10 Best Geothermal Heat Pumps in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Written By Kim Goodwin

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Geothermal heat pump systems have become increasingly popular among people, and that’s partly because of the green movement.

But it’s not popular enough to be mainstream yet, but rather popular only to the people who know how it works and functions, and what benefits can you gain from a geothermal heat pump system – and that’s because people are afraid of using a system that they do not know of.

And that’s the were trying to aim for here, to provide you with insight on how geothermal works and benefits you, and hopefully provide you with a comprehensive list of the top geothermal heat pump system that is available for commercial and residential use out in the market right now.

What is a Geothermal Heat Pump?

A geothermal heat pump system is an eco-friendly system that utilizes the natural energy produced by the earth – which means there are no chemicals involved in any of the processes.

The initial investment of getting this system can be quite costly, but in the long run, a geothermal heat pump will pay for itself with how much you’ll save with your electricity bills.

Not only does this system benefit you, but it also benefits the society in the combat against climate change.

If you are a business owner, getting a geothermal heat pump system would benefit you and your business in the long run, with increased productivity, and the maximization of your profit. By utilizing this system, you gain an advantage over others.

If you’re all about efficiency and reliability, then a geothermal heat pump system can give you exactly just that.

To help you get started with your system, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best geothermal heat pump system available in the market.

Top 10 Geothermal Heat Pumps of 2022 Reviewed

1. Senville LETO Series Mini Heat Pump

This product from Senville has a very interesting style, which is a split of a mini air conditioning and a heat pump.

The Senville LETO Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 9000 BTU 110/120V utilizes DC inverter technology, to effectively and efficiently cool your home.

This unit is a great alternative if your home can’t accommodate a full-sized unit.

Main Features

  • Voltage: 110/120 volt
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Dimension: 37 x 9 x 12 in
  • Cool and heat: 5F/-15C.


  • You’re provided with two remote controls, to allow you to easily adjust both units.
  • You’re provided with two units, to allow installation on separate rooms or floors.
  • Great for residential use.

This unit comes with two indoor heating and cooling units, plus an easy installation kit that would allow anyone to install this unit in their homes without the need to hire professionals.

If you’re a tiny household, then this product might be a reasonable option. It is still efficient in its cooling and heating.

2. HPX 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump

The HPX 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump is manufactured and designed by TIS Group. This heat pump provides you the consumer access to heating and cooling all year round, without fail, and with minimal costs.

Once the HPX 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump is installed, you can freely enjoy the benefits of it without worrying too much about maintenance and servicing, as it only needs minor ones.

The product’s design utilizes some of the latest technology and the functionality is unmatched – meeting your cooling and heating needs.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Voltage: 230 volt
  • Weight: 340 lbs
  • Dimension: 26 x 24 x 43 in
  • Heat: 3000 ft²


* Cabinet and drain pan made out of stainless steel
* Adjustable speed fan motor
* A condensate lockout
* A low temperature protected water coil
* Different ports for high and low pressures
* A LED indicator of the product is on test mode
* Equipped with anti-humidity and condensation conformal coating
* Eco-friendly product that helps you save 80% of your energy.

This product weighs a lot, so you will need professional help to install this. But once installed, the HPX 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump will serve you well.

One thing that you need to look out for is that the refrigerant tends to leak, so you need to be wary of that.

And one more thing, since this product is packed with modern features and design, this product will be pricey. But if you’re willing to go for the investment, it is surely worth it.

3. Miami Steel Cilindro Heat Pump

The Steel Cilindro otherwise known as EER 21.4 is another product manufactured by Miami Heat Pump. This time, this product is equipped cabinet and drain pan made out of stainless steel.

If you’re living outside the equator, then you’re probably using air conditioning during the hot summer times, and a heater to get you through the cold winter.

Both can be quite a costly investment and needs a lot of maintenance. But what if I tell you that there’s a single device that can do both, and better than those two – that would be a game-changer, right?

A geothermal heat pump can do exactly just that, and more!

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Voltage: 230 volt
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Dimension: 21.5 x 21.5 x 39 in
  • Min/Max AMP: 28/45


All your energy needs can be all solved or minimized with this product. This energy-efficient product can reduce your monthly electricity bills by almost 80%.

Not only can this product benefit you, but the environment as well – in fact, some states offer cash rebate programs to those people who’re installing eco-friendly equipment.

If you want efficiency and reliability, then a geothermal heat pump is a much better choice compared to an air source heat pump. How the system does this is by utilizing the warm water that is stored underground by using a loop.

In regards to installation, they will send a professional to help you, but will not reimburse the cost. You have to shoulder everything – but once you get the equipment up and running, it’ll pay itself in the long run.

This loop is securely located just below the frost line, giving the heat pumps a much consistent water temperature compared to air-source pumps which will struggle when there’s a sudden change of temperature in the air.

And that’s one downside of an air pump, the consistency and efficiency of the equipment will rely on the ever-changing weather.

This unit is equipped with a multi-speed blower motor which is flexible and you can adjust accordingly to your needs.

