Nokta Makro Simplex + WHP Waterproof Detector Review

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In 2019, two companies, Nocta and Macro, merged to take the metal detector to another level of marketing.

These Turkish manufacturers introduced a newly designed metal detector for underwater and ground use.

The metal detector, which was previously only possible for the rich, is now available with the Nokta Simplex for ordinary treasure hunters with amazing features.

With its simplified controls and sophisticated functionality, this budget-friendly metal detector is an ideal model for entry-level users.

Users suggest that this is the only machine in the marketplace that comes with the noob segment.

It is the first metal detector to come with the most expensive technologies at an affordable cost.


  • Operating Principle: VLF
  • Standard Searchcoil: 11″ DD Waterproof
  • Operating Frequency: 12kHz
  • Submarine Depth: up to 3 meters
  • Search Modes: 4 Modes
  • Ground Balance: Auto/Manual
  • Sensitivity: 6 Levels

Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector Review

The focus of the Nokta Makro has been on a series of innovations that have led to a growing following in both hobbyists and professionals.

As a result, they discovered a very innovative metal detector with loads of features.

The Makro Simplex Detector is designed for both water search and ground search and is relatively inexpensive.

Always remember, the detector is completely waterproof. That means it’s rare that you get a great waterproof metal detector in this price range.


The detector has a rubberized handle which provides it a moderate feel that is not too hard or too soft.

It comes with a detachable armrest for convenient use, which means you can use the armrests with 3 integrated screws at the moment you want your hands to rest. You can also unscrew it when it is not in use.

The interesting thing about this Armrest is that it has a hard bottom case and a soft top case. This will protect the armrest from any damage caused by the circumference.

There are two outlets equipped with this metal detector, as well as a flashlight that can be used for night beach hunting on the other side of the machine.

You can use any one of these outlets for charging, however, one of them has a leak-proof guard, which is attached to wired headphones and the other is attached to the coil.

Wireless Headphones

The main distinction between the Makro Simplex and the Makro Simplex+ is that wireless headphones are integrated to improve detection levels, and this kit comes with a branded DD coil.

Integrated wireless headphones in this metal detector can be very helpful to the user who wants to continue their work without bothering others. Meaning, a metal detector without headphones will produce radio noises that will affect those around you.

Search Modes

Nokta Simplex + comes with four different search modes: all-metal, park, field and beach mode.

All metal” is preferred by most users as the most convenient search mode compared to the other three modes, making it ideal for ferrous targeting.

Field Mode” is ideal for treasure hunting in less trashy areas and normal areas, and provides better target response rates.

Park mode” is best suited for trashy areas, which is why when using this mode the coil wave of the engine is fast and average.

Lastly, “beach mode” is ideal for hunting in saltwater and onshore beaches.

This version of Metal Detector is not only good for beach sand, but it also works best for black sand.

The Shaft

When compared with the classical detectors for newbie detectorists, this modern metal detector comes with super stylish structure and updated technologies.

Considering that the engine should be lightweight, the shaft is designed to be very lightweight and its length adjustable. Besides, the shaft is attached to the sturdy plastic armrest.

Having a quality and comfortable handle plays an important role in achieving good device balance for this efficient metal detector.

The detector fitted with the telescopic shaft which is a bit longer that means the summation of the shaft length is 130.51 cm.

The lightweight of the shaft ensures low hydrodynamic resistance as it is flat from the top.

Search Coil

Simplex+ is constructed with an 11-inch DD search coil which is fully waterproof and uses a 12 kHz equivalent operating frequency.

This 12kHz is ideal for treasure hunting, as it can detect diverse targets such as jewelry, ancient artifacts, coins, relics, and ferrous targets.

The DDT coil combined with selective discrimination, frequency change, and Iron volume ensures high accuracy of the target response. This can be done even in complexity.

To prevent coil corrosion, the detector package is included with the plastic case.

Frequency Shift 

The frequency shift is the important thing while the detector starts reacting with a power line or radio-interference or reacting to other metal detectors around you, and it’s extremely beneficial.

Nokta Simplex+ Metal Detector comes with three different frequency shifts: F1, F2, F3.

This safeguard aspect is only available with expensive devices, but if you have Nokta Simplex+ detector you’ll save from the kind of damages as I mentioned above.

It also eliminates mobile phone noise, other metal detector’s sound, electrical noise ejected by transmission lines.

Control Unit

The machine has an excellent LCD display, which will reveal all the necessary information like target detection depth, and VDI number, etc. for an effective treasure hunting process. 

The control unit comes with a small LED light to make it more comfortable for underwater hunting.

You can increase or decrease the level of brightness using the button, or use the automatic mode when needed.

It has 6 levels of sensitivity, which are 3 audio tones, depth indicator, and manual/automatic ground tracking.

The screen and buttons of the control unit have equipped with adjustable backlit.

Ground Balance

Each entry-level metal detectors have only ground balancing features with automatic mode. But Nokta has something different from the others.

One of the most beneficial features included in this simplex + is the automatic/manual ground balancing function.

You can press the pinpoint button to set the ground balance automatically or use the arrow buttons to manually set it.


It comes with multiple distinctive aspects such as target depth indicator, manual ground balance function, frequency shift, VDI number, adjustable discrimination segments, so and so.

And you can also modify some features like ferrous metals volume, target indication, display brightness, wireless headphones mode, vibration mode, and some more functions.

Final Words

Turkish company Nokta Makro has decided to create a better metal detector and is selling the best and newest metal detectors in the market today.

To be frank, Simplex + has a very positive appearance in people as it has many useful features and arbitrary functions.

I would say that this waterproof metal detector is better than all other entry-level metal detectors in terms of its price.

Simplex+ would be a better version compared to the basic version features. Also, this will take Simplex+ to another level as it is the breakthrough version for beginners.

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