FLUKE FLK-TIS75 30HZ Thermal Imager (Fluke Connect & IR-Fusion) Review

FLUKE FLK-TIS75 30HZ Thermal Imager

FLUKE FLK-TIS75 is a patented IR-Fusion technology; it is a 5mp visible light camera. The TiS75 thermal imager delivers the correct image quality that also includes time-saving functionality and more efficiency. The professional quality 320 x 240 resolution images have the manual focus to get crisp images as close as 0.15m(6in). 

A quality thermal image in a rugged body depends on the fluke TiS75. IR-fusion technology enhances problem detection analysis and capabilities through the blending of the infrared camera. It merely needs to be a point about a wall or a spot, and the infrared camera provides you with a clear and realistic image of the area. 

FLUKE FLK-TIS75 30HZ Thermal Imager

The Fluke TiS75 imager comes with a standard wifi connection. You can activate the wifi-function that will download the fluke viewer app to your mobile application and link it to your thermal imager.

The imager can provide fast and convenient menu navigation; these are using either optimized tactile buttons or broken touch screen. 

FLUKE FLK-TIS75 30HZ Thermal Imager


  • Large storage space
  • High Resolution
  • Easy Reporting


  • Too large to keep in pockets

The Fluke is connecting with share live video makes the perfect decisions faster than ever; this is before viewing all mechanical, temperature, electrical, and vibration measurements for every equipment asset in place.

One of the main advantages of quick view software, it is a powerful modular suite of software tools such as editing, viewing, annotating, and infrared images.

FLUKE FLK-TIS75 Features:

Fluke TiS75 is versatile for both homeowners and professionals. It can support 18 languages in the menu that helps the users globally.

This device shows you visual camera footage overlaid with a temperature range that’s similar to IR-fusion Autoblend technology and FLIR’s MSX technology. 

In general, A photo note option can add digital images to your thermal feedback. The Fluke provides a 4GB SD features can store the pictures on the unit. This imager will transfer images to your mobile device for further analysis, reports, and email results. 

The Bluetooth connectivity is standard on the TiS40 model and more. The camera can be attached to your current Bluetooth headset, allowing recording notes to be added to an image.

The Fluke Performance Series:

The Fluke performance series help you easily and quickly identify the problems before they become expensive failures.  Fluke TiS75 is a handheld device, and these infrared imaging cameras are used for multiple applications.

These applications include equipment preventive, troubleshooting and building diagnostics, predictive maintenance, research, and development.

Image Presentation:

The image presentation is standard palettes and ultra contract palettes.

Fluke TIS75 Frontline Troubleshooting at 320×240 Resolution:

The 320×240 resolution of the Fluke TiS75 gives the exact image quality you need to make the proper diagnosis. It also includes more saving time function, USB cable, micro SDcard, and universal AC power adapter lithium-ion smart battery.

  • It is used to share real-time images across with fluke connection. 
  • You can save time from the job site by creating and emailing reports.
  • It is used to capture all multiple measurements in one report.
  • IR-Fusion technology will provide enhanced problem detection.

The wifi upload and free storage with fluke cloud make the best decision, and you can store a thousand images with the external and internal 4 GB memory.

It is used to increase your productivity and analyze infrared images. The infrared images can be challenging to understand, and you need the right level of detail to pinpoint specific areas of concern — different preset levels of blend and adding PIP(picture-in-picture) to capture an incredibly revealing hybrid image.


  • Brand: Fluke
  • Battery life: 4hours
  • visual camera: 5mp
  • distance to spot: 504:1
  • Field of view: 35.7 ° x 26.8 °
  • Width: 8.5000
  • Detector Resolution: 320 x 240 
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤ 0.08 °C at 30 °C target temp

Fluke TiS75 30Hz Includes

  • Universal AC power adapt lithium-ion smart battery 
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Hard carrying case
  • Two-bay battery charger
  • Quick reference guide and safety sheet
  • A USB cable, Micro SD card
  • Soft transport bag

IR-Fusion Technology:

  • Parallax corrected visual and infrared 
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) infrared 
  • Fullscreen infrared 
  • AutoBlend mode 
  • Fullscreen visible
  • Color alarms for user-selectable low temperature and high temperature


The TiS75 is a practical device but, the best one of here is that it’s versatile. You can decide how to use and utilize the relevant features. 

Private use:

Many features, such as reporting, are considered unnecessary for homeowners, but the device is easy enough to use those homeowners. The method is maintaining the equipment. It can help discover leaks, electrical problems,etc..

Professional use:

You will easily find it and provide feedback to colleagues or clients. The quality images are also great enough standard for professionals in several industries:

  • Electrical work
  • Building contractors
  • HVAC
  • Property inspections
  • plumbing

Extensive Annotation Possibilities

  • Organize data with extensive annotations
  • Add annotations (text comments) to images and reports
  • The input information such as category, locations, and other notes
  • The reference images can be linked for before/after and good/bad analysis

Detailed Analysis and Total Image Control use:

  •   Span, alter level, and palette choice to improve contrast or display detail more efficiently 
  •   Five viewing modes allow you to choose the best images
  •   User-defined analysis markers and unlimited standard 

Simplified Report Generation

  • Generate fast & professional customized report
  • One-click patterned report generation for quick results
  • The best selection of features including after/before, charts, IR plus visible light, annotations, graphics, and supporting data
  • The report wizard guides the user through report generation

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for the night vision thermal camera with a durable battery, high-resolution, and an affordable price, this is the best pick for you.

The FLUKE FLK-TIS75 30HZ is used to work under all weather conditions, so you need not spend more money on it, and it comes with a budget-friendly option.

Overall it is the best Night vision scope of the renowned brand FLUKE, which is suitable for professional relevancy and domestic purposes to detect power surges, water leaks, electrical inspection, and other problems in commercial and domestic buildings.

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