Can You Microwave A Candle To Melt The Wax? 4 Better Alternatives

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We all know the issue – once a candle is finished there is always some wax left at the bottom of the jar. So, can you microwave a candle to melt the wax? The answer shouldn’t surprise you!

In this article, we’ll explore what happens when you microwave candles and some alternative methods for getting candle wax out of a jar.

Can You Microwave a Candle To Melt The Wax?

Microwaving a candle to melt the wax is not recommended. If you were to put a candlestick in the microwave on full power for a full minute, it would not even become warm.

However, if you were to put the candle in a cup of water, the water would become hot and melt the wax. Wax itself is not affected by short times in microwaves. However, there are much more effective and safer methods of melting candle wax.

Four Safe Methods for Removing Candle Wax from the Jar

  • Using boiling water
  • Freezing the candle
  • Using a hair dryer
  • Using a wax removing solution

How To Get Wax Out of a Candle Jar Using Boiling Water

If you’re like me, you love candles. But what do you do when the wax has burned down and you’re left with an empty candle jar? Most people would just throw it away, but there’s actually a really easy way to get the wax out so you can recycle or reuse the jar.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pot of boiling water
  • A bowl
  • A plastic spoon or spatula

First, Boil some water and pour it into the bowl. Then, place the candle jar upside down in the bowl so that the wax melts and runs into the water. After a few minutes, the wax should be completely melted. Use the spoon to scoop out the wax and discard it. Rinse out the candle jar and you’re all done!

How To Get Wax Out of a Candle Jar By Freezing It

Wax buildup in a candle jar can be frustrating, especially when it’s preventing you from reusing a cool candle jar. But there’s no need to toss the whole thing out – you can easily remove the wax by freezing it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put the candle jar in the freezer and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Once the wax is frozen, use a butter knife or another sharp object to break it into pieces.
  • Remove the pieces of wax from the jar and dispose of them.

Now that you’ve got all the wax out, you just need to clean the jar! You can repurpose it as a plant jar, succulents, or pen holder.

How To Get Wax Out of a Candle Jar With a Hair Dryer

Candle are awesome. But after a while, the wax can start to build up in the jar and it can be really tough to get it out. If you didn’t have success with the other methods, using a hair dryer seems to work best for some people.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put the candle jar in the sink and run some hot water over it.
  • Hold the hair dryer about 6 inches away from the wax and turn it on to the highest setting.
  • Move the hair dryer back and forth over the wax until it starts to melt.
  • Once the wax is melted, use a paper towel to wipe it away.

You may need to repeat this process a few times to get all of the wax out!

How To Remove Wax From A Wax Warmer

To remove wax from a wax warmer or other flat surface, we recommend using a surface cleaning solution. Not only does regular cleaning help leave wax warmers looking spotless every day, it also increases the lifespan of your waxing devices. So, what is the best wax removing solution?

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Always patch test a small area first and rinse with water afterwards. Do not use this product on skin and avoid skin contact. Be sure to use adequate ventilation when using this product.

How To Clean The Candle Jar Once You Get The Wax Out

Now that the tough part is completed, all that is left to do is give your empty candle jar a good rinse. Use a bit of dish soap on a sponge and lightly scrub the glass to eliminate any residual oil.

Rinse completely and then put it on your counter to dry. And that is it! Your lovely, unblemished candle jar has been cleaned and up-cycled!

The Wrap Up

Microwaving a candle to melt the wax is not recommended. If you were to put a candlestick in the microwave on full power for a full minute, it would not even become warm. There are much safer methods such as using a hair dryer, freezing the candle jar, and boiling a pot of water.

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