Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 Thermal Imaging Kit Review


Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 Thermal Imaging Kit Review

If you are searching for a wide temperature range thermal camera with a rugged structure, Milwaukee 2260 21 thermal imaging camera is the best choice for you.

Without much prior knowledge, the beginner and the experienced users can quickly perform the thermal examination by using this thermal imager. 

This camera is an ideal choice for verification of electrical installations, industrial superstructures. It is used to control and find fault in heating engineering too. 

Milwaukee m12 thermal imager kit includes M12 thermal imaging camera, USB cable, Transportation case, SD card reader, Battery pack, Manual, CD with software, and analysis software, 2 GB SD card, Quick charger, and Calibration certificate.

Here we’ve given the Milwaukee m12 thermal imager review. It helps you to know more details of the imager.

Features of Milwaukee 2260-21 M12

It is a professional tool that comes with all the necessary functions. This m12 infrared camera gives you better performance when compared to the other Milwaukee models. 

User-Friendly Option

The Milwaukee 2260 21 is a rugged tool, which is designed for everyday use on a worksite. It comes with five buttons, which are located on the directional pad. These buttons are used for simple navigation. 

This Milwaukee thermal camera is designed to take the images with the pull of the trigger. It includes a pistol-style grip that is molded with rubber. It ensures a tight grip, even if you are wearing gloves. 

Milwaukee thermal imager takes images, and it will automatically store into the 2 GB SD card. Its trigger allows you to take the visual pictures for reference. The notable feature is a flashlight that helps you to find objects even in the dark environment.

Wide Temperature Range

Milwaukee infrared camera‘s temperature range starts from 14 to 6620 F. It is complemented with its high 60 Hz refresh rate. The thermal sensitive range is 0.10 C at 300C. It allows you to take the picture by using the high sensitivity mode. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

Milwaukee is the robust construction, and the 2260 model is no exception. Its media door is used to seals the SD card and USB connections. This door also acts as a protective rubber case, which helps to prevent the interior components from any damages.

 Milwaukee thermal imaging camera has a hinged camera style lens cover too. It is attached to the camera even if the lens is not covered.  

It has an IP54 rating, which means this thermal camera can withstand direct water splashes. It is a dustproof camera too. If you have the thermal imaging tool which will last in any condition, then there is no best option than it.

LCD Display

Milwaukee Infrared Camera offers color LCD with a 640*480 resolution and three color pallets. You can choose rainbow, gray, and iron pallets as per your preference. The rainbow palette is perfect for day time reading while the gray is ideal for night vision. 

Its 3.5-inch widescreen gives a comfortable reading. You can also share the readings with your partners. The screen layout eliminates the distraction so you will get the best images. 

Rechargeable Batteries

Milwaukee 2260-21 is powered by one red lithium battery. It takes only 30 minutes for recharge, and it runs up to 4 hours. It also has the auto-off function to save energy. The entire thermal imager will automatically shut off after 20 minutes when not in use.

Wide Field of View

The field of view of this thermal imager is 25*19 degrees, which gives enough sighting areas. You will get the accurate reading while you are far from the object.

Level and Span Scaling

This thermal imager provides a manual focus for level and span scaling. You can easily detect the objects by using the specific temperature. If you want a narrow span, then the manual ranging is excellent. This Milwaukee m12 camera is convenient to use. 

Crisp, High-Resolution Images

Milwaukee m12 camera allows you to capture thermal and normal pictures. Its thermal sensor boasts 160*120 pixels. The captured images are saved in JPEG format. This infrared camera is designed with dual sense pixel technology, it automatically adjusts every pixel, and decrease hazy images and blur edges. 

The Milwaukee Software

Milwaukee includes thermal imager software that helps to analyze data and give a result from your reading. This thermal imager fulfills with a thumb drive, CD, and 2 GB SD card. You can easily connect with this device to your computer. 

You can install the software from the CD. This software operates on Windows PCs with XP, Vista or, Windows 7. It comes with an easy interface, so the new users can also navigate easily. 

By using the thumb drive, you can quickly transfer the files. After uploading, you can compare the thermal and regular images. It helps to spot the location of a problem. After these reports, the programs let printing or creating HD quality documents.

Common Uses of The Milwaukee 2260

Electrical Inspections

You can find the electrical problems in the printed circuit boards, which board use the most power, detect the overheated parts, loose and hot connections, by using this Milwaukee thermal imaging camera.

Preventive Maintenance

Milwaukee m12 camera helps to check the HVAC system efficiency and find the leakage of the system. You will know the level of the heat, so you can prevent the device from overheating. This thermal imager also used in pumps, bearings, hydraulic systems, refrigerators, etc. 

Limitations of the Milwaukee 2260

Auto calibration freezes the camera

Milwaukee 2260 21 thermal imaging camera automatically calibrates every few minutes. It leads to the screen freeze about 2 seconds. If you are trying to take the picture at that time, the display will freeze for 15 seconds. 

Another disadvantage is this m12 infrared camera takes some time to store the images.

Wrapping Up

The Milwaukee 2260 20 m12 thermal imager offers a variety of applications to the users. It is a highly sought model, especially for professionals. It comes with a standard resolution to provide quality images.

Milwaukee m12 camera is easy to use, but it is a bit expensive. It is inbuilt with a visual camera so that you will get detailed thermal images very fastly. This thermal camera is an ideal choice for building and construction inspections.

Hope so our article was helpful for you. 

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