ATN Thor 336 4.5-18x Thermal Scope Review


There are a lot of hunters using the Thor Series Thermal Scopes from ATN. In this line, The ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope is the latest edition for the hunters.

The ergonomic design of this scope helps you to work efficiently in tactical situations. The most advanced thermal imaging technology is designed in this thermal scope so that you can clearly view the target in the night time also.

Due to the advanced feature of this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope, you can easily detect the smallest change of the temperature, and the price of this scope is not compromising the functionality of this thermal scope.

If you once used this thermal scope, you may not want to use any other scopes.

ATN Thor 336 4.5-18x Thermal Scope Review

  • Sensor: 384×288
  • Magnification: 4.5-18x
  • Core: ATN Obsidian “T” II
  • Eye Relief: 65 mm
  • Objective Lens: 50 mm
  • Field of View: 6×4.7 degree
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <50 mK
  • Spectral Response: 7-14 μm


The material used in this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope provides the lightweight design. Due to the small size of this scope, it will easily fit in your palm.

The rugged and durable housing of this scope helps you to work in all weather conditions.

The Mil-spec lenses are used to design this whole thermal scope that makes it a battleworthy device; hence it is the perfect choice for outdoor activity.

Due to the feature and design of this scope, it is ideal for the weapon and the handheld viewer.

The material used in this scope has the IPX-7 rate, so it is a completely waterproof product.

The total dimension of this thermal scope is 8.81×3.16×3.14 inches, and the weight is 1.85 lbs. 

Thermal Technology

The Uncooled type VOx Microbolometer is used as the thermal sensor of this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope.

By using this sensor, you can get the 336×256 high-resolution thermal images of the target.

The sensitivity range of this thermal sensor is <50 mK so that you can easily identify the smallest temperature changes in your surroundings.

The spectral response of this thermal sensor is 7-14 μm, and the refreshing rate of this scope is 60 Hz; due to this, you can easily shoot the moving targets. 

Obsidian Core

The integral and high speculated system of this ATN Obsidian Core processor helps for the smooth running of the sensor of this thermal scope.

The core processor of this thermal scope helps to suppress the large data files and save in the small storage space.

The thermal sensor with this core processor ensures that the scope performed well in the low light and dark environment. 

Smart Reticles

The OLED display of this thermal scope is showing the reticles to aim at the target.

atn thor 336 reticles

There are 5 different pattern reticles provided in this thermal scope, and also, it has the color options.

The Green, Red, Blue, Black, and White are the color options of the reticles. Based on your environment, you can choose the pattern and color of the reticle.


A  Microdisplay is equipped to view the target; due to the display, you can get the crisp and clear view of the target.

The magnification range is also essential to shoot exactly on the target. The Magnification range of this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope is 4.5x to 18x.

Due to this magnification range, the human detection range of this scope is 1500 m, and the vehicle detection range is 3300 m.

The Field Of View of this scope is 6×4.7 degrees; due to this field of view angle, you can view the wide range of your surroundings.


The total dimension of the objective lens of this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope is 50 mm.

Due to this objective lens, you can get a wide view of your surroundings. The eye relief distance is 65mm so that you can avoid injuries on the battlefield. 

Ballistic Calculator

A Ballistic calculator is equipped in this ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope; due to this feature, you can avoid the charts, complexity of reticles, and calculator to focus on the target.

This Ballistic calculator calculates your environmental status like sunlight, the direction of the wind, etc.

Due to this data, it will automatically adjust the angle of rangefinder and reticle for the perfect shot of the target.

Recoil Activated Video

Every hunter likes to record their hunting for the later view, but when they focus on the target, they may forget to record their hunting movements.

atn thor 336 recoil activated video

This ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope has the Recoil Activated Video feature, when you set this mode to record the video, it will automatically record your hunting movement.

Smart Rangefinder

The Smart Rangefinder of the scope makes it easy to shoot the target. The two clicks and the simple shift of your scope will help you to easily focus on your target.

Due to this rangefinder, once your reticle focuses on the target, it will automatically adjust the range to get the exact shot on the target. You don’t need to use charts, complex calculations, and guessing to shoot the target. 

Video Recording

A video recorder is in-built in this thermal riflescope so that you can capture the 1280×960 high-quality videos and images.

An SD card is in-built for storing the images and videos of the scope. Using the USB cable, you can also transfer the data to other devices. 


This ATN Thor336 Thermal Scope has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. Using the ATN Obsidian App in your Android/iOS mobile, you can control your scope, and also you can see the live streaming of hunting.

Due to the Wi-Fi feature of this scope, you can also transfer the stored data from the scope to your Smartphone or Tablet. 

Power and Operating Temperature

There are 4 AA type Lithium-ion batteries used as the power source of this thermal scope; by using this battery, you can continuously use this scope for 8 hours.

A charging kit is also provided with this scope for recharging the battery. The maximum operating temperature of this scope is 59°F, it ensures that this scope is suitable for personal and professional use.

Final Words

The 336 Thermal Scope is one of the best products in the Thor Series from ATN. The durable and compact design of this scope makes it perfect for the rifle and handheld device.

Due to the advanced feature of this scope, you can easily shoot the target at hunting and battlefield. Moreover, using this thermal scope you can also record your hunting experience, you do not need any other device to record your hunting.

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