During the process of cooling water, the evaporator coil condenses the water and may need a little boost of power to overpower the coil’s resistance, via the help of the fans at maximum speed.

One thing to know when purchasing this product is that getting it up and running can be a tedious process. It will require you to hire professionals to do the heavy lifting for you.

If the equipment is damaged during shipping, then the Miami heat pump isn’t liable to replace it. 

5. HB COMPACT Commercial Heat Controller

The fifth product on our list is the first from HB Compact Commercial.

It’s a 2-ton geothermal water heat pump system equipped with an R-410A refrigerant that is factory charged with 40 ounces.

This is highly efficient equipment that uses water to transfer energy throughout the pump system to make sure that no energy is wasted, enabling the system to provide an efficient and powerful heating/cooling system.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Voltage: 460 volt
  • Weight: 218 lbs
  • Heating: 34300
  • Cooling Capacity: 40500


* It Has a single phase
* The design pressure low and High is 250/600
* The Return dimension is 18 X 25

This product leaves minimal to no carbon footprint at all, making it very environment-friendly, and if you’re living in a state where they have a rebate program for those who install environment-friendly systems on their home, then this product would surely be a great investment.

Although this equipment doesn’t need much maintenance, just make sure that you check it and service it from time to time, as it’s hard to replace a broken part, and it can be quite difficult to contact their customer service.

It has an EER rating of 14.4. That’s short for energy efficiency ratio, the higher the EER, the more efficient the equipment is., and 14.4 is pretty high on the scale.

This geothermal heat pump has no problems meeting your needs, be it for cooling or heating.

The double isolation compressor that’s installed in this equipment reduces its vibration, and also the blower is covered with noise suppression materials – those two things make this equipment’s operation as noise-free as possible.

With its relatively small size and the multiple access panels make the installation of this product a lot easier.

But it’s best to hire a professional to install this equipment as one wrong move could damage it and that could lead to a lot more expenses.

7. First Company Geothermal Heat Pump

The seventh product on our list is from First. Co’s WSVC series. This is a USA built equipment, which means that shipping wouldn’t be as stressful compared to the internationally made product.

This equipment is packed with the most advanced and innovative features in any pumps available in the market such as having a two-speed blower operation that would be a great use for summertime, removing any moisture in the air when the equipment is running at a slow pace, and after 10 minutes, it’ll slowly and silently shift to running at high speeds to generate unmatched cooling.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Voltage: 230 volt
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Heating Capacity: 56590
  • Cooling Capacity: 70000


* It Has a single phase
* The design pressure low and High is 250/600
* The Return dimension is 18 X 25

It’s designed to have a compact design, allowing you to easily replace your outdated models with this one.

It can fit into tight spaces and guarantees a perfect fit most of the time. And what’s best is that the fan installed in this equipment can turn 180degrees to improve airflow if this product is situated in a tight closet. 

When it comes to insulation and noise reduction, this product is top-notch.

It’s fully insulated with a 3/4 Tuf-Skin that absorbs and nullifies any sound that is created by this product, while also promoting thermal efficiency.

Since this equipment can fit some standard-sized closets, and you wish to install it there – checking any condensation from the closet from time to time is advised. That way you avoid damaging your closet and your equipment.

Although the product says it requires no tools to install the rack, it’s best to consult a professional, that way it ensures that this equipment is installed properly, avoiding any potential problems.

8. Taco 2400-WB Series Heat Pump

The eighth product on our list is made and designed by Taco, a leader when it comes to circulator innovation. Their goal is to provide consumers with the most efficient and reliable pumps, and their catalog is proof of that.

And now with their latest addition, the Taco 2400-WB Series Hi-Capacity Circulator.

This product has been carefully engineered and designed to be quiet, efficient, and a reliant tool to cater to your different range of operation from generating medium and high flow hydronic heating, recirculating of hot water, and cooling of water.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Voltage: 110 volt
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimension: 10x8x6 inches
  • color: Green

This product will provide you with unmatched reliability when it comes to circulators because of its space-saving, a motor that doesn’t need to be lubricated and maintained, close-coupled, and a seal made out of silicon or carbon carbide.

This compact product can serve a broad range for a much larger commercial and residential hydronic systems.

Some typical applications of this product are the following hydronic heating, geothermal powered heat pumps, high-pressure boilers, and more.

Because this pump is sealed for life or permanently, if a problem arises, it can be very hard to diagnose which part of the pump is not working.


* Compact design, allowing you to save space
* Maintenance-free close-coupled motor
* Very efficient motor
* Bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated
* Anti-Condensation meant for chilled water
* Universal dimensions perfect for retrofitting
* Pressured suction and discharge

Although this product doesn’t need any maintenance, it’s best to service it once in a while to keep it in tip-top shape, and for you to avoid replacing your pumps.

For the user’s convenience, we’d like to inform you that, this particular product is unavailable right now if it comes back to the market intimations will be given shortly for the customers by us.

9. Belan BFX012 Geothermal Heat Pump

One of the dark horses of this list is coming from Belan. Their BFX012 Geothermal Heat Pump is equipped with two pressure switches, one for high and another one for low.

