The 7 Best Red Dot Sight in 2022 [Full Reviews and Guide]

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For just $39.99, you can hunt in any type of weather. Regardless of whether you’re faced with a light rain or full blown hurricane, Ozark’s Armament Rhino will survive whatever you throw at it. It’s fully waterproof, fog proof, and even dust and debris proof. You could throw this scope off a roof and it would survive.

 That being said, it’s not the only red dot sight to be applauded. Red dot sights come in all shapes and sizes, and their respective manufacturers have tailored them towards specific environments and usages. This buyer’s guide will help you choose the right red dot scope for you. 

The Top Red Dot Sights Reviewed

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Find The Right Red Dot Sight For You

This particular red dot scope is not fancy. Where others are compared to the careful engineering of an Italian sports car, the Ozark Armament Rhino is more akin to that of an American tank. Built to survive whatever you throw at it. 

This sight is fully waterproof, fog proof, and will never suffer from dust and debris intrusion. The unit is completely sealed, and is by far the most durable option on our list. Fortunately for those who use their scopes at all times of day, this scope has brightness settings for morning, noon, and evening light. 

Are you not convinced yet? This particular red dot sight comes with a guaranteed lifetime durability rating. The manufacturers are so confident in their design, and how well it’s done over the years, that they basically ask their customers to beat them up. It was designed to be super durable for a reason. 

The only drawback to this sight is the lack of super fancy features. This sight is designed to get the job done in the most simplistic way possible. It’s hard to go wrong with this scope, but if you’re still not convinced, worry not, for there are countless other options. 

The Holosun Multi Reticle red dot sight is an amazing option. First of all, this red dot sight comes with approximately 50 thousand hours of battery life. That blows the competition away. This product comes with 12 brightness settings, and an option to automatically filter through those brightness settings called Solar Failsafe. Solar Failsafe will tailor your brightness settings to the severity of the light in your immediate environment. 

Another innovative feature this red dot sight has is the Shake Awake function. The sight detects a lack of motion after a certain amount of time has passed, and automatically turns off the LED display to save battery. The LED display can then be turned on by simply moving the device.

Overall our Runner Up option got second place because of its technological superiority. Notable downsides include a far less durable design when compared to our number 1 option, and a significant price increase. All the new fancy features will cost you $309.99 which is approximately $250 more than our first choice. For those who don’t mind the price, and won’t be in harsh environments, this is the option for you. 

The MidTen 2 MOA Micro Red Dot sight is perfect for the average hunter. It’s fully waterproof, designed to be tough, and has plenty of customizable mounting options. Although not as durable as the Ozark Rhino, this particular red dot sight will hold its own against the elements. 

This red dot scope is made of high quality aluminum, and is shockproof. With the various seals in place across the device, you can rest assured knowing no debris or foreign material will contaminate the device. 

One major pro for this particular scope is the enhanced red reticle. Many say that it is one of the most focused reticles on the market, which is fantastic because there’s nothing worse than a blurry red dot sight. 

To make things even better, this site will only run you about $39.99. That’s significantly less than our second place option. Frankly the big reason as to why this is rated 3rd on our list is the overall durability. It’s waterproof and debris proof, but this isn’t something we recommend you throw around. The Ozark Rhino is approximately the same prize, with similar features, yet could practically be run over by a truck. 

Best for Remote Area

#4- Amazon product

Amazon product

The Sig Sauer Romeo5 red dot sight is by far the best for remote area usage. With 40,000 hours of battery, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll never run out of battery. If you’re forced to hike through the wilderness with your rifle, would you want to carry extra batteries? That’s a lot of extra weight. Why not go with a battery that will last all throughout your endeavour and far past it? 

One of the great features of the Sig Sauer red dot sight is the waterproof rating of IPX-7. This rating means you can submerge this scope in 1 meter of water. For practical purposes, this means you can safely use it in severe weather or very wet environments. Walking through a swamp and drop your weapon? Not a problem. Not many scopes would survive! This one certainly will. 

This red dot sight comes with what’s called MOTAC, or in other words, Motion Activated Illumination. Similar to other options on this list, this scope will deactivate its LED screen when it senses no motion. When you shake it, it turns back on. That’s a pretty nifty way to conserve battery! Nothing worse than forgetting to turn off your red dot sight! 

For the Most Steady Shots

#5- Amazon product

Amazon product

The AT3 tactical red dot sight stands out from the rest because it actually has protective armour. Somewhat similar to a phone case, RD-Armor surrounds the entirety of your scope to ensure nothing is damaged. 

When it comes to recoil, you can’t do much better than the AT3. Many buyers describe it as the most steady scope they’ve ever used. Whether you’re at the range or on the field, you want something steady and reliable. Perfect for those who don’t have the most calm hands or persona. 

This site has a 50,000 hour long battery, but suffers from a lack of an auto shutoff feature like others on this list. If you forget to turn off the LED display, you’re blowing through battery life. This also means you won’t have a rifle ready at all times. 

