BEST Glock Night Sights for Accuracy in 2022 (Experts Reviews & Guide)

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Glocks are the most favorite tools for the handgun users and among the enthusiasts of semi-automatic pistols.

Handgun helps you but it’s mandatory to get a reliable night sight, if you want to shoot in the evening or at a night what will you do, when there is no light? Such a situation can be well-handled if you buy the night sights.

 The Glock rear sights are advanced with the front sight attainment feature which helps while you hold the rear illumination and thus makes the target procuration faster in a low light.

Our research portrays that most of the hunters use their gun in the dark night so these Glock optic sights is trustworthy for them.

Top 10 Best Glock Sights

Why You Need Night Sights on Your Carry Gun?

Dark nights make the people less confident because it’s impossible to predict what may be hiding beyond your view.

You can carry a gun but there will be no use if the target is not pointed out accurately, a flashlight might be another choice but that’s not going to help you for seeing your sights precisely.

At this point, it’s a clever choice to add night sights to your gun, Are you curious to know more about Glock sights?

Here we’re going to see what night sight for glocks can do, their working, and benefits.

Night Sights – Useful or Not?

Does this weapon really help your accuracy?

Do night sights make a real difference in your shooting performance?

My answer is yes, I’ve been a user of Glock 19 for years and utilized their weapons in a large-scale.

Here I’ve put together a list of the best sights that I have tried or bought. In this modern technological world, there are tons of options available for Glock sights.

Best Glock Sights- 10 Glock Sights Reviewed

1. Best Glock Sights for Accuracy- Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Trijicon is the most reputable gun accessories company and it is compatible with almost all types of Glocks models (17, 17L, 19…to 39).  Trijicon Night Sight is one of the high-quality Glock sights which provide excellent nighttime visibility.

If you primarily need to use a Glock 19 for night hunting, this sight set could be the best, due to the white rings and tritium phosphor it works better at night.

White Rings

Trijicon Glock Sight comes with white rings in its construction covered by a tritium-phosphor lamp.

This is one of the excellent features which all night sights don’t have; the main purpose of white rings is to increase the daytime visibility.

You can use this for both day and night shooting; the front sight has a small Tritium vial which is inserted in the center of the sight. Then you can see the fiber optic circle around the Tritium lamp.  

Large Front Dot

The front surface of the rear sights is clearly rounded and it has a large dot when compared to other Glock sights.

The Trijicon HD iron sights are the perfect combat sights. This feature is really helpful for self-defense, police, military because they are purely combat sights.

This is the best sight for Glock that’s why we’ve ranked it at #1, the sight works efficiently both at day and night and is resistant to other elements. If you’re looking for a solid set of combat sights Trijicon is the way to go. 

U Notch Rear Sight

What’s the use of this feature? It helps with enhancing the front sight acquisition.

The rear sight comes with a round profile that matches directly to the front sight so the visibility will be increased for the user to see the target.

Sapphire Jewel

Is the Tritium-filled glass lamp ideal for no light or low light settings?

Yeah, as the tritium lamp is covered with a sapphire jewel it evenly distributes the light all around and protects it from puncture.

Features and Benefits

Speed: It’s mainly used for self-defense purpose which means this Glock sight excels in speed, so the target can be achieved easier.

Even though you put all your effort into shooting, the tool you have must be efficient to attain it. So this could work efficiently to meet your target faster.

Accuracy: There are large front dots so you can accurately fix the point and shoot it. One of the greatest features of Trijicon Night Sights is accurate shooting.

Durable: As the lamps are surrounded by aluminum it provides great strength to weight ratio which protects the tritium lamps thus the durability gets increased.


  • Highly Versatile
  • Great Illumination
  • Good for Close Range Shooting


  • A bit pricier than other Sights 

2. Best Sights with Red Dot- TRUGLO TFO Handgun Sight Set

TRUGLO is one of the high-rated brands, the better you see the target the better you are going to shoot.

The sights and optics from Truglo offers a fast sight picture for incomparable accuracy.

One of the exclusive factor of this handgun set is it is has the patented TFO technology and thus able to adapt adjustment in all light conditions.

Oh, and this sight set glows brightly in the dark night also.


The Truglo sights are made out of CNC machined steel and have a snag-resistant design which fits all of the standard model holsters.

These Glock glow sights have fiber optics and Tritium as light sources which provide an excellent source of light in both day and night.