It also is equipped with a fail-safe switch that is the solid-state lock-out, if the unit detects subsequent failures, it goes into lockout and may need some manual resetting.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • EER: 16.10
  • Weight: 125/135lbs
  • Dimension: 31x19x15.2 in
  • Cooling Capacity: 11,500


* It Has High Pressure and Low-Pressure Cutout Switches
* This heat pump has Condensate Overflow Switches
* Heat Pump contains Under and Over Voltage Protection

You might not think too much about it when you’re sitting comfortably in your home while the air conditioning is blasting, not knowing that the condensation from your AC can cause some serious damage.

If you want to service or clean your unit, you need to unplug it and wait for the unit to cool down, otherwise, you risk yourself from getting shocked, singed from hot parts, and even severe injuries because of moving parts, as they have multiple power supplies.

But with this unit’s condensate overflow switches, if it detects that the drain pan is full, it automatically kills or reduces the cooling of air until the unit drains all the water out of the drain pan.

This unit is also equipped with copper coils, which is great for conserving refrigerants with because of its low consumption, while still being efficient in cooling and heating.

It may cost you a bit of money, but it’s best to leave the installation, servicing, and adjustments to a licensed professional or dealer. As one mistake could result in fatal injuries, and rare cases, even death.

Buying Guide for Geothermal Heat Pumps

You may have already realized this, but cooling and heating your home can be expensive.

And rather than choosing whether you freeze or roast in the comforts of your own home, why not choose something that has both. Why not get a geothermal heat pump system?

Here are a few things that you need to remember when shopping around for one.


If you’ve been shopping around, you may have noticed that they are a bit expensive.

But a geothermal heat pump an investment that will pay for itself, and the long term financial benefits outweigh the immediate costs.

Not only can a geothermal heat pump system warm and cool your home, but it can also do the same to your water at no additional costs.

And if you’re living in a state that has a rebate program for installing environmentally friendly systems, then you get a rebate for your purchase. It’s a win-win situation.


One thing that you need to focus on when shopping around for your unit is their cooling and heating efficiency.

Look for a unit that has met the ENERGY Star’s standards, as they will guarantee efficiency.

Installation Site

Before you even go and buy a system, consider hiring a professional to take a look at your property and determine the best site to install your unit.

A professional can help you in checking the geological features of your property, as well as hydrological aspects of the ground itself.

And with that information that you have, you can narrow your choices and find a unit that has the ideal ground loop for your setting.

Select a Reputable Installer

A geothermal heat pump system is a complicated system that won’t allow anyone to just install it easily.

You need a professional to help you or rather do the job for you when it comes to installation and determining where the right spot to install your unit.

Specific equipment and expertise are needed to do the job properly, and when choosing for a professional to do the installation for you, check their credentials, their past experiences, their background, and the company they’re working for.

It doesn’t matter how optimal your property and land is for a geothermal heat pump if the system is installed by someone incompetent.


This should be the first thing that you need to consider before even deciding to buy a geothermal heat pump.

The units that are available in the market right now are pricey, the more functions and features it has, the more expensive it gets.

If your budget is on the low to mid-range side of things, you need to look for a budget-friendly system that will still have the functions that you need, and on top of that – be durable that you don’t need to constantly spend money on maintenance and servicing, and worse, replacing the unit every few years or so.

Know More Details About Geothermal System

Parts of Geothermal Systems

There are three parts available in the geothermal system. That is Ground heat exchanger, Heat pump unit, Air delivery system.

Ground Heat Exchanger

It is a matrix of pipes and also called a loop. It is used to replace the heat with the underground.

By using these pipes, the water-based fluid is completely pumped into the underground. Then the heat is exchanged.

After this exchange process, the fluid is ready to heat or cool your home. 

Heat Pump Unit

This unit used to take care of pumping the fluid via a loop. Then the moving loop allows the system to work in the first place. So it is an important part of the whole system.

Air Delivery System

It equally distributes the air throughout the building. It is not the difference when compared to the other HVAC solutions.

Advantages of Geothermal Heat Pump

  • It helps to reduce up to 30 percent of the heating bill and cooling bills.
  • It offers more consistency when compared to natural gas and or propane.
  • You can decrease the environmental impact by using this geothermal heat pump.
  • It is a renewable and sustainable one.
  • It is one of the best consistent sources when compared to wind and solar energy.

Disadvantages of Geothermal Heat Pump

  • Its installation and equipment cost is too high when compared to the other furnace/AC split systems.
  • Horizontal ground loop system installation affects the existing landscape. It requires an inground sprinkler system.
  • There are only fewer qualified installers available when compared to the standard HVAC.
  • Its loop system does not damage easily. If once it damaged, repairs are very difficult and you have to spend more money than installation.

Final Words

Getting a geothermal heat pump system can be quite an investment, but it’s one worth investment that you will never regret.

With a geothermal heat pump, you can have access to both cooling and heating in one single unit, without the hassle of having to regularly service and do maintenance.

Not only can it help you conserve almost 80% of your energy consumption, but you are also helping in saving the planet.

When it comes to installation, look for an experienced professional to avoid any complications with your unit.

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