PerfectPrime IR0001 Thermal Camera Review


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly handheld thermal camera then, I am sure your choice will be Perfect Prime IR0001. On the other hand, this is the best thermal camera to detect the leakage and recognize the problematic areas in the family surroundings. Including various specifications and applications to practice and utilize for our convenience. Now let’s continue Perfect Prime IR0001 review journey with our article.

About Brand

Nowadays the thermal camera became a popular device among the decades and eventually, the thermal market and thermal imaging technology is instantly raised. The Perfect Prime company started with one man now became a huge company with a big process.

They took their company into a huge success with various types of customers by their innovative products and their products make our process unforgettable.

Perfect Prime IR0001 infrared Thermal Camera

The Perfect Prime IR0001 mainly designed for the basic users, the people who spend their time in home anything like motor adjustment, HVAC, and standard home inspection. On the other side, you can use it for basic professional uses.

Since this camera has a short extend pixel, so it will present the best bottom view in picture investigations. The IR0001 originates with twin cameras, the one is an IR camera and the next one is a visual camera; it has a picture cover character and it built the thermal pictures.



  • Resolution: 32 x 32

  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 4.3 x 9.1 inches

  • Weight: 8 Ounces

  • Frame Rate: 6HZ

  • Temperature Rnage: -20°C to 300°C

  • Storage: 4GB


The IR0001 has 32 x 32 resolution, it’s fair enough for diplomatic purposes.

If the object is not far away (like 1.6- 6 feet), the sensor will hit the features on the displays with minute details. Among the 0.15 C of thermal sensitivity, it can identify the small color variations, has improved to detect the place in extra detail

  • The flexible transmission collects and raises the accurate frequency of contemplative coverings.
  • The conventional infrared camera requires to calculate each segment one after the other,
  • Switch on the equipment and automatically has begun to calculate the temperatures right away,
  • The visual camera of this device combines and presents the polarity in degrees.
  • The full-size thermal picture can save in adaptable SD card. It can collect 25,000 pictures on the memory card, and you can convert an image into print with the help of a PC.
  • The IR0001 is a 320g weightless and compact handheld camera, easy to carry in your arms.

How to Capture the Image

  1. Click the select button then the logo will appear on the display like Save photos ‘yes or no’,
  2. Click the menu button to save the image; thumb the select button to removes the captured image,
  3. If you do not combine your device with the SD card manually it will notify on display in the left corner at the same time it will notify if the sd card is full.

Image Checking

  • Click the “menu” button to access the mode
  • Click the picture storage line using the arrow keys.
  • Click the “SELECT” key and pick the image you want then you can observe the picture.
  • Thumb the arrow button to see the next image.
  • Tab the “MENU” switch to exit from the picture.

Temperature and Reflective Background

The framework temperature can adjust between 0°C and +36° C, like the way you can help to improve the background more reflective. The exterior of the object has been measured and the checked temperature may be over hot or over cold so the object may get rot (when the object radiation became low manually the temperature will hurt the object). After recognizing all temperature, the reflected framework need to be modified to gain the best result.

Color Palette

With the help of the color palette, we can change the character of the thermal image for our wish.
let’s see the character of the colors and what it represents

  • The gray color presents a balanced extended color, help to expose every detail
  • The high-contrast and light color are detecting color, and it represents the high and low temperature as a contrast color, according to the temperature the contrast became light colors
  • The iron and spectra colors present various and high-contrast gray shade.

Bottom Line

The Perfect Prime IR0001 is best for most grip inspections of HVAC software, home surrounding, electrical wiring, etc.., For using this thermal camera you don’t need to be expert, so you can carry this device whenever and wherever you want. if you’re looking for the thermal camera with the budget then this is the best choice for you to pick. Share your thoughts about this product in our comment section.

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