FLIR DM284 Professional Imaging Multimeter Review

FLIR DM284 Multimeter

If you’re searching for a convenient tool for your work, FLIR DM284 multimeter is the perfect choice for you.

The multimeters are excellent for testing the current, resistance, and voltage, combining this with the use of a thermal imager assures that you resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

The FLIR company provided more thermal imaging cameras with advanced features and it also manufactures professional thermal imaging multimeters.

This multimeter detects the troubleshooting issues and enabling the technician to identify the hotspots safely and effectively. The FLIR DM 284 digital multimeter can perform 18 measurement functions.

This thermal imaging multimeter has a thermocouple that is easy to calculate the thermal and electrical values simultaneously. DM 284 provides high-quality test results. FLIR DM 284 is an all-in-one tool for your job.

FLIR DM284 Multimeter



  • 150 mK Thermal sensitivity
  • 160 X 120 IR resolution
  • Field of view 46° x 35°
  • 2.8-inch display
  • Temperature range 14°F to 302°F
  • Frequency range 9 Hz

Features of FLIR DM 284 Digital Multimeter

Build Quality and Durability

The beginners can quickly use the FLIR digital multimeter. The FLIR DM 284 multimeter covered with rubberized material which makes it durable. You can hold the digital multimeter easily in your hand. 

Durability of FLIR DM284

FLIR DM 284 comes with dust and water-resistant design, so you can use this multimeter in all weather conditions.


The FLIR DM284 is an all-in-one tool and it performs 18 measurement functions. this digital multimeter comes with high-quality probe materials.

This DE284 also has a set of universal FLIR TA74 and TA72 probes and these probes are made with flexible coil clamp for quick to measure the spots in tight areas.

FLIR DM284 has a variable frequency drive(VAD) which gives accurate voltage, frequency, and current readings to the low pass filter.

Digital multimeter comes with a thermocouple which is used to view the electrical and thermal measurements.

Thermal Camera

The thermal imager is one of the essential features in FLIR DM284. This multimeter increases the troubleshooting process and it is suitable for technicians and electricians to speed the work.

This thermal imaging camera multimeter comes with infrared-guided measurements(IGM)technology that collects the performance of the tool and detects the precise location problems.

IGM technology detects the exact problem areas before you measure.

The IGM technology used this multimeter which allows you to easily scan wires, connectors, and panels from a safe distance while recognizing the source of the problem.

Color Palettes

This thermal image multimeter doesn’t record the images and videos. This multimeter has three color palettes such as iron, rainbow, and grayscale that display high contrast in the 2.8-inch display.

Simple to Use

The FLIR DM284 is a compact design and everyone can easily use this tool. It also has an optional holder that features a magnet that quickly sticks inside on an open service panel.

The multimeter easily shows the measurement detail. This digital multimeter has an intuitive user interface that has a menu option that can be navigated easily.

The electrician easily views temperature patterns using the color pallets and a 2.8-inch display.


FLIR DM284 digital multimeter used in all industries.

This multimeter is perfect for detecting electrical, industrial, mechanical, HVAC, and electronic systems, and it can be utilized for both benchtop electronics.

FLIR DM284 vs FLIR DM285

FLIR DM284 and DM285 are commercial and industrial inspecting tools that combine the thermal imaging and RMS multimeter capabilities. You can easily troubleshoot and clear the electrical problems in tight spots.

Both the DM284 and DM285 have an Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology and it comes with 160 x 120 thermal resolution.

Both multimeters used Lepton microbolometer thermal sensor and thermal sensitivity which is also the same for DM284 and DM285 multimeter at 150 mK.


FLIR DM284 Multimeter
  • Sensor Size: 160 * 140
  • Field of View: 46° x 35°
  • AC/DC Max.  1000V
  • AC/DC Max. Current: 10A
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: No
  • ThermalSensitivity≤150mK

  • Frequency range 9 Hz


FLIR DM 285 Multimeter
  • Sensor Size: 160 x 120
  • Field of View: 50° x 38°
  • AC/DC Max. 1000V 
  • AC/DC Max. Current: 10A
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: yes
  • ThermalSensitivity≤150mK

  • Frequency range: 9 Hz

The DM284 and DM285 also have 3°C thermal accuracy and 14°F to 302°F temperature range. One main difference in both multimeters is the field of view the DM285 is 50° x 38° and DM284 is 46° x 35°.

Another difference between DM284 and DM285 is data logging and connectivity.

FLIR DM285 has Bluetooth connectivity which allows wireless data on connecting to the FLIR Tools Mobile app on compatible mobile devices.

The DM 285 internally saves 100 images and 10 sets of 40K scalar measurements. Dm284 doesn’t have these features.

Final Words

The roofers, plumbers, DIYers, and electricians use this tool to inspect their electrical and mechanical devices.

DM 284 is built for an all-in-one tool for many applications and it comes with many safety advanced features.

This digital multimeter also has thermal imaging camera features and capabilities.

The FLIR DM284 comes with 4 AAA batteries, so you can use this multimeter continuously. The handy features of the multimeter have an LED work light and Kickstand and optional holder.

FLIR DM284 proves to be a valuable tool that can assure in the work areas.

Our articles help you to choose the FLIR DM284 for your needs because it quickly finds hotspots, electrical issues, and other potential problems.

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