It is designed for rapid and accurate shooting.

Glock optic sights have a green fiber material which catches the eye and helps you to rapidly hit the target.

Who is this Scope for?

The basic 3-dot design is the good option for any level of the shooter; if you need upgraded sights then it’s a wise choice to insert fiber optics into it.

Using TFO’s for home defense will provide a great brightness of the fiber optic at daytime and the tritium works at night.

It doesn’t need additional light or batteries to function, this 3-dot design glows better with a green front sight and green rear sight.

Actually, this is a Versatile Glock sight so it suits for those who are looking for fast sight attenuation. It is incredibly strong, and this 3-dot sight can be useful for either close-up or long-range shooting.

Rear Sight

Just center the rear on your slide, other than that no major adjustments are needed.

Get a bedded vice or a sight pusher tool to install the rear, if the rear is tight the installation is over, but if it stops before getting in then remove the sight to make adjustments.

Make use of a small triangle and do a few swipes on each side, continue the same process until the sight is a proper fit.

Features and Benefits

Snag-free design: This design will eliminate the chance of your firearm that may hang up while being drawn or during re-holstering.

It has been designed to fit into many different pistol models without any modifications to the gun.

Ease of Use: The 3-dot pistol sight helps the shooters to reach their target easily; when the front post is placed in between the two rear posts the target comes closer within your view so you will find easy to use.  

Brightness: My favorite aspect about this product is, it offers an extraordinary brightness. This model has an edge because it often delivers a bright light


  • Resistant steel
  • Excellent for Day and Night use
  • Reduces Snagging or Holsters


  • Installation is not that easy

3. Affordable Tritium Night Sights- Ameriglo Pro-IDOT for Glock 17/19 Orange

The Ameriglo Pro-IDOT is the small and lightweight three-dot sight which works best for night time use.

The Ameriglo sights are made of high-quality materials and known for their quality products such as OEM iron sights, painted dot sights, tritium sights, and fiber rod sights. 


This Glock sight comes with three-dot night sights also has green tritium front lamps and rear lamps.

The sight is constructed of steel and has a durable finish that prevents corrosion and scratches.  

By sequencing Tritium for all three dots visibility will be increased at night time, and the bright paint around the front sight helps to see the target easier during the day.

Day and Night Shooting

The Ameriglo ProGlo Sights are versatile for both day and night shooting; you may ask how this is possible? In case of low light conditions, you’ll need to use the center green tritium lamp to shoot.

During day time the bright green fiber optic material will surround the target. If you need to shoot a long-range object then align the front sight between the rear sights.

The Ameriglo ProGlo is a simple, effective, and affordable sight system; Tritium plus fiber optics are combined to form a bright picture for any shooting encounter. The Orange front dazzles at any time so even in the dark tritium dots are visible.  

Features and Benefits

Illumination: It illuminates well during the night and even in full sunlight, this can be fitted into standard holsters. The tritium dots appear brighter in the rear when compared to the front which is actually good.

Faster shoot: I-Dot works efficiently and gives a notch to bracket the front sight when you’re going for speed. The orange front part is better to pick up when compared to other white dots.

Range: This product is perfect for the range only because of the big orange dot as it makes them fast to align and target acquisition. You can use this tool for self-defense purposes, although it


The front sight is 22 inches whereas the rear sight is 23 inches.

You can see that the rear sight is flat on the front and rear so if you’re looking for one-handed manipulation system this would be a wise choice.

 They are made of bar stock steel which makes them quite tough and rugged, this is very impressive.

It produces wide pictures for better and faster acquisition so this is a great sight.


  • Great Luminescence
  • Fast Shot Alignment
  • Simple Front Sight Acquisition


  • May be difficult to see Tritium Dots

4. Best Glock for easy aiming- XS 24/7 Big Dot for Glock

XS Big Dot is one of the top performance sights; here the large front sight is designed just for improved speed of target acquisition.

The main purpose of this Glock sight is for quick sight securing in every light conditions.

The front sight has a big tritium dot, while the rear sight has a tritium line which is made out of steel together with an anti-corrosive black paint on them.

Target at Close ranges

XS Big dot is highly recommended for self-defense where you can shoot the target at close ranges.

This Glock 19 optic sight is not designed for range shooting, the front dot function as a sight which optimizes your speed and visibility.

The white dot is very easy to differentiate also it has a great contrast between the target and background in case of any lighting condition.

