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Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin holds a Master in thermal engineering from the University of Rhode Island. At Thermo Gears, she reviews most equipment that uses thermal imaging technologies.



Annalena Wood

Annalena Wood is a copywriter who is the owner of Annalena Wood Creations LLC where she promotes her writing services and is a contributing writer for Thermo Gears. “Field experience” in this industry to her, is more like her lifestyle, as she’s been hunting with her family every year since she was 8. Her dad bought her her first BB gun for her 5th birthday. At the age of 9, her dad made her a deal that if she passed her Hunter’s Safety Course that he would buy her first hunting rife of her own to carry that next fall. And that’s exactly what she did.

For the next 12 years, Annalena carried her rifle with passion and pride for her love of the outdoors and the experience of hunting. Her most memorable hunting season was back in 2015, when her and her dad were drawn for special elk tags that allowed them the chance to fill their tags with an actual bull elk rather than a spike. That year both her and her dad came home with their first trophy elks, with hers a 6 by 6 pointer and her dad’s a 6 by 5.