Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

Written By Kim Goodwin

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For over 65 years, Bushnell has taken a unique position in providing the best products in high-performance sports optics and is proud to offer the best quality products at affordable prices to users.

The Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular is a result of the above efforts and is a high-quality Digital Monocular for both day and night use.

Generally, the most popular and reputable optic makers “Bushnell” produces monocular with regular intensifier tube technology to manage all kind of works, but in this Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular, it is composed of an LCD screen and infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor for night vision abilities, giving users a more accurate output than expected.

Equinox Z Night Vision Monocular from the Bushnell is highlighted by its superior quality outfit, impressive functionality, and technological features. Unlike other telescopes, the Equinox Z features a large diameter glass objective lens, which makes this device a unique night vision device.

Apart from thermal binoculars and monoculars, there are many more devices are available on the market like Night Vision CamcordersNV ScopesThermal Imaging CamerasNV Goggles, Glasses that are equipped with night vision technology.

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital NV Monocular

Thermal imaging plays an important role in the field of the military, law enforcement, hunting, home inspection and so on to provide better results. Because of thermal technology, thermal monoculars become a remarkable tool for hunting among many conventional monoculars. Other than that, nowadays monoculars come with unique features that make your hunting experience beyond adventures.

In contrast to other plastic lenses, it is integrated with lightweight materials that provide maximum light-gathering power and optical clarity. For providing even better results at night, this night vision monocular consists of IR illuminator that delivers an effective range of night vision up to 100′.

The one side rail included in this device aids to combine the accessories directly to the monocular, like added illumination device. The screen will reveal color images during the day and B/W images for clarity at night.

Three Different Models of Equinox Z Series

Equinox Z 3X30mm Monocular

This 30mm model is constructed with a dimension of 6.5X3.2X2.1 inches and comes with the 30ft/9m field of view value to ensure that the device provides precise images while shooting.

It can provide high-performance in both day and night with its incomparable features. The features of daytime color, image capture, video shooting make this model one step ahead of others. With its integrated IR illuminator, the device comes with 500 feet of detection range.

The device equipped with 656 feet/ 200 meters of viewing range to provide a better viewing experience. For easy handling purposes, it is built with lightweight materials and weighing only 15 oz. Due to its compact design, transportation from one place to another is effortless.

Equinox Z 4.5X40mm Monocular

The next model from the Binox Z series is outfitted with a dimension of 6.5X3.9X2.4X inches and along with that, it weighs up to 22 oz which is a bit heavy compared to the previous model. To provide explicit indication it’s designed with a thick 40mm objective lens to make it more powerful.

For the day time, it’s composed of 750 feet of detection range and 738 feet/225 meters of viewing range to render better output. More than that, it consists of the added rail which can be used to attach another illuminator for easily handling.

The images display on the screen are in color during the day and are black and white during the night for clarity. With its integrated illuminator, you can view the images within just 100 feet. In addition to that, you can be zoomed up with its 3 different zooming options.

Equinox Z 6X50mm Monocular

The final model is constructed with the dimensions of 7.85X3.9X2.5 inches and it has 984 feet/300 meters of viewing range to offer precise output. This is the only model that has the most powerful 50mm lens in this series.

Furthermore, this thermal monocular features of the 6X magnification range to allow you to a closer view than the other two models. And it weighs 27 oz which is a big thing when its compared two other two models, though it comes with the extra weight it’s also hassle-free for transportation and handling.

Unlike other products, it comes with 1000 yards of detection range which is considered as the long detection range. Due to its feature-full package and premium quality output, it is high in price meaning it’s also one of the expensive models in the market.

General Features of Equinox Z Series


Equinox Z is constructed with rugged materials to protect the device from worse damages, and it comes with a waterproof housing making it ideal to use in wet conditions without worrying about corrosion.

One of the stand-out features of this model is the purpose of multicoated glass motifs to generate uncomparable optical clarity. The Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular has a total of 3 different magnification range, making it easy for the user to choose the option.

With the help of all the units offered by the manufacturer, you can change the IR illumination and adjust it to suit your preferences or the environment. To protect the device from any accidental fallen it is covered with a rubberized material. Most of the monoculars are designed to be compatible with rifle scopes and spotting scopes to fit directly into the weapon.

Dimensions & Weight Limit

The monocular 7.85 “X 3.9″ X 2.5” is configured in dimension and weighs 15 ounces. This device is designed to be capable of both shooting video and capture images without added devices, which makes the model stand out from other devices.

The Equinox Z requires 4 AA batteries to operate the device, but they do not come with the package. The device should be fully charged up to 12 hours after the IR illuminator is switched off and will continue to work until 6 hours before the next charge is required. The device has the capability to automatically turn it off for 10 minutes at idle, which is great for saving your battery.

Mounting Options

The Bushnell Monocular comes with a triple mounting ability to withstand in any terrain. The device comes with two rail mounts to make it easier to mount than other devices, and because of this, it is built with durable aluminum. Although built with lightweight material, there is no doubt that it can provide a rock-solid connection to the device.

Both rail mounts have locking screws on their sides. For convenient handling and usability, its first rail mount is designed to attach to the wall of your firearm. Its second rail mount, holding your night vision device with its accessory rail. The only downside to this is that you can’t buy these mounts individually beyond all of the mounting benefits.

Images & Videos

All images produced by Night Vision Technology have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. All videos are stored in NTSC and PAL format, while images are stored in JPEG format. The device comes with 32GB of microSD cards, so all the videos and photos produced by the monocular are stored there.

The new Equinox Z 4.5X and 6X models come with a video out cable which allows the user to take pictures or send videos. It also allows you to record video with audio.

Viewing Distance

The Equinox Z monocular featuring 6X magnification, 50mm focal lens, and this model has equipped with 1000 feet of viewing distance and fitted with IR illuminator assist beam.

Applications of Bushnell Equinox Z

  • Marine Use
  • Entertainment
  • Indoor Purposes
  • Search & Rescue
  • Target Shooting
  • Hunting & Military
  • Outdoor Observation
  • Security & Surveillance


The Bushnell Equinox Z Series Night Vision Monocular is the best and perfect choice for hunting, hiking, rescue team, and law enforcement. And it’s the ideal choice for the person who looking for their first monoculars and also good value for professionals.

I recommended this unit to pick due to it can work long-lasting without any issue and it offers solid-rock feel to the user due to its top-notch construction. The waterproof aspect of the Equinox Z model makes it ideal for any weather situation.

Although this series has the power-consumption characteristic after 10 minutes of inactive, even the battery is still drained and doesn’t experience an additional set. This will be the standard choice for those with the knowledge of how to use the monocular.

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