FLIR Thermosight Pro Review – PTS233 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

FLIR PTS233 Review

FLIR is one of the largest thermal imaging company in the world and founded in 1978. It provides products with a wide range of image sensors, components, and high-end cameras. The ThermoSight pro weapon sight consists of three models PTS533, PTS233, and PTS736. In spite of this fact, these three thermal scopes vary in their functions.

For long-range hunting, PTS533 & PTS736 are the best choices. Because it contains larger lenses to provide the lighting fast at 60Hz, also it helps to capture the images, even fast-moving spots.

The FLIR PTS736 has an f/1.0 germanium lens with a size of 75mm, the field of view is 3.0×2.5, and 6X magnification. The FLIR PTS536 system has an f/1.0 germanium lens with a size of 50mm, the field of view is 4.5×3.5, and 4X magnification. This thermal technology is also accessible and affordable.

FLIR ThermoSight PRO PTS233 is the compact thermal scope and rugged optic with the 12-micron Boson Longwave Infrared (LWIR) core, 320 X 240 resolution, and 60 Hz refresh rate. It provides industry-leading image quality with low power consumption.

FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233

FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 1.5-6x19mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Sensor Resolution: 320×256 (FLIRS 12 micron Bosun core)
  • Magnification: 1.5x 2x 4x digital zoom
  • Field of View: 12 degrees
  • Sensor Speed: 60 Hz Refresh rate
  • Display Resolution: Quad VGA 1280×960
  • Operating Temperature: -4o to +122o F
  • Video Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Native magnification for this model is 1.5X with digital zoom. It is a compact device that weighing 1.44 pounds, and the working temperature range is between -4 to 122 ºF. Also, it produces clean thermal imaging with a 12° × 9.5° field of view for greater accuracy. FLIR ThermoSight Pro is the best value for the performance. The base is designed to mount quickly to Picatinny, MIL-STD 1913.

Moreover, its quick-release lever and Weaver rails help to install or remove the optic in seconds. The control pads are easy to use and allow for adjusting the functions with the touch button. Also, the on-screen navigation menus allow customizing the settings that include four reticle color options, seven palette colors, digital zooming, and brightness settings.

The PTS233 comes with two CR123A 3v lithium batteries, this is perfectly fit into the spare swappable battery cassette. Also, it is secured by a screw-on cap to protect the sights from dirt and moisture. The battery lasts for four hours of working.

Additionally, the internal memory is accommodating up to 1,000 images or 2.5 hr of video. This is furnished with shot-activated video recording. By using a USB cable, you can share or store pictures and videos on your computer. All of the Thermosight pro-technology is build with rugged and durable housing. Also, its 19mm germanium precision optic lens shielded by a tethered cap.

Thermosight pro-technology unified in the control pad & view menu that helps to improve the system and easy for operating. FLIR Pro is built with five high clarity reticle pattern that helps to get precise target acquisition. It also comes with red, white, cyan, black color options.

FLIR PTS233 detection range depends upon your target size. For example, if you aimed to focus on small targets like a pig or rat, then keep your expect detection range between 300 to 400 yards. FLIR PTS233 provided with automatic power control to access the unit’s switch on / off / standby easily.

Refresh Rate:

Scope’s imaging sensor delivers high-grade quality videos at a constant refresh rate of 60 Hz/sec. Typically, the sensor is said to be extremely sensitive to the long-wave infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Video Capability:

The thermal sight can capture pictures & videos. FLIR has ensured that video is recoil activated, which means you will never miss a certain process. Depending on the unit’s storage, in which the built-in memory can store 2.5 hr of videos or 1,000 images.

Battery Life:

FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 utilizes two CR123A 3-volt lithium batteries, which is excellent for cold weather conditions. If you don’t need to utilize the default battery that does come with this Thermal Scope, if you need extra power, you can use the external battery kit.

Generally, the external battery kits you can utilize with this thermal scope is the cellphone battery pack. The advantages of using a cell phone battery pack to control a thermal scope include affordable and decent operating time.

The USB:

Except if you have an extra battery holder that you can use for hot swapping in the range, it has a USB decision that can figure out how to complete two focuses.

1. You can utilize the cable to control the unit during use, most often if you want to use it as a control bank.

2. You can utilize the USB alternative to move pictures and recordings from the thermal scope to an outer stockpiling gadget.


FLIR comes with a FLCOS(Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon ) high-quality visual display that helps to scan the details of the target. This FLCOS display has a high switching speed control, which is used to produce the images and videos clearly, other Liquid crystal or standard VGA display.


The FLIR ThermoSight PTS233 scope consists of two-battery sleeves, a USB cable, and a hard case with a QD mount. You can mount the scope easily on a carbine 16, and Aimpoint T1 on a large 45 degree offset mount.


  • Digital compass/inclinometer
  • Automatic NUC
  • 100% waterproof, IX7 rated
  • Easy operating
  • HVT reticle technology


  • No focus ring

Final Words:

The FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 is an ideal choice for Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope, and also it is a great option for night hunters. If you are looking for the thermal scope at a cheap price with many features, the Flir thermosight rifle scope is the best option. It is still worth for its durable construction and multi-purpose functions. The FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 devices are strictly organized by the USA department state and ITARS (International Traffic In Arms Regulation).

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