PerfectPrime IR0280 Infrared Thermal Imager Camera Review

PerfectPrime IR0280 Infrared

PerfectPrime is a new manufacturer that produces thermal imaging products. PerfectPrime is famous for designing high-quality products at affordable prices. This PerfectPrime IR0280 Infrared (IR) Thermal Imager is their notable new product at a reasonable price. It has a user-friendly design and a traditional gun structure.

PerfectPrime IR0280, Infrared (IR) Thermal Imager

PerfectPrime IR0280
PerfectPrime IR0280 Infrared Thermal Imager


IR sensor size 220×160
Digital camera 640 x480 pixels
Display 2.8″ Color LCD display
Touch panel The resistive type touch panel
Field of view 27×35
Shortest focal length 0.5m
Measuring accuracy +/- 2 % or +/- 2 °C
Temperature range -22 to 1832 °F (-30 to 1000 °C)
Image frequency 9Hz
Power supply Built-in chargeable 18650 batteries


This PerfectPrime IR0280 Infrared (IR) Thermal Camera is constructed with many incredible features such as video recording, touch screen, and radiometric data. It comes with a productive carrying case that ensures its safety. So it works prolong time. This PerfectPrime is available in red color and well-made design with high durability. The whole unit is built on the Android system, so it runs smoother than other traditional units.

The most significant part of this unit is, it allows updates from office or home. This device is a cost-effective tool for professionals, and it is perfect for the home inspection, maintenance departments, plumbing, and HVAC check.

It is a lightweight device and also designed with all needed features for a thermographic report. The bottom handle of this device is designed with a threaded hole for the camera stand. So you can easily record the video and monitor the surrounding.

Thermal resolution

Each thermal image has 32 x 32-pixel thermal resolution, and each thermal image contains all thermographic data that can be analyzed on the device through the touch screen and on a computer. This 32 x32 pixel is enough to identify the thermal issues.

It has a 9Hz image frequency that is perfect for the standard users. Image capture function is used to analyze the temperature changes in objects. This PerfectPrime allows you to set the alarms and temperature ranges manually. You can save the data in CSV format and that collected data is used with reporting software.

Image mixing

The impressive feature of this unit is its image mixing capacity. This thermal camera has a 0.3-megapixel visual camera that works with thermal sensors. This visual camera can add additional details of the thermal image to identify the problems. This unit helps to set the different thermal modes and allows you to switch from thermal to thermal, visual mode.

Touch screen

This IR0280 is constructed with 2.8 inches easy navigate touch screen that shows the real-time temperature information. The cursor movement and measuring the other points on this device is effortless.


This device offers easy access to the settings, and this smooth operation is very useful for beginners. You can easily navigate the menu as well as the power button.

Battery life

This device has a Lithium battery with 6 hours of run time, and this run time depends upon your usage of the unit settings. To save the battery life, this unit has a standby mode, and it featured with auto shut off function.

If you don’t want to switch off the camera and this unit automatically goes to auto-off mode. For reactivating the system, press the power button and use it. Recharging of this unit is very easy; you can use the USB port for recharging that also includes the package.

Storage capacity

Most thermal cameras may need to view an image later. For this purpose, this IRO280 comes with a 16 GB micro SD card so you can store all thermal images.

Minimum and maximum spots

This feature allows you to view the hottest and coldest temperature spots and also determines the central point temperature. By this max and min spot feature, you can determine the pinpoint location of the hottest or coldest place.

Image overlay adjusting

It is designed with a mode called image registration that is used to adjust the image overlay. This imaging mode can be processed by 50 % thermal and 50 % visual mode. For high accuracy, this mode adds visible light details to the thermal image.

Key features

  • Thermal Resolution: 32×32, 1024 pixels, video recording and camera, 9Hz image frequency
  • Touch screen: Real-time temperature information displayed on the screen thermal Radiometry data combined for full report analyses, CSV format, and compatible with thermal software
  • Thermal sensitivity: 0.15 degree Celsius, Temperature accuracy: +/- 2 % or +/- 2 °C
  • Temperature Range: -22 to 1832 °F (-30 to 1000 °C)
  • Based on the Android platform: Update firmware automatically and offers the smooth operation


It is the perfect device used to detect the anomalies present on the images. It is most widely used in electrical inspection and HVAC. It records the whole process and also captures the intermittent heat abnormalities. Zooming function is one of the most significant features of this device.

Professional and use

You can use this thermal camera for home use and professional works to detect hot and cold leaks, insulation issues, and analyze the diagnosis issues in AC and HVAC units.

Professional and Home Use

Check sensitive electronics

Overheat of electrical panels and circuitry can cause harmful problems, for that this high-resolution thermal camera is used to detect overheating.

Check Sensitive Electronics

Identify abnormal thermal signatures

This thermal camera is designed with a video recording function that is used to identify and analyze the surface temperature changes on the detected object.

Identify Abnormal Thermal Signatures
Pros Cons
» Reasonable price
» Good customer support
» Easy to operate

» Small screen

Final verdict

This cost-effective and excellent device is ideally suited for the home inspections, plumbing, maintenance fields, and HVAC check. This PerfectPrime IR0280 has come with advanced and incredible features with video recording, touch screen, and radiometric data. This model also comes with an easy carrying handle and easy to operate. It will give value for your money, and it has a reasonable price.

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