PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imager Review

PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imager Review

A thermal imaging camera is perfect for the box tool, and it is the perfect handy device. The ability to detect what we can’t able to see in our eyes is a great advantage for many situations.

Nowadays, people are expecting a lot of features in their thermal imaging camera, but how do they know which one is right for them?

Today we are going to review the PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imager to determine if it is perfect for you or not. 

PerfectPrime is the company that manufactures the digital measuring instruments and electronics from the year 2013, also this company has a strong focus in their thermal imaging cameras.

PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imager

The PerfectPrime IR0019 is the latest version of their product with the high IR range. Moreover, it is first on the list of thermal imagers for both professional and home uses. The easy understanding of options and maintenance are the huge successful factors of the IR0019. 

Using the integrates surface temperature with the real-time thermal imaging of the IR0019 helps the user to identify the problem easily also, it leads to solving it quickly. This camera provides integrated visual images, and the compact design of this camera is making it a user-friendly tool, so it can easily be used in any kind of situation. 

PerfectPrime provides a USB cable, lanyard, manual, and a drop-resistant case with this thermal imaging camera. 


IR and LCD Resolution: 320 x 240Wavelength Coverage: 8-14um
Focus Mode: FixedTemperature Range: -20 to 300 degree C
Capture Frequency: 9 HzTemperature Accuracy: +/- 2%
Thermal sensitivity: 0.07 degreeEmissivity: 0.01 to 1.0
Image Format: JPGColor Palette: white, iron, spectra and cool black
Storage Device: In-built Micro SD CardPower supply: In-built chargeable 18650 Li batteries
Minimum Focus Length: 0.5mField Of Angle: 27-35 Degree
Dimensions: 90 x 105 x 223 mmWeight: 389g
Image Resolution: 0.3 megapixelDisplay: 3.2 inches HD screen




The ergonomic design of the IR0019 Thermal imaging camera makes it fit comfortably in your hand in critical situations also. This product is made up of weightless material, as well as; you can feel solid construction in the using time.

It has a lightweight and durable construction, so you can use this camera in hard situations also. The user can efficiently operate the buttons of the camera even when they wear the gloves; hence this design will prove that they designed it with the user in mind. 

Rugged Housing Case

The drop-resistant case is designed with durable, thick, high-quality material, and it is used as the housing of the PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imager. 

The sensitive optical device is included in this camera, so the user has to concentrate that they don’t drop down their camera. This case is designed with the drop-resistant feature, so it will help the user to protect the optical device. 

Imaging Options

This IR0019 has both thermal and visual imaging options; using the menu, you can choose the viewing option. The thermal sensor provides a high-resolution image, so most of the time, people do not require visual representation.

Moreover, it has the 4 choosable options in the color palette so that you can choose the color based on the surrounding. 

High-Resolution Screen

It has a full angle 32 inches HD screen to view the thermal image, and the resolution of the visible image is 0.3 megapixels so the user can clearly view the image to detect the problems. It has the fixed focus mode, so you can’t zoom the image for the particular part of the image verification.  


Standby Mode

Another useful feature of this IR0019 is that, when you forget to power off the camera, it will automatically enter into the standby mode after the pre-selected time. When you want to use this camera, you can simply push the power button on the camera, and the camera will back to life within a second. 


The people who are like the IR0018 thermal imaging camera will also like this IR0019 because this camera also has the same menu as the previous feature, so using this IR0019 is the simplest process for the user. 

  • On/Off Button
  • Menu Button
  • Select Button
  • Enter Key
  • Four Navigation Button (Up, Down, Left, and Right)

Using these buttons, the user can adjust the temperature, brightness, and also it will help to choose the color palette.

Storage Memory

This thermal imaging camera has the in-built Micro SD Card, the memory power of this SD card is 3GB. The user can store the captured images, and they can use the USB cable to transfer the images to another device. This camera can’t be able to record any video, and it only can store the image in JPG format. 


The power source of this IR0019 thermal camera is 18650 lithium battery, and it was in-built into the camera. When the power level of the camera is low, you can charge the battery through the Micro USB Cable that is provided with the camera. The charging port is located on the left side of the device. When you want to replace the battery, you have to contact the manufacturer for battery replacement. 

Uses For The Camera

This IR0019 Thermal camera is used in a lot of applications for the professional and home purpose, here are some of the uses:

  • Electrical Inspection
  • Moisture Detection
  • Inspecting the pets
  • Equine thermography
  • HVAC

Final Thoughts

Thermal imaging is essential for the electrical experts, the high-quality features of this camera make this IR0019 as one of the best thermal cameras from PerfectPrime for both personal and professional use. The handy design of the camera always makes you comfortable in any kind of situation. 

In this review, we give a clear idea about the PerfectPrime IR0019. We hope this review will help you with your purchase.

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