How the brightness is determined? It is done by the glow in the dark paint and tritium light, the paint will be useful for daytime to enhance the visibility.

The front sight is twice the size of normal front sights; it’s extremely easy to use.

This Glock luminous sight is made for faster target acquisition in all kind of light conditions. The big front sight has a big tritium dot, whereas the rear sight has a tritium line.  If you need a sight for both day and night use, this is a good choice. 

Features and Benefits

Close range shooting: This Big dot Glock sight is best for self-defense because it is designed for close-range battle. One of the main purposes of XS Glock sight is for concealed carry and combat shooting.    

Brightness: When you compare this factor with other Glock sights, XS Big dot stands unique because it is very bright so that you can use it at any condition.

Snag Free Design: With this design, you can carry the sight easily, nothing can catch on your holster, but this is the problem for the majority of the sights.


The XS big dots are unique and very effective; it has a tritium lantern in the center of the sight, this lamp glow much brighter even in low light so you can pick the target very easily.

Not only the front sight is brighter, but the rear sight is a night sight it also has a tritium lamp which is surrounded by white paint.


  • Snag-free Design
  • Tritium based Design
  • Durable materials 


  • Tough to use in daylight 

5. Best Glock Sight for Night Use- Meprolight TRU-DOT Fixed Night Sight

Are you looking for the best night sights? Meprolight will be the best choice for your home defense weapon. The TRU-DOT is designed with a 3dot system so this is liked by most of the tactical shooters.

This is one of the cheapest models in our list yet the quality doesn’t degrade, also they come with a twelve-year warranty. Meprolight is very popular for manufacturing optics for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and civilian markets.

Brightness and Versatility

The Meprolight Glock Sights are the perfect companion for Glock 26 or whatever models on a budget. It is one of the best Glock sights for combat which is used by military and police forces all over the world. Its versatility and brightness stand unique and better than other competitors. Among the three dots, two of them are placed at the rear with yellow color while the front sight has a green color.

Tritium lamps

The tritium gas of the front and rear sight offers illuminating bright green dots which you can see well in dark as well as in the low-lit area. You no need to buy batteries because these night sights are always on and will often produce the green light. Among a lot of color combos, I’d recommend you to get the yellow/green combo because the contrast between the two helps for faster target acquisition.

This Glock sight excels at night with the help of three dots, it produces the sight dots which are 20% brighter than other Glock sight models, so you can use it even in low or no light conditions. This is easy to use so beginners can also utilize it. 

Features and Benefits

Lightweight: The sight is very slim yet it is made of durable materials. The body is entirely composed of metal which makes it easy for you to use in night

Versatile: You can use this sight at any conditions; it can fit any Glock such as 19 and 17, they are built to last long through the shock of a pistol.

Three dot designs: It comes with a three-dot design which is very easy to install and are snag-free, you can easily take the pistol out of the holster so the shooter can carry it without any discomfort.


  • Tritium filled tubes
  • Rugged Construction
  • Provides great illumination 


  • Tough to see some color combos in daylight 

6. Trijicon Night Sight Set for Walther

Trijicon is one of the reputable companies for producing the best night sights for Walther PP M2; it is a combination of the front sight and rear sight. It offers a large array of scopes and sight sets, the front blade sight and U-shaped rear sight gives a better field of vision. There is a large dot which helps the shooter to hit the target easily. The sight is quite easy to install and has 12 years warranty.

Bright & Tough

The bright & tough Night sight has a standard three-dot tritium night set up which adds extra glow by capping each lamp with a sapphire jewel. The sapphire jewel is used to distribute the light uniformly and the upgraded mounting will protect against solvent, puncture as well as heavy recoil. This is designed specifically for use in tactical operations so you attack the target faster.

Crystal clear picture

The high visibility front sight offers quick and easy target acquisition which ensures that the picture is clear and crisp. White photoluminescent paint is gradually added around the lamps to enhance the visibility, especially during the day, as the lamps are capped with sapphire light is evenly distributed. The angled surface of the rear sight reduces glare, and the U-notch is perfect for aiming.

The Trijicon HD night sets are the brightest set of Glocks for your pistol, it comes with bright & tough sights that feature a white ring around three dots to provide enhanced daytime visibility. It fits Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2 models.

Features and Benefits

Tritium phosphor lamp: The main purpose of using the tritium filled lamp is, it provides superior illumination even in low or no light conditions.

