Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200) Review

Carson Digital Monocular

The Carson MiniAura monocular is the cheapest one, which is used for a variety of purposes.

This is also known as infrared monocular, it is beneficial for nighttime hunting during the low light condition, it is a modern device that observes things easily, and gives proper bright white and black images for the user.

This technology is mostly useful for professionals, home use, and hobbies. This Carson night vision monocular review shows all features and advances technology.



Model NumberNV-200
Weight 2.5 pounds
Dimensions 2.6 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
Angle of view19 degree
Viewing Distance82 ft


The monocular is very tiny and lightweight, which is extremely compact for all types of users and perfect for wear in your keychain and hand. The weight of the monocular is 2 pounds and the size is only 2.6 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches, so you can carry this outdoors for a long time activity. You can protect this from the rainy conditions.

Night vision Technology

The night vision technology has evolved over the years, which provides the pick between the analog and the digital devices. These devices use light sources for viewing because it is not possible to view through the human eye. This is possible by the components image intensification tool and charge-coupled device.

The NV-200 is coming with the digital night vision range, which is the most advanced night vision type that helps to convert the light into the electronic signals alternative for electrons.

The major difference between digital and analog is that it doesn’t show the image in shades of green and black, This monocular offers the black and white representation even in the night time, which make them more effective.

One of the major benefits of the Carson monocular is that does not damage while using in the daytime.

The Carson mini aura digital night vision monocular usually comes with an affordable price and very easy to record the data in the digital format.


The main feature of the Carson digital night vision monocular is reduced dimension because you can carry this in your pocket and have it in your hand, you can use this whenever you need.

You can easily operate the function of this monocular, and you can simply use the push button to change the intensity.

The image of the view is shown black and white colors in the digital screen, it completely comes with the digital mode.


Carson’s digital night vision monocular provides the user-friendly purchase, this equipment comes with a soft and nice carrying pouch that protects your monocular from the dust. The wrist back allows you to carry it with ease.


This NV-200 is specially used for surveillance, and this can be used to monitor your home and office. It is one of the appropriate tools for the security companies empowering guards.

This is a perfect handy tool for your hobbies like watching wildlife at night time and helps to travel into the dark during the camping.

The size of this monocular is the first thing you notice, and it can be easily fit in your hand. This is the hight power affordable NV Monocular in today’s market.

Carson made one of the most compact monoculars, so you can easily store and handle at transportation.

You can easily operate the function of this monocular, and you can simply use the push button to change the intensity.

Two dials are provided on the exterior of this monocular, one is for objective lens focusing, and another is for the focus of the eyepiece, you can also adjust these dials at the time of using.

Image clarity

The infrared illuminator comes with this pack so you can adjust this for your need, the illuminator is mostly used for the complete dark condition. So you can see the view in full clarity.

Optical performance

The Mini aura is very reliable for the night viewer, which is used in any situation. This has a 19-degree angle of view, the dimension of the optics are very tiny and impressive. This device offers you to see the distance of up to 82 feet even in darkness. Mini aura is the entry-level monocular so this scope is good for you to look at construction or a building and can get the useful details about 60 yards.


This is very portable and useful for camping and the hiking adventure time, so you don’t fall and twist an ankle while out.

This very useful for camping trips, late-night wildlife view, hunting and hiking trips, and outdoor activity.


The power source is needed to operate the monocular, the 3 AAA batteries are needed in this monocular, you can also easily replace the battery for long time usage.

Final words

This Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular has full of digital functionality, which is flexible for the hunters and hikers.

The Carson monocular is absolutely innovative, premium quality and extraordinary value, They are the perfect binocular for the users which comes with a low price.

This monocular delivers better service for the users, it is useful for your career in a beneficial way.

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