ATN Thor 4 2-8x, 384×288, Thermal Rifle Scope Review

ATN Thor 4 Riflescope

If you think that Thor HD range is the great range of thermal riflescopes in the ATN series, there is a new series arisen now. The ATN Thor 4 series is the latest upgraded version from the HD series that provides more advanced features. The Thor 4 series contains all the features of the Thor HD series and added some new features with that. The new additional features are dual streaming video via WiFi, 16 hours of battery life, up to 64 GB storage with a micro SD card and social media sharing.

About ATN


ATN also provides a good range of thermal imaging resolutions in their thermal scopes and monoculars hence you can find your needs within the budget. Like the Thor HD, the Thor 4 series contains various options to choose from the thermal resolutions hence you can find the better models based on your needs and budget. We’ve researched and reviewed the ATN Thor 4 384×288 Riflescope.

ATN Thor 4 384 Thermal Rifle Scope Review

A thermal scope is an important tool for hunters, shooters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. This thermal scope can take your hunting adventures to the next level and allows you to hunt at the dark place using the heat signature to capture the thermal image. It is developed by the military people as a war tool but that is adopted by the hunters, law enforcement and firefighters.

ATN Thor 4 Riflescope

Specifications You Must Know

Video recording resolution of 1280×960 @ 30/60 fps1280×720 HD Micro-Display
Laser RangefinderWifi to link with iOS or Android Obsidian App
3D accelerometerSmart Range Finder
3D GyroscopeBluetooth
Recoil Activated VideoElectronic Compass
90mm eye relief18 Hour Battery Life
30mm rings includedATN Obsidian IV Dual Core
Dimensions: 13.8″x3″x3″E-Barometer
2.2 lb weightMicrophone
Multiple Color PatternsReticle Options, and Reticle Colors

The ATN is proud to introduce the advanced ATN Thor 4 384 riflescopes built with the high-quality and durability. This lightweight scope is the most powerful thermal scope available on the market. Higher thermal sensitivity, near-silent shutter, improved contrast, and resolution makes the new Thor 4 thermal riflescope ideal.

Thor 4 384 riflescope looks and feels like the traditional. The thermal scope can increase your safety, makes your hunt success and helps to know your surroundings hence you can easily identify your hunting location and find your targets at night.

Comparison Table of ATN THOR 4


THOR 4 384 1.25-5X

THOR 4 384 2-8X

THOR 4 384 4.5-18X

THOR 4 384 7-28X


384x288, 60Hz

384x288, 60Hz

384x288, 60Hz

384x288, 60Hz






Field of view





Micro Display





Mil Dot Value





Detection Range





Recognition Range






Thermal Resolution

The ATN Thor 4 384 thermal riflescopes are equipped with an Ultra-Sensitive Next-Gen sensor that has the capability to capture the crisp and clear images at the long distances with the 384×288 high resolution.

Thermal Resolution

Using the higher sensitivity, you can capture the images of your objects in the complete darkness. The quality of the images isn’t compromised even it is captured from the distance or zoom in. It produces high-quality images in the dark or low light conditions. This is the thing you want from the thermal scope.

Display Resolution

The Thor 4 384 riflescope has the 1280×720 HD display screen that displays the objects and images with high-quality. With this HD display, you can view the captured image and videos accurately. Due to the large screen, you can view the surroundings of your object.

WiFi Streaming and Video Recording

The Thor 4 thermal riflescope can record the video while hunting and you can stream the videos on your computer or laptop devices using WiFi. Also, you can stream the video on Android or iOS devices hence this makes the riflescope more versatile and suitable for all mobile users. ATN contains an Obsidian app that is easy to set up and use and you can change all the settings of the thermal scope directly from the app that is the best feature. By clicking the button you can capture images and videos.

Smooth Zoom

Thor 4 384 thermal riflescope comes with a smooth zoom capability. The silky smooth zoom can help you to get closure and a clear view of the object you look at. You can spin the zoom wheel to adjust the zooming range based on your needs.

One-Shot Zero

One-Shot Zero is the most useful feature in the ATN Thor 4 384 thermal scopes. With this feature, you can eliminate the disturbance while sighting in your scope. It allows you to simply take a shot, adjust the reticle to where the bullet hit in the target and save the settings. This reduces the time you spent to sighting in the riflescope.

Ballistic Calculator

The ballistic calculator makes your hunting easy and perfect. With this, you can hunt responsively by make your shot hit the target every time. It provides the angle, range, wind, temperature, and humidity and multiple weapon profiles while hunting.

Ballistic Calculator

It helps you to determine the accurate ballistics for long-range shooting.

Smart Rangefinder

Using this feature you can easily make a good distance estimate to your target. Once the scope is ranged perfectly in your reticle it will automatically adjust its point of impact. There is no necessity for guessing, chart memorization or complex calculations. 

Smart Mil Dot Reticle

ATN releases a new feature which is Smart Programmable Mil Dot reticle into its current line of Smart HD optics. This specific innovation has been requested by both ATN customers and the shooting community.

Two ways you can use the ATN Smart Mil Dot reticle

It is possible to use as a standalone Mil Dot reticle or

You can have the ATN Ballistic Calculator assist you in its use.

In standalone form, the reticle will make sure the users to have verified distance between hash marks at all magnification levels

So now depending on the load you can program the variance between hash marks in Mils into this Smart Mil Dot Reticle. 

Easy Navigation & Menu System

Most of the beginners will like this feature for the user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It contains the minimal button controls and an intuitive menu that allows you to easily navigate via the different functions of the system. You can navigate and change settings using the Obsidian app from your phone or tablet devices.

Recoil Activated Video

If you are a novice hunter, this riflescope is designed to make your hunting easy. Most of the hunters want to record their hunting moments for view later.Recoil

You don’t worry about that, RAV will take care of it hence you just relax and focus on your target, and Obsidian Core will do that. It automatically records a video after and before the shots and it stores directly to the SD card.


The thermal scope is an essential tool for the hunters to make their hunting adventures more interesting. ATN Thor 4 384 Thermal riflescope provides high-quality images and videos of your targets with its advanced features. If you’re looking for a perfect thermal riflescope for your hunting adventures, you have to consider ATN Thor 4 384 rifle scope for better experiences. It is suitable for all the professionals, beginners and hobbyists in hunting.

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