Fluke Networks MS2-KIT Review


Today we are developing and using different types of communication technologies. Meanwhile, we also face a lot of issues in the network cabling. 

It leads the world’s best industrial tool manufacturers to create and produce cable verifiers and network cable testers.

Fluke is the company that manufactures the standard cable verifier for personal and professional purposes. MicroScanner2 is the popular copper cable tester that comes with multiple features. Using this device, you can find the voltage, polarity, PoE availability of the cable.


Fluke Networks MS2-KIT MicroScanner2 Review

Using this Microscanner2 cable verifier, you can easily check all types of wires, batteries, Networks, etc. If you want to find the shorts in the long cables then this cable tester is the easiest way to find them. These are the most useful devices to easily find and rectify the issues of communication technologies.



  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6.4 x 1.4 inches
  • Digital Tone Frequency: 500 kHz
  • Analog Tone Frequency: 400 Hz-1KHz
  • Cable Tests Length: 1500 ft

Rugged Housing

Durable materials are used in this MicroScanner2 to extend its lifetime. The integrated rubber covers the outer layer of this cable tester so that the user can get a strong grip to hold it. 

This cable tester’s magnetic strap helps you to hold in difficult situations.  It comes with the vinyl carry pouch, and you can use it for the enhanced protection and convenience. 

Revolutionary Interface

In the previous model cable verification testers, you have to use four different modes of operation for all test results. This way slow down the overall testing process, so it causes frustration and leads to more error results to the user.

This MicroScanner2 Cable tester rectifies all these problems and shows the result of wiremap, cable ID, distance to fault, pair length, and far-end device on one screen. 

Multimedia Support

This MicroScanner2 has the in-built RJ45, RJ11, and coax support so that you can use this for both the main units and far-end identifiers.

By using this tester, you can test the Ethernet jacks, telephone jacks, and CATV outlets also. This MicroScanner2  is one of the ways to streamlines cable verification.

You don’t need any adapters for testing the various types of data, voice, and video type media, because the in-built adapters are provided to do this work for you. 

IntelliTone Toning

The in-built IntelliTone analog and digital toning are provided in this MicroScanner2. Using this feature, you can find the virtuality of the cable or wire pair accurately in the working environment.

If you want to check the high-grade data cabling in the patch panels, or wall outlets, bundles, or switches, you can use the digital mode.

The Digital mode is specifically used in the surrounding with high data, Radio Frequency, and electromagnetic interference.

When you connected with the IntelliTone 200 Pro Probe, you can also check the cable wiremap from the tester end or the probe end. 

The Analog mode is used for voice-grade cabling like a security alarm, coax, and speaker wiring. These cables are optimized for the low-frequency transmission, so using this mode, you can easily isolate the low-frequency tones.

This smart analog tone of the MicroScanner2 cable tester will remove the frustrating guesswork in the individual wire pairs at the time of new installations.

To find the individual wire pairs or audio transmission problems, the MicroScanner2 helps the technicians. 

VDV Service Detection

The technicians are handling a lot of problems in the cabling for the video, data, and voice. They have disconnected whole hosting cables and services before finding the reason for the connection problem.

MicroScanner2 noted these issues and gives a high power vision for the technicians to find today’s common service problems.

Using this MicroScanner2, you can find the POTS voltage and check the polarity of the cable. You can use this cable tester to verify the 10,100, 1000 powered Ethernet switches at the far end or confirm the genuine PoE voltage and pairs. 

PoE Verification

The MicroScanner is providing switch and simple PoE verification, by using this you can reduce the confusion at the time of installation.

To find the latest PoE standards based on the connected switch that is available in the PoE class, you have to display the voltage from the passive PoE source.

This information reduces the spending time for the information about the connected switch, so the technician can improve their installation work.   


The MicroScanner2 Cable tester has the Monochrome LCD Display so you can view the result through the screen. The screen comes with the backlight feature, so you can also clearly view the result in the dark surrounding. 

Operating Temperature

You can use this cable tester in between the 0-45 degree celsius; also, you can store this device under -20 to 60-degree celsius. The humidity range for operating this cable tester is 0- 45 degrees, so you can also use this tester to check the complicated wire connections.


The 2 AA alkaline batteries are used as the power source of the MicroScanner2 cable tester, by using this battery you can use this device for 20 hours of typical use. The other compatible battery types are AA photo lithium, NICAD, NIMH. These batteries are the optional power source for this cable tester. 

Final Words

A cable tester is a technician must-have tool for installing and troubleshooting the Ethernet devices. By using this device, one can easily spot out the network and cable problems.

If you would like to purchase a cable tester, this MicroScanner2 is also a great recommendation. The features of this device make your work more comfortable than before; also, you can avoid the wrong calculation. 

In this review, we gave a clear idea about the MicroScanner2 cable Tester. We hope this review will help you with your purchase.

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