to capture the regular and thermal images with high-quality. The quality images display accurate and reliable information to detect the faults quickly and avoid damages in the crucial elements. It has a fixed focus hence no need to adjust the focus to avoid the blur images. 


This thermal imager kit is easy to operate hence it has a wide range of uses in building and vehicle inspection. It detects the faults in electrical circuits or hot water pipes. It is very handy hence you can hold it easily while inspecting issues in various fields.

This kit withstands your daily usage in the work fields. Using the arrow button, you can blend the camera and thermal spectrum to capture the images based on your needs.


The thermal imaging camera kit is designed with the rugged construction to withstand the worksite to identify the problems. It contains buttons for easy operations and quick navigation. Using the trigger button, it captures the images with a fixed focus system and the images are automatically stored hence you can view later.

The kit comes with a hard rugged case that keeps all the components of this kit safely. The door of the case has a protective hard surface and the interior comes with a soft rubber case that keeps all the components safely from the damage. It withstands at all the situations to help you and is protected from the dust.

Color Palettes

The thermal camera has the HD display screen that comes with the color palettes such as iron, red, gray or rainbow. You can choose any color based on your wish to read the information on the screen. Most of them chose rainbow for daytime and gray for night-time inspections. The wider screen of this camera makes you feel comfortable to read the information on the images.

Temperature Range

The infrared thermal camera has a temperature range from -10 to 40 C. With these temperature ranges it can capture the images that you want to inspect. The professionals need a perfect tool to detect the issues in their field with particular temperatures. It captures the images clearly at whether the hot or cold conditions without blurs. You can change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit based on your needs.


This thermal camera captures the images and immediately stores them in the large capacity SD card. The built-in internal storage can save up to 52 pictures and it is expandable up to 32G Micro SD. You can freeze the images that allow viewing before saving. By pressing the button, you can view the saved images on the display screen.

Battery Life

You don’t need to worry about the battery life, it comes with the rechargeable 18650 battery and 3 AAA batteries. If the battery get died, you can recharge it using the USB data cables via Micro USB port. It can be recharged quickly and lasts a long time hence you can use this based on your needs.


The infrared thermal imager kit provides a wide range of usage with the small kit in the building and electrical inspections. It has the high-resolution thermal camera to capture the images hence you can generate the reports with the details. This kit makes your work easy and fast with the components. If you are looking for the thermal imager kit with a high-resolution camera, durable batteries, and rugged construction and an affordable price, this is the best pick for you.

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