Pulsar Accolade XQ38 3.1-12.4×32 Thermal Imaging Binoculars Review

The Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Imaging Binocular PL77411 comes with a wide variety of applications and built with streamlined mechanisms that offer great viewing experiences to the user. 

As well as, the features provided by this device is compatible with both professional and semi-professional applications such as hunting, scouting, life rescue, and law enforcement. 

The Pulsar is the reputable thermal products manufacturer who introducing Accolode series which are fastly selling on the market today. The Pulsar Accolade XQ38 is the brand new Thermal Binoculars comes with multiple features and allows user to adjust itself.

We have reviewed the mechanism, construction, features, and applications for the purpose of getting to know the Accolade XQ38.

Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Binocular Review

The ability of the Accolade series is of immense benefit to a variety of organizations, such as enthusiasts who want to protect campsites, rescue groups looking for survivors, hunters looking for animals in the wild, law enforcement professionals to capture criminals.Color AMOLED display and high-contrast of this device utilize the most reliable technology to assure constant, premium-quality imaging in any climate conditions.

Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Binoculars

Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Binoculars
  • Deer Hunting
  • Scouting & Scanning
  • Security Purpose
  • Hog & Coyote Eradication

Thermal Sensor

384 X 288

Objective Lens


Detection Range

1500 Yrd

Life of Battery

8 Hours


The XQ38 is constructed with the Unified Architecture which is the standardized mechanism of the Pulsar that makes the structure simplified, offers superior quality and safeguards the performance of the device. And this standardized construction extremely enhances the reliability of the device.

This thermal imaging binocular is composed of the quick-mount rechargeable battery with the B-Pack high capacity that permits the user to operate the device for up to 7 hours continuously. It’s well worked with the on-screen functions and effortlessly controls the device with a soft rubber button.

Besides, it possesses the graphical user interface for the menus, which teaches the user how to operate a Pulsar device and the other Pulsar optronic devices.

Thermal Imaging Sensor

The digital image optimization engine drives 2 OLED microdisplays, these displays are producing images with a 640×480 resolution. For this operation, we need an accurate position of eyepieces for interpupillary distance and individual adjustments for diopters.

This high resolution assures all objects are in the FOV (field of view) with a high level of detail. Even the smallest thing is also provided as crisp and clear with the help of high sensor resolution.

Magnification Range

This thermal imaging binocular consists of the 3.1X fixed optical magnification along with a digital zoom that expands the object up to 4X and it can magnify images up to 12.4X maximum. There is a dual option to select for magnification: continuous zoom and 3 fast digital zooms (1x, 2x, 4x).

In addition to that, it has an amorphous silicon microbolometer with a 384×288 pixel and an FPA sensor with a 17 μm pixel pitch. More than that, it is outfitted with an objective lens including sufficient focal length and 38 mm / f: 1.2 specs.

Longer Observation

The device has a dual eyelid configuration that intensifies the appearance of the objects and diminishes eye exhaustion while more extended viewing. As a human brain consists of pre-conditions that you can get visual information from two channels parallelly then information combines into a single image.

The brain receives information as a single input if you use one eye to observe. The standard mechanism of visual understanding can lead to the user feeling fatigued and exhausted while trying to override the brain.

Built-In Video Recorder

Accolade stadiametric rangefinder for measuring animals with height measurements, which can be used for human measurement. The device accepts a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi communication module with StreamVision support and comes with a micro USB connector that allows easy connection to the PC and direct charging of the battery.

The Pulsar Accolade thermal imaging binoculars are equipped with decent ergonomics and it’s easily operated by the controls of the device which are rationally located on the top side.

Furthermore, there’s a focusing knob placed amidst the eyepieces, which help to adjust the spot positions, that is similar to the prismatic daytime binoculars. It offers the ability to fit directly into a tripod without adapters and provides great flexibility for use.


  • Has a long battery life
  • Built with lightweight material
  • Detects animals from far away
  • It makes you more focus than monocular


  • Magnification is not sufficient for dense forest

Long Detection Range

The purpose of all the users is to detect even the most distant objects under all environmental conditions in external optics and provide accurate output. Designed to meet the expectations of the user, the XQ38 is built with a quality thermal imaging sensor to provide superior vision quality and a very long detection range, creating a unique combination.

Color Palettes

The Pulsar Accolade has a total of 8 color palette to provide a better viewing and separating the environmental conditions.

The conventional White Hot and Black Hot modes are well worked in night time for wildlife, excluded there are 6 color palettes added to enhance the viewing experience. Those are Red Hot, Ultramarine, Rainbow, Red Monochrome, Violet, Sepia.

The Red Hot, Ultramarine and Rainbow Platte upgrade temperature differences of the diverse objects. Red Monochrome assists to diminish bright backlight from exiting, then the Violet Platte classifies objects rapidly. Finally, Sepia Platte oftentimes enhances long-range detection.

Crisp Image Delivery

The Accolade XQ38 version can deliver crisp and clear images with the help of its adjustable eyepieces and pseudo-stereoscopic vision. By its single thermal sensor and double AMOLED displays, it can provide more defined images.

It is very important to set the interpupillary distance in the Accolade XQ38 to ensure optimal observation and better viewing. With its 50 Hz frame rate, you get very fluid shots, and this is still valuable when using these binoculars for capturing animals in the dense forest.

Temperature Stabilization

A radiator panel positioned in the body of the binoculars efficiently restricts temperature from the sensor and additional elements, while remarkably decreasing the heat and sound sensitivity, specifically among calibrations.

The user can evaluate the range of an object based on its size with the help of a stadiametric rangefinder which is integrated with this device. Besides, you can get better imaging with ranging data by the advanced rangefinding interface of the device.

Additional Features

The picture-in-picture mode provides the viewer with magnified target details without losing the field. This allows the visitor to know all the details accurately.

Don’t worry about streaming or transferring files, it can be easily done by its Pulsar Stream Vision app which moves the files via Wi-Fi connection or wired connection to computer or smartphone.

The Pulsar Accolade thermal binocular package included an IPS5 B-Pack battery, shoulder strap, Neoprene padded sling, AC wall charger, USB cable, and an adapter for charging the battery.

Final Words

The Accolade XQ38 is produced for faultless performance in intense weather and heat limitations. Even at peak temperatures and maximum cold weather, the film retains its contrasting and vivid colors without missing frame rate.

The Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Binocular is an effectively designed electronic device that can be practiced professionally and in a wide variety of conditions. All the features and functionality of the device are offered at a relatively acceptable price.

So it can surely fulfill the requirements for the professional and semi-professionals with its uncomparable features and configurations.

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