Seek Reveal XR Thermal Camera Review

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Seek is the well-known manufacturers of thermal products, the main motto of this company is to provide high-end thermal cameras for the consumers.

The seek thermal cameras can monitor 24/7 so you can use it for inspecting the building’s HVAC system, and also track whether there are any issues in your surroundings.

The Seek Thermal Reveal XR is a compact thermal imaging camera, it reveals what is invisible to the human eye.

In this review, we’ve discussed the specs and features of this camera after testing the quality of the model. Let’s look into the detailed review below.

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  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 36˚Field of View
  • -40˚F to 626˚F Detection Range
  • 500 ft Distance
  • Works Day & Night
  • 300 Lumen LED Flashlight


Seek XR is a small camera that can be attached to your smartphone so you can get the thermal images of the objects around you.

Its specs are about 1.6 inches long, 0.8 inches tall, and 0.6 inches thick and it weighs just 0.5 ounces.

The Reveal XR uses the same thermal sensor as the Reveal but it uses a narrower field of view to identify the target.

With this Narrower FOV, you can see the less target area but with a standard field of view.

The Seek thermal camera is attached to the ios mobile.

Thermal Imaging

The Reveal XR uses the improved innovative technology which helps to detect the issues around you also it has the ability to track the animals even if it is farther away from the viewpoint.

The thermal sensor has an optimal temperature range from -40 to 626F, the Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer also has a special role in this process.

Field of View

The Reveal thermal imager has 36-degree FOV whereas the Reveal XR comes with 30-degree FOV.

Is that good for targeting the object? Definitely no, because this factor affects the viewing distance. XR can detect up to 900 yards but you can’t get the exact output.

So now the innovative extended XR imager is ideal for home inspections and thus tracks the hidden animals also.

Color palettes

The Seek Thermal Reveal XR offers different color palettes. Each one will be suited for different applications.






Some of the palettes are well-suited for the investigation of devices. Suppose if you want to find an animal then “Black”, “White”, “Glow” or “Glory” these modes will help you. For analyzing machines, electronics “Tyrian”, “Iron” and “Cool” will be the best choice.

Refresh Rate

The Reveal XR has a higher frame rate of 15Hz which helps you to capture steady images even if you move through or jump on any surface.

You can get brighter images on faster-moving targets. The live pictures will be displayed smoothly so that you can make clear observations of targets which will further help in your inspection process.

As you can see the clear image with this seek thermal camera, the refresh rate must be high for getting the best output

Threshold Setting

The Seek Reveal XR’s threshold settings can help you to create optimal images, what’s threshold setting? It’s nothing but the value which excludes the temperature range if it is above or below a certain point.

The waterproof case protects the camera and has a keychain ring using that you can attach to your personal or work keys.

The seek thermal camera works both day and night, especially it works better in the dark because the camera doesn’t depend on visual light instead it uses infrared waves.

It’s impossible to see those waves through naked eyes so Seek turns those waves into visual images.

300-lumen flashlight

This camera comes with a bright 300-lumen LED flashlight, it’s your choice to set the value of the flashlight on high(100%) or low(20%). The value depends on how close you are on to the object.

Battery life

The rechargeable battery provides 10 hours of continuous usage so if you go for an adventurous trip into the remote areas without worrying you can use the camera. The camera also comes with a USB for charging.

Easy to use interface

It’s quite easy to use all the three buttons which are up, down, and menu.

The Reveal XR has only limited options so it could be easy for navigating, it will be easy for you to browse through the gallery and can change the device settings(date, auto switch-off, temperature units, etc.) and turn the flashlight on/off.

Who’s it for?

If you’re a person who is big into car improvement or DIY then thermal cameras would help you the most.

It could be easy to find out the clogged drains by running hot water and find out where it stops. Reveal XR is great for security or home purposes.

The seek thermal camera works both day and night, especially it works better in the dark because the camera doesn’t depend on visual light instead it uses infrared waves.

It’s impossible to see those waves through naked eyes so Seek turns those waves into visual images.

Wrapping Up

If you’re confused between the FLIR and Seek products I’d recommend you choose the Seek products because it is compatible with almost all devices and can easily switch between phones.

Seek thermal cameras are a little gadget with abundant features so don’t miss the worthy product in your lifetime.

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