Lucky Duck Revolt- E-Caller review

Lucky Duck Revolt- E-Caller

Lucky Duck is a famous brand, and they provide high-quality products with additional features. They have a team of developers and designers for producing lifetime products. Apart from the brand, they are the lifestyle builders, and their only aim is to fulfill the customer requirements.

If you are going to hunting crows and snow geese, then you will require an active partner called E-caller. The E-caller is an electronic device that is used to record the action of close and personal predators. It will help you to achieve the required results in luring your prey. E-caller and remote allows the hunter to sit on the sideline from their hunting location and watch the coyotes and other varmints hunt down and the sound coming from the caller.

If you are searching for a best and valuable E-caller, then consider this Lucky Duck Revolt- E-Caller. It is designed with high portability, compactness and comes with excellent sound quality.

Lucky Duck - E-Caller

Lucky Duck Revolt- E-Caller

Highlights of Lucky Duck - E-Caller

  •  Wide range remote control
  •  Motorized decoy
  •  Universal tripod thread on the bottom of the caller
  •  12 Enticing live animal sounds
  •  Decor and remote store conveniently in the caller for easy travel
  •  Compact without sacrificing sound quality
  •  Runs on 10 AA batteries
  •  Remote runs on 12volt and 23A battery
  •  Easy carrying handle

Best feature

This revolt is larger than other electronic callers on the market, and the dimension of this revolt is 11.5″ x 4″ x 10.5″. It has come with a heavier weight at 4.7 pounds, and the height is included with the tripod.


It has a pretty robust design and highly transportable design. It doesn’t come with an in-built camera but, it is replaced by a withstand speaker, manual sound clarity control, and 360-degree rotation option. This caller features 12 enticing predator sounds and has the motorized decoy to keep the focus of the hunter.

This memorized decoy provides a visual distraction for constant attention. It has a long-range remote control that can reach up to 300 feet so you can find the optimal range. The remote and decor conveniently store inside the unit and also has an adjustable tripod on the bottom of the caller.

360 Sound Rotations

This 360 sound rotation is a useful feature of this e-caller, and it can rotate a full portion circle of the unit with a pressure of a control button. Moreover, this rotation is possible by a motor-driven tripod that is fixed at the bottom of the caller.

This metal stand is held by an active magnet, and you can rotate the caller in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You can operate this tripod by remote and also helps to spread the sound direction across 60 to 80 yards.

Decoy included

This E-caller includes a three-speed decoy on the top of the caller and held it with a magnet on the bottom. You can able to turn on and turn off the decoy by the remote. Once you use this decoy and the decoy slides will be saved in a storage place, and there is a cap for protecting the decoy from the water and dust.

High-quality sound and topnotch volume

This model has a high-quality sound than other models, and the volume, quality of sound, and clarity come out of the speaker. The volume has a 32 step and 3 step gain option control, and these are done by the remote. You can easily combine gain control and volume for a clear sound.

This model also comes with 100 preinstalled animal sounds, and these are predator calls, raccoon fighting, puppy distress calls, and birds fighting. You can also add extra sounds.

Remote control

The remote is used to control all the sound systems also has the buttons to control the rotation and turn on/off the decoy. The buttons are easy to operate and has a bright display.

It has two dimming options for night hunting and dusk. The remote offers additional channels so you can link multiple revolts’ callers and accessed them with one controller. This will cover the wider area and develop hunting strategies.

Other important features

On the back of the caller, you will find the external speaker port, recharging port, SD card slot, and auxiliary port. This revolt caller runs on ten AA batteries, and the remote requires three AA batteries for the remote. To extend the battery life, you must disconnect the plug when not using the unit. If you want to recharge the battery, then you can purchase a rechargeable battery pack.


The antenna will be connected to the box or the caller. If it is plugged in the box and then you can easily screw the antenna on to the caller.

Pros  Cons
» High portability
» Easy to operate
» Loud volume
» 360-degree rotating stand
» Built with decoy
» Programmable up to 2000 calls
» Quality preloaded sound library
» Cannot be used when raining

Final verdict

If you are searching for a precise E-caller, then you should try this Lucky Duck – E-Caller. It comes with many significant features, and it will enhance your performance while hunting coyotes and other varmints.

It also has a tweeter for high-quality sound, additional channels, and a 360-degree rotating stand. It has gripped carrying handle, and it offers easy transportation with 2000 live animal sounds to attract predators and other coyotes.