Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager Review

There are lots of thermal imaging devices available in the market, but it provides you the required performance with its great features.

It allows you to find the targets in bad weather, smoke, and complete darkness. Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager is a great tool for home security, commercial operations, search operations, and hunting purposes.

We’ve provided the complete review of the Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager with the features and functionalities. By reading our review, you will know more about it.

Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager Review

Torrey Pines Logic T12 Mini Thermal Imager is a compact and lightweight thermal camera which provides a clear view of your target in all situations.

If you are in the moonless night, smoke-filled area, or in the middle of the storm, don’t need to worry that the advanced heat detection technology of Torrey Pines Logic T12 provides you a better view.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Resolution: 80 x 60 pixels
  • Field of View: 25°
  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Optional Mount: Picatinny mount
  • Range: 65 Yards
  • Battery Life: 8 hours

Torrey Pines Logic T12 coms across the weapons applications because it is both infrared cameras as well as the red dot sight and equally uses in both applications.

It is an excellent handheld device to help you for hog hunting or other nighttime outdoor activities.


The T12 Mini Thermal Imager comes with many features to provide better performance.


Torrey Pines Logic T12 Mini Thermal Imager comes with 80 x 60 pixels of resolution to produce clear images.

It provides you a clear view of the object and surrounding area with the 25° field of view, so you no need to turn the sight.

It is perfect for the hunters to see their targets in any environment. It has the 9 Hz frame rate, so it refreshes the images and enhances the image quality to produce an accurate image.

Torrey Pines Logic T12 N Resolution


Torrey Pines Logic T12-N mini thermal imager contains a compact and lightweight design to make you comfortable in all situations.

You can carry this for your operations without needing the heavy packages. Most of the experts like the Torrey Pines Logic T12-N due to its compact size and it is very easy to handle.

It is easy to fit on the Picatinny rail or a tripod so you can remove this quickly and fit into another weapon.

On-board image processing mode

Torrey Pines Logic T12-N thermal imager comes with the on-board image processing mode that allows you to view your targets clearly and produce accurate thermal images.

It enhances the quality of the images while seeing. It has multiple display modes that contain four modes, such as black hot, white-hot, night-vision green, and color, so that you can choose any color based on your needs.

Other Features

Temperature read-out capability

Flexible mount options such as Picatinny rail, Tripod, and user-handle

Auto power save mode

Multiple display modes such as Black hot, White-hot, Night Vision Green and Color

Manual and Automatic NUC Capability

Battery protection and read-out

Final Words

Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager is a compact and lightweight imager that provides you an excellent view of your target in the field.

If you are searching for the mini thermal imager for your commercial needs, Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Mini Thermal Imager is the right choice for you.

We suggest the Torrey Pines Logic T12-N that is the simple thermal imager for your needs at an affordable price. We hope that our review will help you to choose the right thermal imager for your needs.

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