Fluke VT04A Infrared Thermometer-Review


Nowadays, thermal tools became an unavoidable device especially when it comes to the camera. The Fluke VT04A is a modern technology with perfect software and performance it became a notable device in recent times among the all thermal camera. It has unique software and combines the real picture into to warm graph layer, with this we can identify quickly; the temperature guide imitates the real problems. Let’s see the features and specifications and which makes this camera notable, to know more about Fluke VT04A Visual Infrared Thermometer continue with our Fluke VT04A.

Infrared Thermometer

The VT04A is the best version of all VT series. This VT04A is utilizing the binary photos, with the help of a layered feature, it views pictures then presents in the thermal graphs.
Mainly it helps to identify the issue in industrial areas and limits future problems. The visual infrared thermometer plays an important role in industrial fields like fire, circuit problems whether it loses the connection or not, examining and analyzing the machinery problems, etc..,

Fluke VT04A

The real advantages of infrared thermal mapping, coupled with the simplicity of a point thermometer for external cover temperature, are that the VT04A eliminates the need for many tools and measurements. The VT04A has five blending modes (0,25,50,75 or complete thermal mode) to combine the thermal graph with photos it allows us to view the accurate image from the location. The real camera capture the image has its passing threw to PYROBlend Plus optics, a thermal graph became a complete detailed photo forward with visible-light images.

Fluke VT04A Infrared Thermal Camera

  • Thermal graph overlay + real light camera
  • Thermal & Cold tags
  • Middle point temperature measurement
  • Collect pictures
  • Alert tone(notification)
  • Timer for Capturing an image

The Pyroblend Plus optic provides a 4x clearer image compares to the VT02 allowing us to quickly identify potential problems and balance early. The reliable Fluke’s thermal graph allows us to view temperature guides that change to possible problems on the point. Along with a focal point analysis externally background holding default. With the help of a thermal tag, we can spot the exact warm and cool places on the rang. and can easily point out the temperature level in images.


The VT04A has the best automatic monitoring support. We have the option to set a temperature limit which makes a sound to warn us automatically. The alarm system also has a permit to capture the image automatically from selective places.

The benefits of the infrared thermal graph, connected by the availability from a spot thermometer toward the exterior temperature, the VT04A reduced the necessity of complicated devices and calculations.

When the sensor stopped to provide acumen to alert us even the alarm is induced. Yet we can also set the sensor to capture the image then capture the image with the sensor then design your image with time the advanced real infrared camera works with the updating and reporting system, the smart view reserving all the images it helps to analyze the pictures, advance them for a favorable pixel, commodity the different application in different ways, at last, which created the complete report in data storage. It holds the images up to 10,000 in one SD card and it ideal for the people who need a professional device to see the accurate and detailed images.

Menu Function

Begin to start a layout button. the screen menu has a choice of memory, emit, framework (environment ) temperature, warm and cold tags, time and date. The VT04A layout options can save by us or set the settings whenever you switched off and on the device.

The standard feature of the device is available with the six different types of keys and color screens. You need to scroll to see all six options. Scroll the screen with the menu button; the center application is always shown and highlighted in yellow color.

Menu Icons

                                                            Fluke VT04A 

Tab the menu button, design and calculate the merit. The upward and downward button helps to change and edit the merit from menu choices. Later the connections happen, accept the new merit value and leave the designing option.


  • VT04A Visual IR Thermometer
  • Light and simple case
  • Micro-SD card reduction adapter to standard
  • It has an AA battery (four)
  • Issuing active reference guides (English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese)

Color Palette

The color palette menu switches the fake color present from the IR image on the screen. There are different types of color palette, Some color pallets are the best match for some options and need to be provided,

Grayscale palettes offer an equal, linear performance of colors, allowing them to provide better detail.

The high contrast palette provides a weighted presentation of colors.

This palette is ideal for high-temperature contrast conditions for increased color contrast between above temperature and below temperature. Rainbow and rainbow plates offer a combination of high contrast and greyscale plates.

Temperature Measurement

Every object emits energy, the volume of emitting energy is basically from the real exterior energy. The infrared device absorbs the exterior energy, then measure the emitted energy and converts the temperature into value.

All standard objects are emitting the energy very well like-colored metals and irons, wood holds, h2O and apparel materials are ease to get exact estimations.

The emitting portion is ≥90 % (0.90), the same adaptation will not work all the time with all the objects; if the outer layer is too bright then it can reflect the energy. The value of metal emits from <60 % (0.60); these objects are not good at emitting the energy so the calculation will be little contrast, to calculate the temperature the emitting energy is important.

The adaptable emitting energy merit always permits to measure the exact temperature level of the object.

Identifying the problems

  • Amend the real and infrared thermal graph blending to level
  • Fix or eliminate the center tag, hot and cold tags
  • Switch the emit and framework temperature
  • Lead a technician record and edit easily
  • Better Features with the Fluke VT04A
  • The VT04A has two special features that set it apart from the VT02.
  • The high and low-temperature alarm started to alert when the temperature reaches the fixed point

When the temperature reaches the fixed point (after the sensor touch by the sensor) the sensor capture the photos of the object.

Since the VT04A is fitted with a tripod, with limited time left, it is applicable for settling occasional difficulties and it has all the powerful features.

Product Features:

  • AA batteries (x4 up to 8 hours)
  • Blending mode 0 %, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %
  • SmartView software
  • Stores up to 10,000 images per GB on included SD card
  • Field of View 28° x 28°
  • Temperature range -10°C to +250°C
  • IR band 6.5 to 14 micron



  • Compact and easy to use
  • Smart view software
  • Best features


  • Low resolution compare to others

Wrapping up

The VT04A is an inexpensive camera, but very practical, thermography tool that delivers the power of a good thermal camera with a thermal map mixing device and a fully functional thermal imaging device. It’s easy to use and simple sleek design makes it small for your daily maintenance routine. If you’re looking for an advanced thermal imaging camera, it is much less expensive than you expected. If you’re looking for the best thermal thermometer, the best price with the best feature then it’s the best choice to choose.

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