Aluminum cylinders: There are tritium gas-filled lamps from heavy recoil and other solvents, so you need not worry about batteries; it is protected by the aluminum cylinders. 

Tactical Shooting: The HD night sets are designed for tactical shooters overall this sight is very well built and one of the great tools for any firearm.

Cost and Value

The Bright & Tough Glock Sights are durable and effective in any situation also they’ll fit in any model of Glock. Without a doubt, you can invest in this Night sight because it will last for a long time. The sights low profile makes it good for shooting actually this tool is designed for both instinctive and accurate shooting.


  • Easy to install
  • One handed slide operation
  • Highly efficient target acquisition


  • Rear sights are not ideal for daytime use

7. Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Pistol Sights

Vogel Dynamics is designed by the world champion for obtaining the equal balance of speed and accuracy in practical shooting.

It is designed with a wider rear notch as well as fiber optic front sight which makes them desirable for high-speed shooting.

These sights are constructed with a combination of 40LPI and have a functional matte finish to reduce the glare.   

High-speed Acquisition

Vogel sights have a red fiber optic front sight which is perfect for high-speed acquisition and get fired with a wide, deep rear notch.

The rear sight is having an airy opening around the front that holds the front sight from centered, especially when aiming or moving.

The deep rear notch improves the capability to see the sights so that the shooter can reach even the long-distance target.

Combat shooting

These automatic Glock pistols are not adjustable as they are specially designed for combat shooting disciplines of IPSC and USPSA, it would be perfect for 3 guns.

When you are in action it requires a good balance of speed and accuracy to hit the target as fast as possible.

Vogel Dynamics is designed for the people who shoot competitively because these are designed with speed and range in mind. These are useful at both day and night and popular among authorized users.  

Features and Benefits

Accurate: The Glock sight must be both quick and accurate to reach the target easily. The fiber optic is highly reliable which contrasts against the black of the rear sights; it is placed on the front sight for maximum visibility.

No reflection: Fiber optics are mainly designed for day time use, the major benefit of this optics is they absorb the light without any reflection. The ridged rear sight stops glare with its textured surface.

Cost and value: It’s on the cheaper side if you’re a range shooter or competitive shooter you will get plenty of benefits from this sight.

Excellent sight

If you’re looking for a sight that will provide light to help you to see all round the clock this is a perfect choice. The greatest feature of this Glock sight is the accurate shooting; as a result, you can’t miss the target easily, you can use it in different guns for shooting.


  • Good speed and accuracy
  • Makes shooting easy and simple
  • Excellent reduction of glare 


  • Designed for day use only 

8. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Springfield Armory Pistols

Trijicon is one of the fast becoming popular brands among the dedicated hunters for shooting and all other types of game; it stands unique only because of its quality.

Trijicon handgun sights are mostly used by law enforcement officers and military people around the world.

For the Springfield Armory XD-S, the Trijicon manufactures two specific night sets which are the HD and HD XR.

These sights are really superior to the original sights and are worthy products.

Bright & Tough Night Sights

These Springfield sights are self-luminous and have three dots which is a unique design, actually, it comes with a thinner front sight post that helps the shooters with a larger field of view, and it enhances the ability to reach the target. 

It improves awareness by giving the shooter more visibility to the target.


Trijicon sights for the XD’s are made of metal with sapphire windows to the tritium.

The front sight is a tall blade that comes with a tritium vial; it has a huge photo luminescent circle which surrounds the tritium for providing the best sight throughout a wide range of lighting conditions.

If you take the rear sight the tritium use wide U-shaped features because it allows for better visual identification of the front sight.

Trijicon is well-known for its night visibility, it comes with white rings for daylight. These sights are designed with the finest technology so the illumination is very bright. 

Features and Benefits

Visibility: The Trijicon Night sights for Springfield Armory pistols are absolutely effective even in low light conditions. It takes advantage of superior technology for aiming solutions so you can trust this product.

Sapphire Jewel: In this brand, each tritium lamp is capped with sapphire jewel so that the light is distributed evenly to all directions, it can also act as a protective layer to avoid punctures and cleaning solvents.

Illumination: Obviously, the tritium phosphor filled glass lamp illuminates your sight just to get the high visibility in all light conditions.


It’s the best night compatible Glock sight, because of the tritium phosphor filled glass lamp other than this there are other excellent features which is one-handed slide operation, with this quality the user can easily operate the gadget at any situation.


