ATN BinoX HD 4-16x/65mm Smart Day & Night Binocular Review

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Night vision binoculars are the most potent device for observation. If you are searching for the affordable and reasonable-priced best night vision binocular then, ATN BinoX HD 4-16x/65mm Smart Day & Night Binocular is a perfect choice.

This device forms ambient light, which helps to deliver a brightened visual picture and for more extended range viewing. This optic comes with manual brightness control, which is comfortable to use. This high-tech device specially designed for civilian use and hunting. The ATN BinoX optics provide day and night-time performance.

ATN stands for American Technology Network. This company manufactures all kinds of optical instruments. And it is a US industry leader brand of high-performance Thermal imaging and Night vision optics like Binoculars, Riflescopes, and Night-vision Goggles.

These digital night vision binoculars allow you to switch between black and white and green depending on your preference. This technology shoots video and pictures clearly, which makes them perfect for hunters, observers, and animal watchers. Moreover, the Night-vision bino comes with GEO-TAG, which makes it easy to detect one or more targets.

ATN BinoX HD 4-16x/65mm Smart Day & Night Binocular

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Operation: Day/Night
  • Ports: Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Micro SD
  • Video out: 1080p / 30 fps, 720p / 60 fps
  • Temperature: -22°F to +140°F; -30°C to +60°C
  • Sensor Resolution: 1080p
  • Magnification: 4-16
  • FOV: 6°
  • Eye Relief: 30mm
  • Battery: 3x CR123
  • Infrared Illuminator: 300 yards

Smooth Zoom:

ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x/65mm comes with a smooth zooming technology that provides you with sensitive ultra-slow zooming. You can zoom in with the press of a button where you’re staying, and everything you will see is up close and personal. It permits you to magnify your target without losing FOV. The angle of view is 6 °.

Smooth Zoom
Smooth Zoom


These features allow you to connect an iOS and Android device and view everything simultaneously. Using Wi-Fi, you can easily see your latest adventures. Also, you can easily share real-time images or video with the neighbor.

Wi-Fi connection
Wi-Fi connection

Record HD Video:

ATN comes with a 1080p HD Video Recording & Photos, Wi-Fi Streaming, and it helps to capture your single movement without any cable connections. You can record your ventures by using an SD card.

Record HD Video
Record HD Video

Day/Night Mode:

If you are searching for the binocular with the capability of using both day and night? ATN’s BinoX-HD binocular comes with the ability to use both day/night, and also it provides crystal sharp images.

3D Gyroscope & E-compass:

ATN built with a 3D gyroscope that helps to keep your images blur-free and steady. Also, this device is designed with smart e-compass permits you to navigate your target by pointing.


This device is designed with an ergonomic and rubberized thumb side pad grip for secure handling. Also, it is furnished with a grey color. If you are looking for a touch of elegant sophistication, then ATN binocular is for you.

Night Vision Technology:

This 2nd gen binocular comes with an infrared illuminator. ATN is an ideal scope companion for night hunting.


This optical lens system fitted with a 90mm so, the performance of the night vision is incredible. It offers a 20-degree field of view, and the glass lenses are multi-coated. This professional-grade night vision provides a clear image, with an intense magnification.


This optic holds 4X magnification and up to 16x is like image zooming in on your phone.

Night Vision Generations:

night vision scope can be a first, second, third, or fourth generation. Night vision generations refer to the light intensification technology used in an NV binocular or goggles.

First Generation:

The First Generation is the least sophisticated and the cheapest of all four night-vision generations. The 1st gen night vision device emits light and possible to detect targets during dark conditions.

  • Suited for beginner’s night vision
  • Short battery lifespan
  • Perfect for airsoft
  • Affordable gadget

Second Generation:

These 2nd gen binoculars come with a micro-channel plate(MCP) that provides brighter and sharper images, which is also known as an electron amplifier. MCP(micro-channel plate) increasing the light amplification power in 2nd gen.

  • Suited for hunting and study of nocturnal animals
  • Light amp up to 30,000 times
  • Long life expectancy
  • IR Illuminators rarely necessary

Third Generation:

These 3rd-night vision generation binoculars feature an essential chemical called gallium arsenide. This gallium arsenide is more effective than the MCP plate. Comparing 2nd generation, 3rd-gen produce quality images.

  • Sight range of up to 300 yards
  • Longest battery life
  • Microchannel plate offers the most precise image
  • Suited for hunt over longer ranges

Fourth Generation:

The innovative and advantageous night vision generation is the fourth generation. This generation eliminates the ion film barrier used by all other generations. Instead of ion image barriers, fourth-generation telescopes use a technology called an auto-cadet power supply. Thus, they provide a more trustworthy image quality than all other generations.

  • US military
  • Clearest image possible
  • An ideal choice for security professionals

Final Words:

If you want to buy a professional Night-vision Binocular for hunting, then you can try this ATN BinoX HD Night Binocular. This ATN BinoX HD Night Binocular is a budget-friendly product in the market, and it will help you to save a ton of money. The design of this Night-vision Binocular will provide easy handling, also it is the perfect starting point for all users.

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