PerfectPrime IR0002 IR Thermal Imager Review

PerfectPrime IR0002 IR Thermal Imager

Nowadays, most people use thermal cameras for their personal use, many companies are involved in manufacturing thermal imaging cameras with advanced features. In this list, PerfectPrime is the company that produces thermal cameras with a lot of features. 

This PerfectPrime IR0002 is one of the best thermal imaging cameras for detecting the various temperatures of things. The thermal camera identifies the heat radiation and shows the visible images so you can easily see the temperature differences. 

PerfectPrime IR0002 thermal cameras are used for many applications. Firefighters mostly use this camera to detect the spot of sufferers into the burning buildings. Some people use this camera in hunting at night.

PerfectPrime IR0002 IR Thermal Imager

This thermal imaging camera is an important inspection tool, which is utilized for detecting the problems in building inspections, electrical inspections, air conditioning, and heating inspections. 

You can quickly detect the specific location of gas pipe leaks and water leaks using this infrared camera. You can be capable of recognizing multiple issues depending on the camera quality.

PerfectPrime IR0002 IR Thermal Imager


  • IR Resolution: 60 x 60 , 3600 pixels
  • Frequency Range: 6 Hz
  • Thermal Sensitivity:0.15°C
  • Display Screen: 2.4″ Full angle HD
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 300 °C
  • Visible Image Resolution:0.3 megapixels
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2 °C


The PerfectPrime IR0002 is a handheld thermal imaging camera, and the weight of the camera is 80z. It comes in a stylish blacks layout with orange trimming. IR0002 thermal imaging camera has four navigation buttons for more settings and options.

This camera provides two extra buttons to adjust and set thermal images for your preference. One of the main advantages of the PerfectPrime is the image capture key, and it enables you to catch the pictures quickly. 

IR Image Resolution

The PerfectPrime IR0002 comes with 60 x 60 pixels resolution; hence it provides clear images and high thermal sensitivity with a 6Hz frequency rate. This thermal imaging camera manages to create satisfying visuals. The IR0002 infrared camera provides visual resolution, and it also provides accurate results.


IR0002 has a 2.4″ HD display screen that provides crystal clear pictures at 0.3 megapixels. This infrared camera has a 0.15°C sensitivity level, so you can easily detect the cold and hot spots. This thermal imaging camera has three color palettes, such as high contrast, greyscale, spectra, and iron color.

Greyscale color:

It gives a solid liner color and supports to show the complete specification of the picture.

High-contrast color:

It shows the contrast between low temperature and high-temperature objects.

Spectra and Iron color:

It gives grayscale color palette at high mix contrast.

Temperature Range

The PerfectPrime works in multiple applications. This thermal imaging camera can identify temperature ranges from -20 to 300 °C. This infrared thermal imager has high sensitivity and a wide temperature range. IR0002 begins with high accuracy levels, and it is excellent for firefighting, the home uses, electrical, building, and commercial uses.

Functions of PerfectPrime IR0002

  • Visible light camera
  • LED light lamp
  • Micro SDcard support
  • Infrared image sensor
  • Image capture key

Battery Life

The PerfectPrime is powered by 4 AA alkaline rechargeable batteries with 1.5v that offers continuous performance for four hours. There is a convenient way which is feasible to monitor battery life. The battery performance makes this infrared thermal imaging camera the best.


The PerfectPrime thermal camera has a microSD card reader, and it has a 4GB SD card. So, you can store and manage the images easily. This space is sufficient for all applications. This thermal imaging camera has a huge storage capacity compared to other thermal imaging cameras. If the SD card is full, you can transfer the pictures via a USB cable and save the images in JPG format.

PerfectPrime IR0002 Infrared Camera Application

This infrared camera shows the status of objects as an infrared image on the monitor. This infrared camera has multiple applications.

  • Home inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Building inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Industrial inspection
  • commercial inspection
  • Automotive inspection 

Home Inspection

The IR0002 Thermal imaging camera is mostly used in home inspection. You can use this camera in all types of environments. This camera swiftly and correctly detects the water leaks, and home air-con units.

Industrial Inspection

This camera is highly used to check the voltage level in the electrical and mechanical systems. IR0002 infrared camera diagnoses any potential issues of the machines.


  • 2.4″ HD display screen
  • It has a Micro SD card
  • 0.15°C thermal sensitivity


  • PCB hot spot detection

Final Words

PerfectPrime thermal imaging camera comes with lightweight and rugged construction. You can use this thermal imaging camera in various applications in various industries. 

It detects home-related problems like water pipe leaks, gas leaks, and HVAC inspections. You can use this camera in any industrial sector to diagnose the potential problems in electrical and mechanical systems. 

The PerfectPrime produces good quality thermal images that support you to complete the task quickly and effectively. 

We recommend you choose the PerfectPrime IR0002 for all the industrial and commercial inspections because it provides high-quality thermal imaging technology and has many advanced features.


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