Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector is suitable for entry or mid-level metal detector professionals. This metal detector detects all types of treasures such as gold, coins, and relics in underwater and ground. 

ACE 400 comes with more advanced features that increase your metal detecting activity. The Garrett ACE 400 features are iron audio, notch discrimination, compact design, and digital target ID. 

This ACE 400 produced in 1960; it is a handheld device, and it is mostly used in geophysics and archaeology.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector Review



  • Brand: Garrett
  • Frequency: 10kHZ
  • Battery: 4 AA Lithium Metal Batteries
  • Weight: 5.35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Depth Adjustment: 8
  • Audio Tone ID: 3

Design and simple to use

The Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector operating frequency range is 10kHz. This detector 8kHz higher then ACE 300, So it’s perfectly suitable for smaller targets and medium connectivity that is more sensitive. 

The ACE 400 is a lightweight and compact machine. It has a 40 x 53 inches modifiable stem, and the cam locks offer additional stability in hunting time. ACE 400 powered by four AA batteries, which provides 25 hours of search time. The detector has a continuous battery level indicator. 

The frequency adjustment option has another feature of this metal detector, which gives a small level of adjustment, so the detectorist mostly used this detector.

Audio Features

Garrett ACE400 comes with three audio tone system. This metal detector produces three different types of sound based on the conductivity of the metal. The high connectivity items produce a signature bell tone, and the lower connectivity items produce the small or medium pitched signal.

 It has pulse-width modulation audio, which provides highly responsive sound for visible and comfortable to use.

Iron Audio Discrimination

Iron Audio system is one of the ideal features in ACE 400 compared to other ACE series. It is the trademark technology in Garrett, which enables you to discover the specified iron sound, so you can easily adjust the detector signal range and take the goals that are hidden by iron. This metal detector also helps you to separate the ghost signal.

Activate the metal detector iron audio; iron generates the multiple tone response. for example, a metal coin produces several low tones, and bottle caps make the low-high-low sounds. The iron audio depends on the floor condition; it doesn’t use forever.

Digital Target ID

The old ACE series do not have a digital target id; it has a Visual ID function that doesn’t correctly mention the target is gold, iron, copper, or another metal, it required the resolution and efficiency of digital systems, but ACE 400 overcome these issues.

The digital target id picks up the form of 0-99 scale, which shows the significant digits the pivot of the screen and the iron, foil shows the target in the range of lower end. This detector provides great accuracy.

Performance and Features 

Garrett ACE 400 is an advanced version and high-end model in the ACE series, which provides various advanced features. This detector is easy to use, it has a lightweight design, great performance which produces highly accurate results. This detector has many modes of cache mode, static all-metal mode, and boost mode for increasing the depth and sensitivity.

Garrett metal detector is very sensitive while setting to its highest sensitivity sections and is excellent at choosing out targets. The ACE 400 gives a strong performance. It has a unique bell tone for metal coins that is more clear and simple to understand. The iron audio helps to select the iron targets.

Search Coil

ACE 400 has an 8.5 x 11 inches search coil, it comes with water-resistant. This search coil offers an excellent balance in-depth and sensitivity.

This detector has more coils such as,

  • 5 x 8 inches DD coil
  • 9 x12 inches performance coil
  • 4.5-inch super sniper search coil 

Search Modes

The ACE 400 comes with five search modes that are zero discrimination, coins, jewelry, relics, and custom.

Zero discrimination: This mode is similar to all-metal mode, zero-disc mode discovers all types of metal by no discrimination. 

Coins: This mode will help you to find more coins; by using this mode you can eliminate the foils and other common waste items. But this mode may miss some medium-sized jewelry also. 

Jewelry: This Jewelry mode refines most of the iron items at the time of targeting the jewels like bracelets, rings, and necklaces. 

Relics: This relics mode reduces the smaller iron items at the time of discovering the lower conductivity targets.  This mode covers those produced from lead, bronze, and brass.

Custom: The custom mode is one of the great modes in ACE 400, which enables you to make own program for notch discrimination pattern. This mode reduces the segments with the help of the Accept/Reject discrimination button. If you turn off the system the setting is automatically stored.

Cam locks

The cam lock is the last feature in the Garrett metal detector, it simple and the plastic-looking mechanism, which provides stability and strength to the detector.

Other Features

This detector has a pinpointer function, which supports to find target easily.

It has eight sensitivity adjustment segments that enable balance the depth sensitivity based on the ground conditions.


  • Enhanced Iron Resolution
  • High Frequency 10 kHz
  • Water-resistant


  • Pre-set ground balance


Final Verdict

Garrett ACE 400 replaces the previous models with more advanced features. The ACE 400 is reliable, lightweight to use when hunting for relics, jewelry, and coins.

This review reveals various determinants to consider before buying a qualified metal detector. It begins with a low price but provides excellent quality in good packages. If you’re searching for the advanced metal detector, Garrett ACE 400 is the perfect one for you.

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