Perfectprime IR0005 IR TI Camera Review

Perfectprime IR0005 IR TI Camera Review

The perfect prime is one of the best brands in thermal imager technology in the market. The PerfectPrime IR0005 is a compact thermal camera that shows the thermal energy of heat sources by converting it into visible images. Other features include Wifi for fast and user-friendly. It is also one of the Cadillac models that are best larger screens of all the models at 3.2″, and weighs only seven ounces.

It comes with rechargeable batteries, lanyard, charger, and USB cable. Being able to accurately see where the hot and cold spots are on-site allows the inspector to thoroughly diagnose the potential problems that may transpire in the future.

It has high-resolution images with 35200 pixels that operate range between 0°C and 45°C and five different color palettes available for viewing. An included 3 GB built-in storage capacity comes with integrated software. A lot of features and capabilities for the price. It is a very accurate thermal camera with +/-2.5%, and that reflected the temperature value to deliver accurate reading respective of your application.

PerfectPrime IR0005 Infrared Thermal Imager & Visible Light Camera

PerfectPrime IR0005 Infrared Thermal Imager
PerfectPrime IR0005


Thermal Resolution 220 x 160
Thermal Sensitivity 2 °C
Temperature detection range -4 to 572 °F
FOV 35×26
Image storage capacity 3GB memory
Refresh Rate 9 Hz

IR0005 Design

The perfect prime IR0005 device comes with a 3 2” display screen and weighs about 7.2oz. It does come with the elegant black, thin size, and the part fits most of the people’s hands excellently. This unit is an affordable camera that is used to detect heat spots with more features to adjust depending on the application and that identify problem areas within household insulation.

It has simple to handle navigation unit with a quick on/off control switch, a selection entry key and navigation key provides you to toggle up and down the screen. It is also a pocket-size device, making it a very convenient tool that can capture 220 x 160 images of 35,200 pixels with a 3.2″ Full angle display screen.

What is the PerfectPrime IR0005 used for?

The PerfectPrime IR0005 infrared (IR) thermal imager used for several projects, including construction work, HVAC inspections and etc. This camera can easily detect hot or cold temperatures to assist in finding a problem with electrical wiring, pipes, and HVAC issues. It is a lightweight, user-friendly interface and design with a great emphasis on the price.

Pipe leaks

The thermal imager camera is aids in identifying the damaged pipe quickly, and it easily saves your time. Generally, it also saves money, so you don’t rip through walls to evaluate the leak in a target point. From fire inspections to hunting, a small thermal imager can do the job perfectly. But, some devices are standard.

This kind of thermal camera detects where the temperatures or visible light are appearing from when there is a potential hole that needs you to identify the target area.

What are the specs?

Perfect primers IR0005 camera provides different types of palettes to customize your application such as:

  • cool
  • Iron
  • spectra
  • white
  • black

It is a 3.2″ screen that gives crystal clear images at 35200 pixels. The images can display as explicit thermal imagery that accurately detects hot or cold spots as it has a sensitivity level of 0.7.

The temperature range is -20 to 300 °C/ -4 to 572 °F. The Infrared resolution is 220×160, which allows you to accurately conduct surveys that can get a 3GB microSD card to store images it will be in jpg format.


The sensitivity indicates how well the thermal imaging camera can detect infrared energy. This is the main determinant of the efficiency of the camera. Some imagers are sensitive to as low as 0.050 C. Devices that are more sensitive are better at detecting variations and can create sharper thermal images.


In some cases, these thermal imaging cameras will use in outdoor or other rugged environments. Some manufacturers will conduct drop tests on the sustainability of the camera. Materials of construction will also factor in, where engineered plastics will offer greater strength than some other composite materials.


The thermal imager will make sense for your situation, and it is a suitable portability device that will fit in your hand. It can use in any range of situations.


A quality thermal imager and visible light camera with IR resolution. It has high-resolution power plus a large screen to give a good reading. This pocket-sized thermal imager does not include a handle or gripping pole.

You will probably need to replace your device every few years if you don’t get a product from a reputable company that cares about its reputation.

Using a little more is not forever appealing, but you will be making an investment that will benefit your budget in the long run. Some devices only display numbers and will work well for taking the temperature of the water and other smooth surfaces.

In addition to the clear benefits, this is a user-friendly interface, lightweight, and ergonomic design, with great emphasis on the price.


The most important benefits of the PerfectPrime IR0005 camera are;

  • Low price
  • Visible light camera
  • High thermal resolution
  • Compact size design
  • Large Screen
  • Infrared image sensor

Final Thoughts

The thermal imagery technology is used to make your maintenance jobs quickly with a range of thermal imagers from which you can choose, finding the right one is not always a straightforward process. You can use the perfectprime IR0005 infrared thermal camera for all your maintenance requirements as it’s light, flexible and simple to use for any onsite and offsite projects.

You will need to compare the options and to make your decision with your needs in mind if you don’t want to choose the wrong path. Leaking pipes and faulty wiring are hazards, so detecting these problems fast& efficiently is vitally crucial for safety.

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