ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope Review

The ATN ThoR HD 384 Smart Thermal scope is an advanced night vision thermal Riflescope that is perfect for hunting or other uses. This scope comes with high-quality optics and it has a wide range, which is the popular brand and reliable scope that helps to make accurate shots at your targets, it also provides the good and quality photos and videos of your adventures.

This ATN Riflescope has four different versions that are ThoR HD 384 1.25-5X, ThoR HD 384 2-8X, ThoR HD 384 4.5-18X, and ThoR HD 384 9-36X. This ATN ThoR HD review shows the excellent features that are mentioned below.

ATN ThOR HD 384 Thermal Riflescope Review

ATN ThoR 384 Riflescope


The ATN ThoR HD 384 scope is designed for user comfort, so it is easy to use and the user can easily hold the scope. The dimension of the scope is 14 x 8 x 5 inches and the weight of the scope is 2 pounds only so it is very portable. This scope is made by the durable material so this can withstand in all weather conditions.


Angle of view12 x 9.5
Product Dimensions14 x 8 x 5 inches
Weight    2 pounds
Resolution384 x 288 Pixels

Ballistic Calculator

The ballistic calculator of the ThoR 384 is more desirable for achieving your target, you need not worry about the chart and the complex reticle. With the ballistic calculator, the ATN Thor HD 384 performs the calculation automatically.

Ballistic Calculator

You just enter the environmental data only, the calculator will perform the calculations. The ballistic calculator of the ATN Thor 384 provides the chance to hit the destination even on your initial attempt.

Video and Image

ATN Thor thermal scope captures the images and records the videos with the HD quality which records video at 30fps and save on micro SD card, if you need, you can retrieve the videos through connecting the computer, and this ThoR HD 384 has the option to share them with your family, friends, and social media.

Video Recorder

This ThoR allows the memory card from 4 to 64 GB. The gyroscopic image stabilization helps to keep the image steady even at huge power. The ATN 384 thermal scope has a high resolution of 1280 X 960, so this scope prevents the blurring of the image and improves the ability.


The built-in rangefinder simplifies your work, which estimates the distance accurately and improves the target shooting skills, so you don’t need to bring the extra tools to range your target. ATN 384 thermal scope helps to measure the distance each time for the perfect shot.

Thermal imaging sensor

The ATN ThoR HD 384×288 thermal sensor has a 30 Hz refresh rate, that helps to minimize the blurring while moving targets. This sensor works on the principle that is, all things emit infrared heat energy.

It has the unique lens to focus the energy, the sensor identifies the temperature information in milliseconds and creates the thermograms then the thermogram is changed into the electrical impulses, these are sent to the signal processing unit. The chip on the circuit board helps to translate the signal to the display. At last, you can analyze the target information, it is a tree or a car, person or animal.

This provides excellent image performance with a 384 x 288 sensor, which allows you to easily see your target in the complete darkness. This thermal imaging sensor is playing the main role in that technology.

One-shot zero

The One-shot-zero of the ATN ThoR HD 384 smart thermal riflescope is allowing you to adjust the reticle after using the one-shot. This scope also helps to ensure you will not have to take several shots to zero.


The ATN Thor-HD 384 is a great option for accuracy, which ensures your shot hits the target every time. The ballistic calculator provides environmental data.

So you will get critical data like wind speed, altitude, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and many other pieces of data, these data help to hit your target in the first attempt. You can easily adjust the incline angle.


The reticle is the marking point of the riflescope, it has the vertical and horizontal level line to mark the point. The ATN has multiple reticle patterns and color options.


So you can choose the reticle pattern and color different from the environmental data to identify the target, so you can accurately mark the point of the target, so it avoids the guesswork of shooting the target.


The magnification is the necessary feature of the Riflescope, it allows you to easily zoom in on the target. It provides a smooth magnification, so using this option, you can magnify the object and it has the minimal field of view loss or image distortion.

Recoil resistance

Although the Recoil resistant is the entry-level of the thermal scope, This is built to withstand high pressure and recoil from the higher caliber weapons, because it is constructed by the hard aluminum alloy.

Battery life

The battery of the ATN ThoR provides the power continuously and it runs fast and cool, which has the 2000mAh battery so you can work for 22 hours without replacing the batteries, it has the additional option for easy to recharge and you can power other devices.


The tactile button is very smooth to operate on every click and the spin-to zoom wheel is also smooth and natural to use. These ATN buttons are easy to operate even with the gloved hand.


Final Words

This ATN is the high-quality thermal Riflescope, and the features of the scope are very useful for hunters which are made by the premium quality material that ensures the durability and efficiency of the scope.

This scope provides a clear view of your target and it also allows you to capture your hunting experience. If you are looking for a durable and affordable Riflescope the ATN is the right choice for you! We hope this ATN ThoR thermal scope review provides more information for you.

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