Yukon-NV 1×24 Night Vision Goggles Review

Written By Kim Goodwin

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Night vision technology has been advancing for the past few years, and it provides you to involve in nighttime activities such as hunting and camping, which was difficult to do before.

An extensive range of night vision goggles are accessible in the market, varying in terms of their performance, the quality of the lens, the comfort of their helmet, the price tag, and many other features.

These night-vision goggles are manufactured under high quality and safety standards. It comes with a hand-free goggle headgear, allowing the user to switch the night vision goggles depending on current needs.

Night vision goggles view

The Yukon brand is well-known for its extensive range of outdoor vision devices and provides us with night vision goggles that don’t frustrate. The Yukon Goggles are perfect for camping, hiking, wildlife sightseeing, hunting, caving, night gaming, and surveillance. This is an excellent solution for any activity that requires hands-free work in total and somewhat dark conditions.

This Yukon NV night vision model features multiple coated optics and high-resolution intensifiers that provide the best night vision options for the user. This model gives the user maximum comfort with the freedom to choose the way they want to use these night vision devices.

The company has a wide range of night vision riflescopes, night vision monoculars, and night vision binoculars. But this is their initial set of night vision goggles, so take a look below to find out more about this device.

Yukon-NV 1×24 Goggles

If you are looking for night vision goggles, then Yukon NV 1×24 Goggle is the ideal choice for your affordable solution who enjoys the experience of both eyes being within the field of view, instead of just one. This device offers more flexibility and performance when it comes to overall use.

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Main Features

  • Brand: Yukon Advanced Optics
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Field of view: 30degrees
  • Visibility: 150m
  • Magnification: 1x

The Yukon night vision goggles provide an amazing viewing experience for users and first-generation night vision goggles with the first intensifier, rated at 36 lb / mm. It usually illuminates the route and provides a clear and crisp view in total darkness.

The Yukon Tracker 1 × 24 Night Vision Telescope is designed to be rigid, reliable and fully covered with rubber, which protects it from impacts and shocks. It features a rubberized body that is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort even for long periods but also makes it very durable.

Another benefit of this device is that it designed with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The cost of this device is not much expensive when compared to other night vision goggles, which makes the Yukon NV goggles an affordable option with high-level functionality.

The multi-coated optics will always provide the performance you need, and also it gives clear and crisp images. Multi-coating is essential for transmitting high light so that you can always enjoy using the model.

Tracker 1x24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars
Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Binocular Viewing

Dimensions and lightweight:

The dimensions of the Yukon NV goggles are 6.9 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches while weighing only 1.8 pounds and make it ideal for long usage without the risk of neck pain.

Weighing only 1.8 pounds, this goggle works well when you want to carry a lightweight device with you. It not only allows you to move with ease and speed but also has an eclipse lens cover system that helps protect your lens without adding any weight to the goggles.

Specific features:

One of the most significant features of this device is the Eclipse Lens Cover System, which uses flip-up cards allowing users to clip back against the body of the goggles or rotate them from where they are viewed, thus reducing lens cap problems.

Another excellent feature of the tracker’s night vision goggles is that they are implemented with a dual diopter adjustment with a fully multi-coated optics and central focus knob.

Multi-Coated Optics:

Everyone knows that one of the biggest and most important specifications to look for while buying goggles is the quality of optics.
Are you need high-quality optics with exceptional capabilities? then Yukon NV offers it by having multiple coated optics.

Featuring multi-coated optics means you get more light spreading when you allow yourself to always have crisp images even in low light conditions. Remember, these are night goggles, so the pictures are precise and crisp at night.

Powerful Pulse IR:

This device has a built-in sturdy pulse IR that emits a pulse frequency and energy efficiency, which reduces battery drainage, and thus prolongs battery life. These goggles are waterproof and fog-resistant, making them ideal for use under all weather conditions.

In rain or snow weather conditions, it gives you a better night vision experience and allows for more powerful movement in pitch dark environments.

Intensifier tube:

This night vision glass is designed with an intensifier tube. Its purpose is to assist with a light amplification. This is the reason why you always end up with precise images even in low light conditions.

It is then combined with an infrared illuminator device that provides the image quality in total darkness. From that, you can quickly see which model is best for different applications.

Battery life:

You can go for several nights before replacing the batteries, making sure you only use the glass for a few hours each night. The IR illuminator has been turned on for 40 hours of battery life.

If you need to use an illuminator, the batteries won’t last long, and it won’t drain your batteries as soon as other illuminator devices. IR illuminator creates a pulse rather than a continuous frequency to save the battery.

Comfy Head Mount:

The headgear is comfortable to use so that you will not be embarrassed even if you wear the model for a long time. Many will find it best to use it for restoration or static observations.

If you don’t have anything else in your hands, you can carry them in your hands and lift them to your eyes whenever you need to see something. The mount has a suitable flip-up / down mechanism so you can easily push the goggles up and out when you need to use your naked eye.


1. What generation NVG are these?

This is a Generation 1 Night Vision. This IR works well and very useful because it is reasonably priced. The one problem of this device is the size of the helmet, which is small especially if you have a large head.

2. Can I wear glasses?

I need glasses to look at and, I don’t need them as soon as the goggles are centered.

3. Can it be used with a helmet mount?

Not using it that way. But, it fits over empty.

4. How long the battery last?

The Battery life of this device while using IR is lasting for 20 hours. But, battery life while not using IR is lasting for 72 hours.

5. Can I use it to read maps/notes?

Of course, you can read them very clearly.

Final Thoughts

The Yukon night vision goggles are a great product, the quality of care is impeccable, and the head mount provides optimal comfort. They not only provide better image quality and better ergonomic support but also support the Yukon’s limited lifetime warranty. They are perfect for Generation 1 technology and packed with useful characteristics.

While considering all things, the Yukon Night Vision 1X24 goggles is an ideal product that is very convenient, and recommend to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, but quality night vision device.

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