Seek Thermal Revealpro Thermal Imaging Camera Review

In the initial days, thermal imaging cameras are only used for industrial purposes like detecting faults, infrastructure inspection and monitoring. 

Today these technologies are developed by commercial manufacturers so the people can use this thermal imager for their personal needs. After the evaluation of thermal vision, many companies interested in producing thermal imaging cameras with unique features. 

Seek thermal is a popular thermal imaging tool manufacturing company that provides innovative, affordable and user-friendly thermal imaging cameras and imagers. 

This durable handheld camera is the best choice if you need a 2-in-1 thermal camera that has to work as a 24- hour surveillance in your home and a hunting assistant.

Seek Thermal Revealpro Thermal Imaging Camera

The Seek Pro made the thermal imaging easily accessible with its handheld design and being used in multiple applications. 

This Seek pro thermal camera is versatile, durable and pocket-size, which offers high resolution. This camera allows capturing the pictures based on the infrared radiation emitted from the object. 



  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery included
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • LED Flashlight: 300 lumen
  • Focus Length: Fixed
  • Emissivity Presets: 4


  • HVAC/R
  • Electrical


The seek thermal pro camera is made up of the gorilla glass, thus it protects our camera. Seek RevealPro is very sturdy and withstands in all terrain and weather conditions. It also has the dustproof, waterproof, drop-resistance, and sturdy construction. The display of the seek thermal pro is very durable, which is rubber-coated.

Imaging Mode

There are 3 types of imaging modes available in this Seekpro such as normal, full-frame, and span and level. These three-mode provides a variety of filter options.


This mode is also called the default mode which captures the moving object image clearly and it is best for the imaging when you are moving.

Full Frame

This full-frame mode displays the complete temperature data of the view in a camera. This full-frame mode helps you to find additional information about the image when you need it.

Span and Level

This mode helps to filter out the object when the object is not within the set temperature range. This mode is very useful and handy for maintenance and inspection.


The seek thermal pro offers a high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, this sensor provides the high-level pixel for the clear images. This Seek Reveal Pro is one of the best options among multiple thermal imaging cameras for a good resolution. This easily detects the heat signature from the object as far as 1800ft. 


The display is made up of high-quality materials as it is the major part of the thermal imaging camera. This Seek reveal pro has the 24-inch screen that is made up of the gorilla glass, this glass protects your camera from scratching or cracking and helps to withstand for daily use. The display includes a powerful 300-lumen LED light.


The Seek pro has a simple three-button to use, it makes the way of access easy. This button helps to access the main menu and change the settings. The center button is used to access the main menu button and to navigate up or down you can use the side buttons. The camera buttons are easy to use and access the settings.


The seek thermal camera has the multi-user modes so you can easily control the device, the detection level is also adjustable in this seek thermal pro. The range of the temperature mode, level and span can be controlled by the user, so the user can easily handle the overall device. 


One of the great features of Seek Thermal RevealPro is human identification range that is up to 100 yards, so you can get a clear view of the image. The capturing speed of the seek thermal is high, it is the fast digital camera for all users. This camera will take an image within a half-second.  you can save captured thermal images in an SD card, and store over 4000 pictures, you can easily transfer these images to another computer with the help of USB cable.

LED Light

The Seek thermal camera has a built-in flashlight, that works independently. so you don’t need a separate light when working on the low light area. If you need the additional light in dark areas, you just on the flashlight quickly to get a clear view. The powerful and high performance of 300 lumens durable LED light is using in this device.

Color Palettes

The Seek reveal provides the visual capability to the users to easily examine, understand the thermal imaginary application and pos inspections from the standard grayscale to prism high contrast.

Emissivity Control

The emissivity setting is a predefined setting that is adjustable by the user, you can adjust this emissivity setting by way of inspecting the type of surface.  

There are four types of emissivity settings available such as semi-matter, matter, semi-gloss, gloss. This setting also assures the correct readings and reporting, compensate for the different surface.

Digital Zoom

The power sensor has a powerful 4x digital zoom, this is very handy to use. It provides a closer look for the long-distance object, so you can clearly view the objects that are far away.

Battery Life

The Seek reveal pro camera battery work for four hours continuously, for the long-time projects you can carry the power bank or the solar generator with this. The camera comes with the USB cable, using this you can charge your camera. 

Uses & Benefits

  • This is the perfect professional measurement tool and easily detect the building problems and helps to fix faster.
  • It also finds the problem such as energy loss, water damage, electrical and mechanical failure. It provides the total security of the buildings. It also fixes the heat-related issues.
  • This Seek Reveal Pro quickly detects the overheating motors, blocked coils, and refrigerant leaks. It also inspects the electrical panels,  fuses, and connections faster and accurately.

Final Words

This Seek thermal reveal PRO is a perfect tool for contractors, inspectors, DIY homeowners, and Engineers. This tool is also used for hunting at day and night. 

This thermal imaging camera comes with advanced features and updated technology thus you can simply spot the issues an rectify it effortlessly. 

Buy this thermal imaging camera to detect and fix the faulty wiring, fix leaks, potential problems and save your money and time. This camera is flexible, reliable, and versatile for all uses. they come with a reasonable price and it is user-friendly.

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