Meprolight NYX211 Dual Channel Thermal 1x Sight w/Night Camera Review

Nowadays thermal sights are gaining popularity among most gun owners, the Meprolight NYX211 thermal sight can be easily mounted on a standard Picatinny rail or handheld thus allowing the users to identify the targets easily even in total darkness.

Having thermal sight is one of the preventive measures for the shooters, hunters, etc because it helps to stay safe and protective at any circumstances. It has a digital camera channel that allows for easy recording and storage of what’s showing up in your sights. Let’s discuss deeply about NYX211 Thermal sight in this review.

NYX211 Dual Channel Thermal Camera -1X

Magnification: 1x

NYX212 Dual Channel Thermal Camera -2X

Magnification: 2X

Specs to Know

Sensor Resolution640×512 pixels
Display Resolution640×512 pixels
Eye Relief30 mm
Battery TypeAA
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Weight680 g
Field of View, Angle17.3 – 23.1 degrees
Diopter Adjustment Range-6 – 2 DPT

Product Overview

The NYX-211 Thermal sight comes with a low light and day camera plus 1x magnification, with a 23.1° x 17.3° FoV.

An x1.2 or x4 digital zoom is also available. This model has the capacity of recording the images or videos on an SD card, you can operate all those settings using one hand because menus are just icons.

There are seven different reticles available and the customization is also very easy.

It is powered by 4AA batteries thus it can be operated for seven hours in thermal mode.

The width and height are the same for all models, respectively 68 and 90 mm, the length will change, x1 sights being 175 mm long while x2 sights are 205 mm long, weight being also different, respectively 680 and 850 grams without batteries.


The resolution of Meprolight NYX211 Thermal sight is 640×512 pixels which are good enough to detect the targets even if it is not close to the vision.

The lens clarity is awesome so I’d recommend trying this thermal sight and get benefits. Both sensor and display resolutions are the same so nothing to worry about the clarity of the pictures.

You’ll get HD quality images and videos which can also be stored in SD card for future use.

Eye relief factor

The eye relief value of this thermal sight is 30mm which will help you to stay safe while focusing and identify the distant targets. You will not face any irritation or issues over the eyes because this eye relief factor would guard against all the discomforts.

Spectral range

The spectral range of NYX 211 Thermal sight ranges between 8 and 12 microns, the optical magnification falls as 1X. The focus range starts from 5m to infinity so it will be easy to identify the target.

The display type of the camera is OLED which will help to look at the target clearly. It comes with second channels and the resolution is 1280×640 low-light camera.


The only difference between NYX211 and NYX 212 Thermal camera is the magnification range. The range of NYX211 is 1x and for the other one, the value will be 2x. With the help of these features, the shooter can fix the target much closer and easier.

Ergonomic Design

The Meprolight NYX211 thermal sight is a compact multispectral weapon sight that features a 17-micron thermal channel and has a low-light digital camera channel.

What’s the purpose of the thermal channel? It helps to detect the heat signatures and has superior detection, also the low-light camera channel will help the shooter maximum situational awareness, even under no light conditions.

With these features the shooter can clearly spot targets or look through windows.

Additional Features

This thermal sight has a user-friendly keypad, icon-based menus for intuitive navigation and easy operation under all the conditions. It is designed as a weapon-mounted sight and for handheld observations. It can be switched between scenarios without having to re-zero.

Sensor Technology

There is an integrated dual-wavelength device which supports lots of tactical scenarios that include CQB and covert night operations.

The advanced power-saving capabilities based on motion sensor technology will help for mission completion without power failure.

The image capture and video record option would be helpful for your future use and can be stored on the SD card.

It is well-designed and fabricated to the military standards, including MIL-810 that assure years of reliable operation under any kind of environmental conditions.


  • Multispectral handheld or weapon mounted sight
  • Thermal channel with 640 x 480, 17-micron sensor
  • Sensitive channel with 640 x 480 low-light camera
  • Offers maximum view at any darkness level
  • Integrated DVR and Video-out for recording and debriefing

Magnification: 1x

Magnification: 2X

Wrapping Up

This night camera would be helpful for the shooters at any time no matter whether it is day or night, so the hunters can easily achieve the target without any discomforts. Try this option and gain lots of benefits in your adventurous life.

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