Carson AuraPlus 2x Night Vision Monocular Review

Carson Night Vision Monocular

A Night Vision Device is an optoelectronic device that is used to improve the vision in darkness. Night Vision Devices are using infrared technology and enhance the user’s vision ability in the low light environment. Night vision devices include thermal imaging cameras, image intensifier devices, integrated night vision systems, and near-infrared illuminator technology.

Carson AuraPlus 2x Power Digital Night Vision Monocular

Carson-AuraPlus-2x-Power-Digital-Night-Vision-CamcorderCarson-AuraPlus-2x-Power-Digital-Night-Vision-CamcorderCarson-AuraPlus-2x-Power-Digital-Night-Vision-CamcorderCarson-AuraPlus-2x-Power-Digital-Night-Vision-CamcorderCarson-AuraPlus-2x-Power-Digital-Night-Vision-CamcorderCheck Price Now


Magnification 2 x
Color Black/Gray
Length 5 in
Battery Type AAA
Weight 4.5 oz
Magnification Type Fixed

Types of Night Vision devices

There are various night vision devices, and they are different in their applications. Some are built for tactical operations like police, military, and paramilitary, and some are ideal for regular use, and some are suitable to handle the harsh environments.

The main categories of night vision devices are,

  • Monocular
  • Binoculars
  • Scopes
  • Goggles
  • Cameras
  • Glasses

Digital NVD VS Traditional NVD

The main difference between digital NVD and traditional NVD is the color of the image produced.

Traditional night vision devices can provide a monochromatic image displaying in green color, and Digital night vision devices can display the black and white image.

Traditional night vision devices have an image intensifier tube, and this will easily break, but traditional night vision devices don’t use image intensifier tubes.

Digital night vision devices use a digital signal to the process and transform it into the electric signal. This signal is sent to an image sensor, and the image was displayed on the screen.

Traditional night vision devices collect the surrounding lights and change them into photons and electrons. These photons and electrons are amplified with visible lights to display a green magnified image.

Applications Of Night Vision Devices

The use of night vision technology is endless, and the most common applications are,

  • Military
  • Hunting
  • Search and rescue operation
  • Wildlife observation
  • Camping
  • Night fishing
  • Security, surveillance and Law enforcement
  • Navigation

Benefits of Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices have several benefits and they are,

  • Enhance the vision ability in complete darkness
  • Hunter quickly catches the prey
  • Increase nighttime mobility

Night Vision Monocular

Night Vision Monocular is one of the best night vision devices that work under night vision technology. It can be viewed with a single eye, and that has no magnification. It has one objective lens, and that is used to capture the NIR and visible light.

This objective lens only focuses on the incoming light and changes into the photocathode at the front edge of the image intensifier tube. The objective lens adjusts the focus at various distances. Most of the monocular attached to spotting scopes and rifle scopes and can be mounted directly onto a weapon. A night vision monocular is a less expensive, highly portable, and small size.

If you want to purchase the best night vision monocular, then Carson AuraPlus Night Vision Monocular is the ideal solution for that. This is the best monocular because it uses a digital night vision technology and allows you to take pictures and videos.


It has a compact design and suitable to use in outdoor actions. This survival tool consists of the white and crisp black display, which means that there are no more green lights. It has 5.6 x 3.1 x 2.5 dimensions and the body of this monocular built with hard plastic and this ensures its durability. It has a light gray color and has several features. You will get one year warranty for this product.

Viewing distance and magnification

It has a wide viewing range up to 393 feet with 2x magnification. So you can get full objects view, and it has a 10-degree field of view.

Adjustable frame rate

It has an adjustable frame rate to save the battery. You can pick the three variable frame rate modes, such as 30fps, 15fps, and 8fps.

Take pictures and videos

You can use this monocular both record videos and capture images, and it has a high resolution of 640×480 pixels. It has a button on top to record the video and captures the image, and these photos are easily saved in the device. You can transfer these photos to the computer via SD card and USB port.

IR illuminator

You have the option to select the IR modes, and this device consists of five IR modes. These are,

  • Low intensity
  • Medium intensity
  • High intensity
  • Off mode
  • Menu and operation

This device is easy to operate and press the on/off button on the device and operate the screen icons and rotate the objective lens for a clear image. For image capturing press the triangle icon, and for recording a video holds the same button for 2 seconds and record the video.

Some menu options,

  • Selective frame rate mode
  • Infrared intensity icon
  • Video recording indicator
  • Recording indicator
  • Multiple levels of digital zoom
  • Current recording time
  • Current battery level
  • Remaining record time
  • Status of SD card
  • Remaining photos


It runs on three AAA batteries. To install the batteries, open the battery door, then insert the batteries into that slot and close the battery door. With high IR intensity, it works more than 60 minutes. But this battery is not included with the package, and you have to buy it separately.

Carson Aura plus NV-250 Features

Superior technology

This monocular offers a digital night vision that is better than other traditional night vision. Instead of intensifier tubes and green screens, it has a bright LCD screen.

Impressively functional

This tool allows you to capture the pictures and record videos in complete darkness. It is also featured with,

  • Home surveillance
  • Nighttime hunting
  • Navigating a home
  • Getting around in the EMP and total blackouts
  • Catching an intruder in the act and collect the video footage proof

Self-contained and compact

This monocular has superior power and its small size enough to comfortably fit your bag. It also comes with a carrying case and wrist strap for your comfortable usage.

What’s included?

This package includes a soft carrying pouch, a comfortable wrist strap, a USB charging port, an 8GB SD card with an adapter, and a complete user manual. Apart from the battery, you will get all the things.

Pros  Cons
» Highly portable» Reasonable price» Compact and sturdy design » The battery is not included

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Final verdict

Night vision monoculars are the best versatile option for night vision devices. These are used for a variety of night time actions and also used for observation and surveillance. But the main purpose of using this night vision device is they can be essentially used for security, hunting, and night rescue.

We introduce the best night vision monocular that is Carson AuraPlus 2x Power Digital Night Vision Monocular. It comes with all the necessary features and compact design at an affordable price. It is a perfect choice for night time outdoor activities.

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