Mitutoyo 500-197-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-197-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor

A digital caliper is a precision device that can be used to measure internal and external distances more accurately. The first caliper was discovered in Greece in the 6th century BC. After then, it made its way to the Chinese, the Romans, and slowly moved around the world.

In 1851, the modern-day caliper designed by an American Joseph R. Brown, and it is the first practical device used for measuring, moreover available at an affordable value for normal mechanics.

The Digital caliper is designed based on the digital and electronic features of the technology, and they prove to be effective in the long operation. They can efficiently switch between various settings, such as centimeters and inches. They make precise measurements, and the caliper will do all the work to reduce human error completely.

A good caliper is essential in many series of works, particularly when measuring the diameter or thickness of some product is significant. There are several brands of calipers on the market that it can be difficult to choose the best one.

We’ve reviewed the various models and brands of digital calipers and like to share with you one of our favorites.

Mitutoyo 500-197-30 AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-197-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor

Highlights of  Mitutoyo 500-197-30  AOS:

  • Top-notch accuracy level
  • Quadric feature
  • AOS Electromagnetic inductive sensor
  • Lock thumbscrew
  • 8-inch measuring range
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Accurately measures within 0.0005-inch

If you’re looking for a quality digital caliper and new to the world of digital calipers then Mitutoyo 500-197-30 AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper is the perfect choice for you. This digital caliper is generally used in the fields like mechanical engineering, metalworking, carpentry, medicine, and machining.

The Mitutoyo 500-197-30 Digital Caliper is a very durable material that is resistant to oil, dirt, and water. This makes the device work better and gives you a longer life. With a measurement range of one to six inches, you can accurately measure the smallest to medium-sized material that needs repair. The stainless steel body ensures that there will be no more damage if you unexpectedly drop it or bash it against a surface.

These digital calipers range from zero to six inches in increments of 0.0005, giving you extreme precision. They can be measured in millimeters and inches, and the last measurement is digitally displayed on an easy-to-read, large LCD screen display.
This digital caliper features a thumb roller and a full electrostatic encoder, rather than a precision measurement if you can change from metric units to inches in the blink of an eye.

Specific Features:

These Mitutoyo ABS coolant-proof calipers need no source setting after operating without a response speed limit.
This slider comes with ergonomic design, very sleek, comfortable, and stable with thumb-friendly while measuring a size of 6-7.9 inches.

The performance of the slider working surface in this device is greatly increased with the new mechanism. It can measure tenths of parts, unlike other regular calipers.

The digital caliper has a built-in alarm that informs you if the voltage is low or the size or value formation errors have occurred.
The LCD display of this caliper comes with a rolling thumbwheel on the top that provides for fine-tuned adjustments with the ruler, and the bottom thumbscrew locks it in place.

AOS sensor technology:

This device is well equipped with AOS sensor technology, which ensures that the device delivers full justice with measurements by maintaining it from grease and dirt. In short, it is best suited for use in factories and field jobs.

You will get bad readings without this technology because there is always the possibility that the device will get dirty or oily.
You will get bad readings when loaded with dirt or water but, thanks to the electromagnetic inductive sensor (AOS), you don’t have to worry about all these things.

Built-in Absolute Sensor (ABS):

Through an absolute electrostatic capacitive encoder system, caliper’s digital display shows measurements clearly and accurately and prevents high-speed error. The built-in Zero / ABS key also means that you can set the caliper to measure similar items based on comparisons, rather than using the range.

There is no need to set the reference and calibrate every time the caliper is turned on. This makes it much more difficult to measure each time before using the device. Therefore, this caliber uses an inbuilt Complete Sensor (ABS) to ease your work.


The precise marking feature of this device is used to measure an object accurately. It has a long beam attached to a measuring scale and a pair of jaws to take inside or outside measurements. It uses additional depth analysis to take depth measurements. The jaws made of stainless steels slide smoothly with seamless perfection to get the right measurements.

The accurate reading with a 9mm font size is shown clearly on high-contrast and large LCD display.

Quadric feature:

This device offers quadric-features for measuring 4 types of measures like outside, inside, step, and depth measurements. The measurements obtained can be easily converted to millimeters and inches as per the user’s convenience.

Battery life:

This digital caliper is powered by an SR44 Silver Oxide Cell Battery that lasts almost 3.5 years with constant regular use.


This caliper has additional features such as incremental measurement, absolute measurement, low-voltage alert, scale contamination alert, etc.

The devices with Carbide-tipped jaws are more suitable for the measurement of rough-machined workplaces, castings, milling stones, etc.

When talking about data output, it provides for an integrated measurement system to help set the value to zero temporarily.
This digital caliper is IP67 certified, which is suitable for advanced measuring situations.

Pros Cons
» LCD digital display
» AOS for Water, oil & dirt resistant
» Protective case and SR44 silver oxide battery
» Extremely sensitive
» Manual On-Off functions

Final words:

For a good digital caliper that is easy to use with high accuracy, the Mitutoyo 500-196-30 AOS Digital Vernier Caliper is the best choice at an affordable price point.

This digital caliper is simple and convenient, offering a variety of features that you can use with one hand for fast measurement. This digital caliper can easily provide some advanced features to experts, but they are out of the way, which means it can be a great tool for new users to learn how features work.

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