This red dot sight option will cost you $99.99, which is double some of the other decent options on this list. Overall this is a good option, but others give it a run for its money. 

For Those Who Like to Adjust

#6- DD DAGGER DEFENSE A Veteran Owned Company, The DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight, Scope Optic and Substitute for Holographic red dot Sights

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This red dot sight has plenty of adjustments for you to fiddle with. The elevation adjustment has a very easy to access controller. The windage adjustment is a simple hex wrench job, and the fade adjustment is a simple dial. Other adjustments include zero locking mechanisms, battery mechanisms, and various reticle patterns. 

This is a good scope that will get the job done. Our reasoning as to 6th place is the glaring problem pointed out by consumers. If you have any sort of astigmatism, regardless of whether you wear prescription glasses or contacts, the red dot will be blurry. If you don’t have corrective lenses you’re good to go, but considering a large portion of society does, this is a big problem.

These red dot sights will cost you approximately $54.99, depending on where you buy them from. 

The Multi Use Option

#7- Amazon product

Amazon product

The Tasco Red Dot Pro Point got last place on our list because it’s good for training, hunting, defense, tactical use, and other various activities, but does not thrive in one particular category. It was what some would call a jack of all trades. It will get the job done, but don’t expect the glamour or durability that other options have. 

Going along with the jack of all trades theme, this red dot sight works on pistols, automatic rifles, and shotguns. It fits most mounting points, and is relatively easy to use. The red dot sight costs $64.99. 

One big drawback of this red dot sight is a battery life of only 5000 hours. This is decent, but not as great as the 50,000 hour battery life of other options. Overall it’s a decent scope for a decent price. 

How to Find the Best Red Dot Scopes for You

Red dot scopes are a very versatile tool used by many across multiple industries and fields. They’re used for tactical purposes all through the United States military. They’re used by the average civilian for self defense or recreational purposes, and they’re also often used by large game hunters. 

We listed several good red dot options above, but for those who aren’t that familiar with them, we’ve included plenty of information below to get you started. Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to see how a red dot sight may work for you. 

Red Dot Sights Buyer’s Guide – The List of Features

Red dot sights aren’t that complex, but they still have a lot of features that you need to know about before making a decision. Every buyer has different needs and requirements to fulfill, and as such, it’s important to learn about the features to ensure they actually match your specific needs. Below you’ll find a list of features and their respective explanations. 

Durability, Strength, “Toughness”

This isn’t necessarily a feature, but rather, a characteristic. A durable scope is one that performs well after being dropped or submerged in water. Resiliency is key if you’re looking for something to take hunting. The average hunter moves through very harsh terrain on the regular, making your scope prone to scrapes, branch hits, and other various damage. If it isn’t strong enough, chances are it’ll break. 

Brightness Settings

Red dot sights rely heavily on brightness settings. For example, settings 1 – 5 may work better in the sun, whereas settings 6 – 10 may work for low light. It’s all about maximizing your ability to see in all light levels. Be sure to check out the brightness features on every red dot sight before buying. 


Generally price is attributed to the features of the device. A scope should only cost more than $100 if it has a bunch of fancy features. Features like auto shut off and motion detection deserve price tags like this. Reticle adjustment, magnification levels, and other similar options cost a lot too. 

Battery Life

It’s very important that you buy a scope with the appropriate battery life. If you’re using your scope in an isolated environment with limited access to power, go with a crazy powerful battery. Some offer up to 50,000 hours of battery life. If you’re at the range, or in another place where switching batteries is relatively easy, go for a cheaper sight with less power. 

Red Dot Sights FAQ

Do red dot sights hurt your eyes?

Typically red dot sights will only hurt your eyes if you’re an older person. The colour red can be harsh on sensitive eyes, but it won’t do any further damage. If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend going with an option that also allows for a green reticle instead of red. 

How far can I shoot with a red dot sight?

Typically the average red dot sight is good for about 100 yards. The typical red dot sight is not a magnification device, hence the 100 yard limitation. 

Can you use a red dot sight on a pistol?

Yes, a lot of pistol users like red dot reflex sights because they are very easy to use and tend to be very effective. Red dot sights on pistols are popular among highly experienced veterans and newbies alike.

Do the LED displays on red dot sights turn off automatically?

Not all red dot sights automatically turn off. Several options on this list have sensors that detect when a scope hasn’t moved for a certain amount of time. After this allotted time, they will power down. Typically this feature is paired with automatic activation, meaning the LED display will turn back on when it senses movement. 

Final Thoughts

Red dot sights are an excellent tool for hunters, tacticians, and recreational shooters. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have different features. 

After reviewing 7 red dot sights, we’ve decided that the Ozark Armament Rhino is the ultimate choice. It may not have the fancy features of some, but it’s certainly worth the money. 

It’s the type of scope that you could use during a hurricane. Perfect for use across all disciplines. Hunt in a snowstorm, shoot targets in the rain, or defend your home in the middle of the night. You can’t go wrong with the Ozark Armament Rhino red dot sight. 

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