GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter Detector Dosimeter Review

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Geiger counters are devices used to measure the amount of radiation from a particular object or within a specific area. These devices are also called as Radiation detectors, and uses a Geiger-Muller tube and capable of responding to ionizing radiation.

The Geiger counter is an almost economical way to measure various types of radiations, such as alpha, beta, and gamma particles. Most of the peoples want to know what kind of radiation is found in their area, and they found difficult to make the right buying decision.

A Geiger counter can be a great device to use and measure the amount of radiation from a particular object. Different kinds of radiation, including alpha, beta, and gamma particles, are supplied by various things around us.

If you are concerned about the type of radiation in any space, the GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter is an affordable device that is used to check or determine the level of radiation.

FLIR Thermal imaging camera quickly measures and locates the radioactive source clearly actually it delivers rapid radioisotope identification to minimize the time to action and expedite response measures. This Thermal imaging camera offers flexible power management, increased sensitivity, and other communication features. 

The GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter Dosimeter is a complete device with everything you need for real-time assessment of radiation in areas you consider harmful, as well as scientific testing of models of construction materials, hospital radiation, water, and food monitoring and more. It has many new features such as Onboard Wi-Fi connection, new graphic UI, wireless data login to user-defined web server, feature cost interface, etc.

GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter Detector Dosimeter

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Radiation Detection: Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray
  • Detection CPM Range: >1,000,000 CPM
  • Detection Dose Range: 0 ~ 4250uSv/h
  • Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
  • Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0V
  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Height: 1.75  inches
  • LCD Display: Dot-matrix with backlight
  • Working power: 0.045W – 0.2W
  • Color: AS-Grey113

GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter:

If you’re looking into finding the best-rated Geiger counter, you should probably check out the GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter.

This device is designed to be an accurate and convenient device, which comes with built-in audible and visual signals for detecting radiation levels. It has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to stay connected to the Geiger counter-world map, and it is easy to use with many superior key features.

The GQ GMC-600 Plus Geiger dosimeter also has a real-time clock on the mainboard for time-related data logging purposes. It can be used to detect radiation and to monitor indoor and outdoor and other similar conditions. Other specific features you might want include text mode, three-point calibration, timer with scheduler, mode selection, data storage, and backlight control.

Built-in LND7317 Geiger tube:

The GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter is an advanced model of all other devices. The high-sensitivity pancake Geiger tube LND 7317 in this device helps to detect alpha, gamma, beta, and X-ray radiations quickly.

World Map Connectivity:

This device allows you to store the reading over the Internet on the server. You can retrieve historical data at any time and anywhere in the world. This service is free for GQ GMC users with unlimited historical data storage space.

World map connectivity
World Map Connectivity

Real-time Graphic Mode and Data Monitor:

This device’s real-time graphics mode provides visualized real-time radiation modifications, making data changes much simpler to observe. It also shows the CPM range at a particular time. Typically the graphics mode and the zoom feature allows you to view the screen from the lowest to the highest range.

The GQ Data Viewer software on this device can also be used as a real-time data monitor. You can store real-time data in Excel .csv text format, HTML file format, etc.

Real-time graphic mode

Powerful Battery:

This model is provided with a USB port, which is used for communication and charging of an external power supply/ internal rechargeable battery. The internal rechargeable battery of this device can be charged to a standard USB charger/computer USB port or any other device with a USB port.

Continuous data monitoring is possible while using USB power. With the Power Adapter, you don’t have to worry about batteries charging or any data loss.

Final words:

The GQ GMC-600 Plus Counter is a great choice if you need a convenient, pocket-sized, and best-rated radiation detector. The device can record radiation emissions with timestamps and has built-in memory. Records can be easily transferred using the data cable. It can log data to the server simultaneously via a wireless connection and internal memory, and it is safe to use and has no harm to children or pets.

This radiation detector operates well compared to other devices, and construction is just as good as expensive branded products. This device is constructed with compact, lightweight, and durable ones.

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