Armasight Command 8 HD Thermal Imaging Biocular Review

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Ocular devices are highly used hunting and shooting tools in the wild. Ocular means nothing but the eyepiece.

Different types of ocular gears have been using by the adventurists for tactical uses, recreation activities like hunting, hiking, shooting, and also for off-roading activities.

The popular and mostly used ocular devices in the outdoor gaming industry are Monoculars, Binoculars, and Bioculars.

The difference between the monocular and binocular is so evident and straightforward. The monoculars use a single objective lens and eyepiece, whereas binoculars use dual objective lens and eyepiece.

The disadvantages of monocular and binocular were the reason to create a new ocular device combining these two, and that one is called BIOCULAR.

These bioculars have similarities between monocular and binocular. It uses two eyepieces like a binocular and one objective lens like a monocular.

In detail, the bioculars uses only one objective lens and provide a view with two eyepieces. In this way, the size issues of binoculars and price difficulties of monocular have solved.

After the invention of thermal imaging technology, these bi-oculars have enhanced to work as a thermal imaging bi-ocular that provides excellent night vision even there is no ambient light.

In this review, we are going to test the features and analyze the performance of Armasight Command 8-32X HD Thermal Bi-Ocular.

Let’s begin it.

Armasight Command 8-32X HD Thermal Bi-Ocular Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • FLIR Tau 2 336×256 Core
  • 100mm Objective Lens
  • 8-32x Magnification
  • Aircraft Alloy Construction
  • 30Hz, 60Hz Refresh Rate
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • FLIR Tau 2 336×256 Core
  • 100mm Objective Lens
  • 8-32x Magnification
  • Aircraft Alloy Construction
  • 30Hz, 60Hz Refresh Rate

Uncooled Thermal Detector

Most of the thermal imaging devices and systems use uncooled thermal detectors. The reason is it can capture the fast-moving objects or targets more clear and provide precise details.

This way, Armasight Command 8 HD uses FLIR Tau 2 VOx Uncooled Microbolometer as a thermal sensor that is the core technology of this ocular device. 

The sensor offers thermal imaging with a 336×256 pixel resolution. The high quality and vibrant thermal images are promised with this sensor.

To improve the night vision capabilities of the sensor is paired with different color modes such as White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, and Various Color Modes. So depending on the environment you are in, you can change the color mode of the unit.

With the high sensitivity and humidity sensor, this ocular device becomes the solid-state, magnified, long-wave infrared, and dedicated handheld thermal imager for hunters.

Germanium Lens

Using a coated Germanium lens in the sighting devices become standard when FLIR started this. Nowadays, almost 90% of weapon sights and clip-on systems for sighting use Germanium as an objective lens.

Armasight Command 8 HD uses 100mm Germanium Objective Lens of F/1. The diameter of the lens is a huge advantage of this bi-ocular because you can find only a few thermal optics with this lens size.

The large the diameter of the lens, the higher the accuracy and target acquisition you will get.

With the broad objective lens, you also get the high magnification range that is between 8X and 32X. It is truly a high level, which means you can keep track of the movement and follow your target without getting closer to it. 

Electronic Menu Functions

Armasight designed the user interface and menu options in a more direct manner than its previous models. They ensure the user gets an intuitive menu that can be used easily—the drop-down user interfaces to ease access. 

To achieve this, Armasight used direct button adjustments, the direct combination of button functions, and, most importantly, electronic menu selections.

Plus, the device has rapid start-up so it can start within a few seconds to offers you great night vision adventurers.

Recoding Imaginary and Onboard Replay

The products come with complete record imagery and video-out capabilities. Thanks to onboard replay with that, you can see the recorded footage later.

Water Resistance Aircraft Alloy Construction

If durability is your primary concern, you don’t need to worry because the product has made of CNC machined aircraft-aluminum alloy that assures durable and rugged construction that suits all the weather and ground conditions.

With the water-resistant design, this bi-ocular can easily survive sweat droplets and accidental water insertion.

The device can remote controlled that shows this product made with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind.

By connecting the optional external battery power supply, the operation time of the device can be extended.

Design and Size

The entire unit without batteries weighs 1.87 kgs (4.1 lbs). As we know, this is high. The bigger objective lens increases not only the image quality but also the overall weight of the product. This product might not be for you if you prefer lightweight and compact devices for your game.

In a Nutshell

With FLIR Tau 2 336×256 Core and an exemplary 100mm Germanium objective lens, the Armasight Command HD 336 8 HD Bi-Ocular is undoubtedly an effective way to be sure about your nighttime viewing capabilities. 

The thermal imaging and night vision experts from Armasight designed this uncooled Thermal Imaging Scope to encourage long viewing periods and upgraded depth perception. 

The Armasight Command HD 336 8x-32x 100mm Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular has a standard VOx microbolometer detector with thermal imaging capabilities that help a variety of uses and missions. 

This Armasight 8-32x Command Thermal Imaging Bi-ocular is an enhanced handheld thermal imager specially intended to use day and nighttime. 

Armasight Command 8 HD bi-ocular has simple, intuitive controls and features that can be accessed with direct button combination functions and selections. 

As far as we reviewed, we could say that weight is the only drawback of this bi-ocular. So if you did not concern more on weight, Armasight Command 8 HD Thermal Imaging Bi-ocular is a promising technical companion for you.

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