Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight Review


Are you looking for the best Thermal Clip-on Sight for your needs?  Armasight produces the latest and most advanced technology clip-on sight in the Apollo family. The Apollo thermal clip-on sight product line provides great performance and state-of-the-art technology for many fields such as military, sports, and law-enforcement. Now, it releases the new model called Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight with the advanced technology.

It is the most advanced technical thermal clip-on sight available on the market at a reasonable price. If you want to know more about the Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight, read our review. We’ve provided the complete review of Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight with its features and functionalities.

Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight Review

Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight is a solid-state, long infrared wave, uncooled, the magnified thermal scope for both the day and night commitments. It converts the daytime riflescope into the thermal imaging device to capture the objects in the field. The uncooled microbolometer allows you to detect the targets in the complete darkness.



  • Resolution: 640 x 512 FLIR Tau-2 Uncooled microbolometer

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 600

  • Magnification: 1x

  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz

  • Temperature Range: -51° to 57°C
  • Battery Life: 7 hours

You can see the unilluminated heat sources through the fog, foliage, smoke, and dust. The Apollo-Pro MR 640 eliminates the requirements of your current day scope and replace it with the thermal scope. It easily mounts in front of your day scope and provides a great view of your targets. It allows you to maintain the shooting position and eye relief without making disturbances.


Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight contains lots of great features to provide better performance. It has more advanced technology to help you to identify the targets in any situation.


The Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight comes with the 640 x 512 resolution of FLIR Tau-2 Uncooled microbolometer sensor that provides you the high-quality images. It is built with the OLED SVGA video display and contains the 800 x 600 pixels of video resolution to provide high-quality better videos. With the resolution, you can get a clear view of your targets. It enhances the quality of the images and adds more thermal details.


It is constructed with strong and durable materials, and it contains a rugged design, so it withstands in all hard situations. It is designed to fit on any riflescope easily. It can be mounted in front of your riflescope without removing the day scope from the weapon, and you can mount it using the lockable Picatinny or weaver mount with a quick release. It is water-resistant so that you can work in all the weather conditions like fog, smoke, and rainfall.

Image Frequency Rate

Apollo-Pro MR 640 clip-on sight comes with the 30 Hz refresh rate so you can get the crisp and clear image of your target. It allows you to see the moving targets clearly and take images. It contains the 50mm germanium lens with the 1x magnification and 8X digital zooming capability. It can work at temperatures ranging from -51 to 57°C, and it is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures.

Video Recording

The Apollo-Pro MR 640 sight comes with the video recording capability so you can record your hunting activities easily. It contains high resolution 800 x 600 of resolution in video recording so you can get the high-quality videos. The images can relay the videos through the video out port in NTSC or PAL formats for documenting your observations. You can update the device software and relaying videos using the 9 pin connector. Moreover, the operating system allows you to improve the video quality with the selection of filter algorithms.

Color Palettes

The Armasight Apollo-Pro 640 contains the color palettes to display the images and videos in various colors. It has white hot, black hot, sepia, and OEM custom color palettes so you can choose any color based on your preferences.

Connection & Sharing 

The Apollo-Pro 640 thermal clip-on sight contains the Bluetooth, digital compass, digital inclinometer, wireless remote control, and battery status indicator. You can connect your mobile phones, laptop, and tablets with the sight and transfer the images. It enhances the versatility of the sight with the others.

Battery Life

The Apollo-Pro 640 sight is powered by the four CR123A, four AA batteries, or optional 6V power supply with the current output of 1A. A power management. With this, you can get up to 7 hours of continuous operation.

Final Words

Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight is an excellent attachment for your weapon while hunting in the field. It provides you the great performance and enhances your hunting experiences with the advanced technologies. If you’re a professional hunter and looking for the best attachment for your weapon, we suggest you the Armasight Apollo-Pro MR 640 Thermal Clip-on Sight that is the right choice for your needs. It allows you to hunt at any time and provides you the thermal imaging capability without removing day scopes. We hope that our review will help you to know more about Apollo-Pro MR 640 and make the right investment.

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