Extech 380580-NIST Milliohm Meter Review

The Extech is one of the popular brands who produce durable electronic devices with customer satisfaction. The Extech Milliohm Meter is very handy test equipment, the multimeter can’t measure the low resistance and bench meter, but can calculate accurately.

This milliohm meter is used to measure the impedance quantities in the electrical field, which is easy to use and it provides the high measuring accuracy capabilities. We researched this device in terms of durability, performance, function, then listed its features here. 

This Extech milliohm meter also provides the low, medium and high potential measurements, thus you can easily select the range. It allows transferring the data to the computer. This review will aid you to get a clear idea about the Extech 380580-NIST Battery Powered Milliohm Meter.

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  • Display: 1.0″ (25 mm)
  • Range: Five Measurement Ranges
  • Sampling Time: 3 times per second (Approximately)
  • Operating Temperature: 5ºF to 131ºF (-15ºC to 55ºC)
  • Operating Humidity: < 80% RH
  • Power Supply: 8x AA batteries


Commonly, milliohm meter is used for general circuit verification. This Extech 3805080 milliohm meter helps to measure the unit less than 1 ohm. so it measures micro resistances in the different ranges of any electrical circuitry and electrical connection. 

This is capable of measuring low resistance from around. This milliohm meter swiftly measures accurate value.

Kelvin Connection

The electrical device comes with the whole package like meter and kelvin leads. Four terminal kelvin measurement cables are also available in the Extech Milliohm meter. These leads are introduced to the small amount of additional resistance into a measurement. 

This is adequate for non-critical measurements, but it’s perfect for critical application when measuring. The measurement can render useless by any added resistance. Utilizing 4 wire Kelvin connections to rectify these kinds of issues.


This is mainly designed for the hobbyist and electrician. It’s a single board design that looks like a box, inside of this whole specification are integrated with wired connections, the transformer and AC are going through this fuse. 

Plugged into the wall port outlet let’s power it up and take a few minutes for you to start your measurement work. 

The connection of the hook helps to measure the value of the capacitor or the resistance. It has the ohm adjustment knob and power switch and it has a built-in water-resistant case with shoulder strap. 

It comes with 2 sets of test leads like 4 wire with 4 alligator clips and 4 wire with 2 Kelvin alligator clips.


The Extech milliohm meter converts the analog value to digital values, first of all, you need to check the value to start in the zero position. For that, you just joint the two hooks and carefully note the value is zero or not. 

If you measure the volt of the resistor, the measuring product will hold on the hook tightly then check the value. It shows the accurate value in its LCD display. 

This milliohm meter comes with the auto-hold and auto power-off feature and it’s equipped with an invalid test indicator to helps you to prevent inaccurate measurements. It is working on the 20v test voltage.


This the only portable & handy milliohm meter available in the market. It comes with proper height, length, and width such as 7.5-inches, 9.8-inches, 4.3-inches respectively.

The total weight of the device is 3.31 pounds that means a kid can easily handle this device. The total dimension of this device makes it’s more portable, so the user can easily carry this anywhere for their work.

Important Features

  • Four terminal Kelvin measurements
  • Over-temperature and over-voltage protection
  • 5 ranges with 100µΩ max resolution
  • 20V test voltage
  • Unit is Built-in water-resistant case with shoulder strap


8X AA batteries are used as the power source for this Extech 380580 millimeter, these batteries are withstanding for a long time to measure the value of the resistor and the capacitor.


The LCD display shows the output value in digital format which is fitted with this equipment. The 2000 Count LCD Display is used as the screen of this device. 

Unlike analog format this screen reveals the result in the digital form; hence you can easily find the range of the resistor and capacitor. This display also has 5 ranges with 100″ max resolution.


  • It has 2000 Megaohm measurement
  • 2000 Count LCD display
  • High performance
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Manual zero adjustment



    This Extech milliohm meter is the accuracy-test equipment for estimating low resistance value in a circuit, thus the control is under your hand. Also, the price of the product is worth for their feature. 

    In our review, we provide complete details about the Extech milliohm meter, we hope our review will help clear all your queries.

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