Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector Review

BLACK+DECKER TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector review

Are you searching for a high-quality thermal leak detector? Then Black & Decker TLD 100 is a perfect tool for a home inspection and electrical inspections.

This kit helps to quickly detect spots in your room or garage where the air is escaping. This leak detector not only resolving the problem and make your house warmer/comfortable environment but also it will reduce energy consumption in your home.

Energy loss/ Thermal leakages are possible anywhere, but finding the issues without a Thermal leak detector and rectifying the problem is complicated.

Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector

Black & Decker TLD 100 is an Infrared thermometer. It helps to read the temperature of the objects in a range from -22°F to 302°F. It’s positioned as an air leak locator, detecting the temperature irregularities that indicate both hot and cold droughts leak around the house. Also, you could teach about temperature to your kids.


  • LED Light Indicator
  • Prime Eligible
  • Easy-to-Read color coding


  • Small Temperature Range

This unit comes with a multi-colored signal light indicator, which helps to detect the temperature values of your home. The Red color indicates warmth drought, the green color light indicates the room temperatures, and the blue color light shows cold droughts allowing you to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Two pushbuttons control the unit. One hand is on a slider for setting the sensitivity. And use the other side to switch on/off button.

In additionally it comes with a small configuration switch for monitoring the temperature. The temperature unit is indicated with Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The TLD 100 is an excellent way for consumers who may need to find and fix thermal leaks to keep their home’s energy bills lower and save money.

With its compact design and uses, you can detect the leakage spot quickly around the house. The leak detector is also helpful because it pinpoints where the air/heat is escaping.

Measurement, Usage, and Testing

This gadget is ergonomic and hand-held. The Thermal Leak Detector helps to quickly read the LCD value and its display temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

This unit holds a small switch inside on the battery compartment, which allows the switching from degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius. The 9V battery is stored in the tool, but it is out of the battery compartment(the battery is not included).

Black Decker Red
The Red color light indicates warmth drought

It arrives with an essential guide for finding and fixing energy leaks. This TLD 100 is known as Energy Saver Series, and it helps to indicate the temperature of a surface inside your house.

The vital information to consider while using the detector is probably the setting of the reference temperature. When the XJ is switched off, it is pointed to an area whose current temperature is to be chosen as the reference point.

Black Decker Green
The Green color light indicates room temperatures which means the temperature is moderate

A reference point is set for the following measurements. Now the new temperature in the device is being compared to the set reference temperature:

  • If the measured value of the temperature is below the reference, the integrated LED illuminates in blue.
  • If the value is the same, the unit is indicated in Green
  • If the measurement of the temperature is above the ref point, the integrated LED illuminates in red.

The detector reacts to the temperature differences, and also it begins with an adjustable slider. It comes with three different adjustable thresholds. There is also a fourth-place to “lock” the currently set color, and the difference comparison will take place no longer.

Black Decker Blue
The Blue color light indicates the cold droughts

Energy Bills

It helps to seal the air leaks and save 20% of heating and cooling bills. It keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Multiple Tasks

By using the TLD100, you can detect the temperature for your refrigerator and freezer. This TLD 100 finds and fixes the engine problems related to coolant or overheating leaks to avoids mechanic bills and Prodigality.

Also, you can check the operation of your HVAC system. This Black & Decker thermal leak detector arrives with handy 5-step guides for how to seal and insulate your house.

Power Saver

The TLD100 thermal leak detector is an ideal choice to identify the surface where the leaks occur. Eliminating energy leaks and improve the insulation around your house, that’s the way you can save tons of money.

By saving energy, you can avoid CO2 emission as a result of preserving the environment for your future generations.

Easy to Use

Quickly point the detector and the sensor emits the light on the wall to set the reference temperature. Then move the LED emission around your room for finding the temperature.

While checking places, the temperature will change by 1, 5, or 10°C; the LED light changes to red or shine blue to show the temperature hot or cold.

Multi Applications

This device is not only for detecting the energy leaks around your pipes, windows, walls, floors, doors but also you can use for other tasks around your home;

  • You can identify the temperature of the surface that you can’t touch
  • It helps to find your HVAC is working correctly or not
  • Diagnose engine problems
  • It is used to check Refrigerator and freeze settings

Technical Specifications

The integrated Infrared sensor covers a range from -30 ° C to 150 ° C (-22° F to 302° F). It’s sufficient for most domestic applications.

The accuracy of the detector is ± 2,8 ° C at 0 ° C (32° F), ± 1,3 ° C at 23 ° C (73,4° F) and ± 2,2 ° C at 100 ° C (212° F).

The FOV of TLD-100 is projected at 6: 1. The size of the IR measuring spot is 10cm at a distance of 60cm.

Four different available settings for thermal sensitivity:

  • Locking the LED color
  • 0,5 ° C (1° F)
  • 3 ° C (5° F)
  • 5 ° C (10° F)

Application Areas

TLD100-XJ is known as an Infrared thermometer. This unit is designed for detecting energy leaks. It helps to find the weak points in your home. Set the sliding switches to avoid no long color changes.

Final Words

If you are searching for a budget-friendly thermal leak detector, then Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector is an affordable and ideal choice. It is suitable for a home inspection, water leak detection, electrical inspection, building inspection, and so on.

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