  • Large field of view
  • Excellent illumination
  • Tritium phosphor gas filled lamp 


  • Front sight doesn’t glow much

9. Ameriglo Tall Suppress 3Dot Tritium for Glock

Ameriglo offers different night sights for XDS; these sights will run cheaper than other brands. The Ameriglo Tall Suppress has both the front sight and standard dovetail rear sight, the 3 dots are amazingly outlined with a reflective white color and the tritium inserts are a highly contrasting bright green color.


The front sight has an amazing visibility power and gives you the ability to use your sights during day and night.

It is constructed of tritium and the white light is completely responsible for the glow.

These sights excel in their performance without adding any advancement to your Glock.

Here, the rear sights add 0.310 inches and the front adds the same 0.310 inches to raise the height of your pistol.  

The dots illuminate brightly in the day, also they’re meant to use at dark nights.


As this Glock sight uses a contrasting color it is both easy to see and not normally found in the wild. So, your eye picks it up quickly.

The photoluminescent property completely absorbs light energy during the bright conditions and releases it while in the dark.

If the area is too dark, the front sight may be much brighter, as well as easier, to see. That’s an amazing thing.

Are you looking for a sight that can be used at night, but you want to stay under the limit of $100, then I bet Ameriglo Tall Suppress will be the best choice for you.

The great feature of this sight is ease of installation as it comes with a standard dovetail fit. 

Features and Benefits

Illumination: It performs very well that’s why most of the professional hunters and shooters prefer this product, Ameriglo offers contrasting colors so you can enjoy the best illumination all the time.

Materials: As already stated above that Ameriglo Tall Suppress Sights are designed with the finest materials available in the industry that’s why it is reliable.

Affordable: One of the best features of this product is it is highly affordablemost of the people can afford it because of the reduced cost.

Fast Target Acquisition

This three-dot style sight is the perfect choice if you like the sound of both the rear and circular sight, the front dot has an orange ring whereas the rear sight has both a circular sight with the built-in two dots on the outside. You can use it for close-range defense and long-range applications, no matter how it fits as it can be placed on any type of Glocks with an excellent price.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fits an array of glock models
  • High contrast white ring 


  • Lamp may stop glowing sometimes

10. Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights

A compact, snag-free design comes with durable construction which ensures that the Tritium sights are built to handle just about anything. These are very strong and durable sights that have been mainly designed to serve the user for a long time. Fiber optics provide high visibility glow in any light conditions, either in the dark or at full light.

Better glow

You get a professional-grade night sights for your Glock 19, it consists of green tritium fiber optics for clear visibility so you can use it during both day and night. The green inserts are shown as dots during the daytime, while they also glow at night.

When compared to other products, this sight is better in case of visibility also it doesn’t require any battery to produce such light.


For the rear sight, the inserts are shown in either yellow or green, with the yellow inserts contrast gets increased so you can have a more brilliant sight picture in the dark.

Focusing is much easier on the green in front; again the steel housing gives a fortress finish as a protective coating.

It has a snag-resistant design which makes it easy to handle even in case of emergencies.

The sight can fit almost all of the standard holsters thus it is durable and versatile. This sight uses a combination of tritium and fiber optic technologies. 

Features and Benefits

Durable: The outstanding feature of this product is durability because Tritium Handgun sights are crafted with the finest quality materials, the manufacturers gave twelve years warranty for this product.

Performance: It features a snag-free design and because of that, the pistols can fit all the standard holsters. The Glock is affordable and so many people can buy it.

Visibility: Even in low light conditions the sight performs very well so you can use this Glock sight at any time, it is bright and can always adjust the brightness to the level of surrounding lights.

Sight picture

These sights use the blend of tritium inserts and the fiber optic which gives the best result, they use the tritium illuminated fiber optics that are housed in CNC machined steel. So with this feature, you can comfortably change from low light to darkness with the better confidence of retaining your sight picture.


  • Snag resistant design
  • Affordable
  • Brilliant Sight Picture 


  • Rear sight may be hard to install 

Wrapping Up

With so many choices today for the top Glock sights, picking the right one is a tedious and challenging process.

From the above review, I hope that you will be able to pick the best one that works perfectly for your gun.

Trijicon Nights Sights is the best choice so far because it guarantees quick front sight acquisition; it can also fit all pistols in Glock groups. Illumination remains fantastic under any light conditions in the process.

Make a wise choice and have a great shooting experience

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