Noblex-Docter Optics NW 100 Thermal Imaging Device Review


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We have to accept that thermal imaging technology has shown another dimension of seeing things around us. Moreover, we are enabled to see everything in front of us. 

As this night vision technology only needs thermal radiation that is common in all the living and non-living things, these thermal imaging devices can be used for many applications. 

In the initial days, they were the most expensive technology in the world, so they were only available to Military and Govt agencies as well as the rescue corporations.

But, now manufacturers like FLIR, Seek, and Fluke made these devices available to civilians for their day to day works. After seeing the successful history of these popular manufacturers, a lot of power tools and industrial tool manufacturers started producing thermal imaging and night vision devices.

We have seen more about FLIR and SEEK, so we decided to cover other good brands that develop excellent thermal imaging devices.

Noblex is a Germany company that is one of the well-known manufacturers in this industry that provides mounting thermal imaging devices.

We chose their Noblex-Docter Optics NW 100 Dual-Use Mountable Thermal Imaging Device to review here.

Let’s get into it.

Noblex-Docter Optics NW 100 Dual-Use Mountable Thermal Imaging Device Review

Noblex NW 100 is a mountable thermal imaging device that can be used with weapons and guns. A sealed strategic partnership between Noblex and HEIMDALL has developed and manufactured this innovative thermal imaging device.

As it has only one eyepiece, we can categorize it under thermal monoculars, but their boss called them the Mountable Thermal Imaging Devices. It has dual uses so you can use it as mountable weapon sight and a handheld monocular.

384 X 288 pixels Thermal Sensor

Noblex NW 100 thermal imaging device comes with a typical 384 X 288 px uncooled thermal sensor with a pixel size of 17 micrometers. 

This type of thermal sensor is common in most of the thermal imaging cameras and thermal scopes

If you have satisfied with any FLIR E series products with the same thermal detector, then you surely like this. I didn’t see a big difference in image quality between this and FLIR E series products. 

1024 X 768 pixels Display

Noblex NW 100 comes with a high display resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels, which is relatably high in its class of devices, especially with this price. 

This OLED display shows the thermal images of areas in a manner that clearly shows the hidden objects or the things that are emitting high radiation. 

This high-resolution display will help to detect the electrical and minute heat differences or loss in large areas. 

In hunting at open or brushes areas, you can believe in this device that will tell everything around you that you can’t see.

As it is thermal imaging monocular, you can use it both day and night. I prefer this device for a night than a day.

47 mm Objective Lens

Noblex compact mountable thermal imaging device uses a 47 mm Objective lens with 50mm or 35mm lens focus. 

It has a wide eyepiece, so you don’t feel any stress on your eye while focusing and zooming on your target. 

It offers a 50 Hz refresh rate that ensures you get very clear and detailed images and videos of your targets.

2.5X Magnification

Noblex offers its users that is use a 2.5X magnification. So we can get a closer view of our target from any long distance. It is acceptable that the higher magnification will blur down the image and reduce the quality. However, with its continuous digital zoom of 1X to 8X, I got sharp and vibrant images of my targets from at least 600 m away. 

The saddest thing is that magnification is fixed, so you can’t change it as you need. But the automatical calibration is one of the comfort features in this thermal imaging device.

8-hours Battery Life

Noblex Docter innovated this thermal device for a long-range operation that extends for several hours. So they focused on the batteries to support their goal. They added 2 X 18650 batteries that can offer almost 8 hours of continuous operation.

All the captured images and recorded videos can be stored on internal storage for further reference. You can share these media files with your friends and family or with your clients.

7.3 ” X 2.7 ” X 2.4 ” Dimension

The size dimension of this thermal imaging device is 7.3 “length, 2.7” height, and 2.4 “width. And the total weight of this mountable sight is 17.6 oz, which is not low, but surely it will not add a heavy load on your weapon.

It is one of the medium-weighted devices I have tested so far. But it did not add stress on my shoulder as I thought. It was comfortable to use it for a long time.

It is a clip-on mount or attachment type that is easy to attach and detach.

After Using Noblex Docter NW 100 Thermal Imaging Device

With appreciable display quality and a moderate thermal detector, this thermal imaging device can work for a very long time. It may be a bit heavy, but as it is mountable, you can avoid the load on your guns.

I will say the long battery life and a wide objective lens are the best parts of this device. Though it only offers fixed magnification, it does not affect my game when I tested.

It may not be a high-end thermal imaging device, but it is surely a very good option for beginners who need cool assistance.

I would recommend this for experienced hunters and shooters also. There is no doubt that it comes with features that worth every penny you pay.