PerfectPrime IR0018 Thermal Imager Camera Review


A thermal imaging camera plays an important role in your home or office to identify the affected area. Without a quality thermal camera, it is difficult to do home inspections and or industrial inspections.

Thermal imaging cameras contain a lot of quality features to find problems in all fields. But it is hard to find out the affordable thermal camera with good quality and features. To overcome this issue, there is a new accurate thermal imaging camera called PerfectPrime IR0018 is produced. Let’s see the detailed review of PerfectPrime IR0018.

PerfectPrime IR0018 Thermal Imager Camera Review

PerfectPrime is one of the best manufacturers in thermal technology. They produce high standard thermal imaging cameras like IR0001, IR0002, IR0005, IR0006, etc at an affordable price and this makes all people buy the thermal camera with a low budget.

Their aim is to use more advances in technology to create safer and useful products for customers. Now, they introduced an advanced and accurate thermal camera that is PerfectPrime IR 0018 Infrared thermal imager.



  • IR Resolution: 220 x 160

  • Thermal Sensitivity: 0.07°C

  • Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 3.3 inches

  • Weight: 11.3 Ounces

  • Field of View: 27 x 35

  • Temperature Range: -4 to 572° F

IR0018 is a handheld thermal camera used to identify the problems easily hence you don’t need to waste time for manually searching or taking things to find the problem. It measures the high-temperature ranges without any fail in accuracy and produces quality thermal images.

PerfectPrime IR0018 is a powerful camera system that can see through the walls and finds the leakages of the system. This is the best tool for your home inspections and professional needs.

With this tool, you can capture the thermal images using the heat signatures that make your job easy and safe.


High Resolution

PerfectPrime IR0018 has the 220 x 160 resolution that produces high-quality images. This high-resolution provides more details to the thermal images hence you can find the hot and cold places quickly and it increases the range of the camera.

You can use this IR0018 thermal camera for outdoor hunting, roofing maintenance, exterior wall inspections, and other long-range detections. With the high thermal resolution, you can get the detailed thermal images.

The IR0018 camera contains the emissivity and reflected temperature ranges hence you read accurately. This resolution allows you to capture the heat signatures in all places.

Large Display

It has a 3.2″ full angle TFT color display that is larger than most of the thermal camera and it provides enough space to analyze the images.

This screen displays clear images in visible light view and the images contain more details to make the perfect conclusion for the problems. At full brightness, it provides excellent visible images outdoors but indoors you can lower the brightness to medium or low.

The display is not touch-sensitive hence you can use the physical buttons for quick navigations and change the settings.

This IR0018 comes with the user-friendly interface hence it won’t make you trouble to change the settings based on your needs. You can change the settings, time, brightness, temperature display, color palette and emissivity with just click of the button.


PerfectPrime produces modern thermal imaging camera IR0018 that is built to make your inspections and maintenance job easy.

It comes with the compact design and it comfortably fits in your hand hence it can be used for a long period of time. Also, it is lightweight hence it won’t make you tired after some hours while carrying it.

The internal design of this is related to IR0005 but the screen is wider hence you can capture the large images and read the details clearly.

It has the larger buttons hence you can operate easily even if you wear the gloves. Using the wider display, it provides clear details that help you to make a better conclusion and reports.

Temperature Range and Thermal Sensitivity

PerfectPrime IR0018 detects the temperature ranges from -4 to 572 F. This is a wide temperature is enough for more thermal imaging applications such as electrical inspections, wall inspections, HVAC repairs, and engine maintenance.

The sensor has a 0.07 C thermal sensitivity that allows the camera to capture highly detailed thermal images even in low temperatures.

If you want to detect the minor leakage or defect in a system, it is perfect for you.

Image Overlay

The PerfectPrime IR0018 can capture both thermal and visual images. This overlay allows you to place the visual image over the thermal image hence you can deeply analyze and compare both the images and create a fusion of them. In the end, you can get a better overlay for your conclusion and reports. Using this overlay visual details, you can detect the affected area easily.

Storage Capacity

IR0018 comes with the 3 GB SD card hence you can store thousands of images in JPG format. You can share the images using the USB cables included with the camera hence you don’t remove the SD card for image sharing. This provides the hours of usage hence you can work without any distractions.

Battery Life

PerfectPrime IR0018 comes with the rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery that is more comfortable than the replaceable battery. A fully charged battery is used for several hours of continuous operation. It can be charged using the USB cable and it takes less time to charge up.


PerfectPrime IR0018 is essential for maintenance, home inspections, electrical inspections, and captures heat signatures. Using this device, you can store thousands of pictures and make comparisons for the perfect conclusion. If you’re looking for a high-resolution thermal camera at an affordable price, IR0018 is the perfect choice for you. We’ve provided the other PerfectPrime thermal camera reviews in our previous articles. In this review, we’ve detailed the PerfectPrime IR0018 infrared thermal camera.

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